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  1. Godammit. Haven't played a gta in years, but reading about the possibilities of online here has pretty much forced me to pre-order:) Imagine getting 16 tooled up players into a well-defended building and just holding off the law for as long as possible. Instant Horde mode:)

    I wonder how the police will react if you kill another player in front of them? Could make things interesting.

  2. Page 2? "Get Serious!"

    I'm finally getting the hang of Gief's lp-Lk link:) That is,I can land it in training about half the time. Lots more training before it's match ready tho:(

    And I just realised there was someone in wolverine called "Viper"!

  3. Was planning an unending cavalcade of streetfightering, but a friend called and now I'm waiting to see 'the wolverine':(

    I'll do my best to pretend he's Vega.

    Oh, and all the +'s in the world for "punchywunchies" :)

  4. ggs to Alistarr and Igterminals. My zangief continues to fight like an epileptic in a strobe light factory, but fun was had:) Sorry I couldn't stay longer. Highlights:

    -Attempting to breach the steel wall that is Ig's defence (depressing but instructive!)

    -Learning that "sunglasses into flash kick" is an actual combo!

    -Seeing dudleys thunderbolt used for the first time ever in a real match.

    -Doing whiffed greenhand into super shenanigans right at the start of a round, landing it, and feeling slightly dirty afterwards:(

  5. Been practising this, and yeah, by 'easy', i think 'not quite impossible' is meant:) Its linking the last LP and the LK that gets me. But I'll get there. Someday...

    With the LK into greenhand, I find it easiest to do DPM LK, then immediately hit PP afterwards.

  6. Just got comprehensively destroyed by a sim, 90% of which was me walking face first into his fierce punches:(

    I know this match is an uphill struggle for gief, but any advice on how to deal with this? I'd at least like to die with dignity.

  7. Really don't understand that xarcade one. Wouldn't the bottom two buttons constantly get in the way in any kind of street fightery game?

    Also, question! Was trying to play some sf with my nephews earlier, and we couldn't join each others games. They've downloaded all the updates, but all we get is "unable to join":( Any advice?

    Please help if you can, because at the moment they're playing (shudder) "Doritos crash course".

  8. Welcome Let's measure:) Hope to play you sometime. Just remember the unwritten rule of the SF thread: "You're not allowed to hit Zangief"...

    Just read that "fireballs are boring" article; wow. Then I read the comments below and felt sorry for him; then I read his responses to the comments, where he simply. will. not. let. go. and. concede. he's. wrong :facepalm:

    Jumping on now to practice dropping combos:)

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