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  1. Hi all:) I've recently become completely hooked on magic, and online is great, but I'm trying not to spend too much. As noted above however, nobody plays pauper online:( Anyone here want some easy pauper wins? Let me know:)
  2. Me and my new carbine spent the day clearing out Buckingham palace. I'm down to four pistol bullets and the cricket bat, five zombies climbing the furniture to get at me, and I'm thinking "This is the end. May as well take them with me!". 3 minutes of dodging and thwacking and shitshitshitshitSHIIIIT later my blood-soaked avatar screams as he puts my very last bullet through the head of the last zombie left, dropping him inches from me. I've never come closer to punching the air in triumph:) I'll be sad when my current guy goes. He was a General before the outbreak, camo outfit and everything. I've also been a secretary, a recruitment consultant, and a cab driver. I wonder who i'll be tomorrow...
  3. Ah well:) It'll be ages before anything other than nsmbu and zombi u get a look in anyway, and I'm sure pikmin will be worth whatever I pay for it. Already stated this in "what are you playing", but the last castle in nsmbu is kicking my arse in the most infuriating-but-totally-fair way possible:) really cannot recommend this game enough.
  4. Just started this after getting it cheap in the sales,my god its atmospheric. Maybe it's because I'm a londoner( ), but there's something extra creepy seeing all these locations that look like so many places I travel through every day:) Also, the cricket bat is awesome, and I'm scared to fire my gun.
  5. Pendulum castle on nsmbu. Essentially a 2d sens fortress:)
  6. So glad I managed to resist zombi u until now:) brraaaiinnsss!
  7. Sea salt is really good, though it's all moot since Irish crisps are much better anyway:) If the wii u was a crisp it'd be onion rings. Outwardly a bit juvenile, but so much fun to eat. Er, play.
  8. The first time it happened to me I was so shocked I just stood there, and promptly got picked up and eaten. After that I started carrying a bow and arrow, purely so I could hit chests from the other side of the room before getting closer:)
  9. Am I missing something with miiverse? I've read several times here about how addictive it is, but I went onto the NSMB u one and it just seems to be a list of screenshots and posts from people playing the game. Nice and all, but not exactly amazing. Or am I doing it wrong?
  10. Just played "castle rock" in the rayman legends demo:) Think this is my next buy once I'm done with NSMB U, 3d world can wait.
  11. I'm amazed at how good this is, I thought it's be a distraction before picking up pikmin 3 and 3d world, but I can't stop playing:) It's like that rose-tinted memory of super Mario world made real:)
  12. Amazing:) I was craving some 3ds starfox last week, but couldn't justify the price. Now I've got it for less than 7 quid:)
  13. Hang on, so if I pop my monster hunter wii disc into my wii u, I can then just transfer my mh save via sd without faffing around with the internet and data transfer apps? Please let this be true. My wii u is here:) The firmware update is But that's ok because NSMB U is incomparably beautiful:) Apparently if I register my console I'll get FIVE POUNDS credit for the store. What should I buy?
  14. New super Mario u on my shiny new wii u:) Super Mario world was my first Mario, and this one is a wonderful homage, with eye-bleedingly beautiful visuals. I love bangaioh on the ds and xbox, but I really miss the dc version's mental story.
  15. Couldn't resist that. New console on the way!
  16. Every time I see this I hear it in that "RESIDENT.... EVIL!" voice.
  17. Genius! Here's what it gave me:
  18. Got 999 on the ds, can't put it down:) The puzzles are beautifully designed, the story is genuinely interesting, and the cast start off as generic anime cliches, but eventually show real personality. I'm now spending minutes at a time agonising over every major decision:(
  19. How the hell did I miss this!? Guess the Wii U is my next console then.
  20. Ahh, destruction derby:) Why doesn't something like this exist anymore? It was so much fun, imagine what online multiplayer would be like nowadays. Monster hunter still has its hooks in me. Never has hunting down a dinosaur to get materials to make a new pair of trousers made me so happy. Though I'm playing as a female character, and it's getting kind of wearing seeing dozens of kinds of armour, every single one of which leaves my thighs completely exposed.
  21. Just started dreamfall too, really liking it so far:) atrociously clunky combat though:(
  22. Amen:) One of my favourite games ever, that bit in the second level One of my greatest gaming moments ever. Let down only by cutscenes that look like they were drawn in ms paint, which is especially galling when the few in-engine ones are fantastic looking. Gah, now I have to go play this again, I never did manage the "test of faith" achievement... Anyway, i've gotten thoroughly sick of GTA 5 due to practically anything I try to do that's the least bit spontaneous or fun leading to my death, which then leaves me with two options: a) wake up at a hospital minus 5 grand and my car, miles from the thing I was trying to do, or b) reload my quick save and spend a full minute looking at the same five loading screens. So I've been revisiting some lesser played or never played games, namely darksiders, which is amazingly good:) It's basically ocarina of time if miyamoto had been an emo American teenage boy that listens to metallica, because, y'know, people don't understand him. Get past the embarrassingly clichéd design of it and it's a new Zelda game:) I'm also playing bangaioh missile fury, words fail me so I'll just post this: Heaps of fun:)
  23. Been playing trials and tribulations recently, phoenix wright and edgeworth definitely belong in this thread. They spend so much time angsting over each other. Just kiss already!
  24. I used to worry about my pile of shame, but these days I've come to accept that I'm rich in games and poor in time, so I just pick stuff and play it. If it doesn't hold my attention, there's no shame in just leaving it.
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