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  1. Holy fuck. The power in this thing is immense. Was just playing horizon zero dawn fully maxed out and even with a 2080ti you couldn't just hit everything on max and forget about it. 3080 plus oled plus hdr = next gen arrived early. Watchdogs I couldn't be fucked to figure out what would get it to 60fps so I locked it to 30 and maxed everything out. Whoa. The rt reflections on ultra are a bit much but they're pretty.
  2. Same - also the 8K 5metre cable I got turns out to be a bit shit since when you turn gsync on (even at 4k 60hz) it tends to flicker around. Will shop around for a new option - maybe have to stump up for an expensive optical HDMI 2.1 cable Edit - it's because it was rgb 10 bit instead of 8 bit whoops
  3. The resolution and framerate don't count?
  4. The same license also covers PC via Windows store There is also dts headphone x. Same deal. Free trial on both
  5. Valuable lessons I learned There are a bunch of twitter/discord and telegram channels to follow. I think @milko posted some links a few pages back. I'll try and send some later also but basically follow these on your phone and customise your notifications on your phone to make sure the noise or alert makes it obvious you got a GPU alert. Set up accounts on any website for potential ordering such as Scan/Ebuyer etc so you can log in immediately when needed - also get your browser or the website to save your address and payment info to auto populate (if a trusted website
  6. Please don't do that to me. I can't take it. You're getting your card TODAY. At least your parents are.
  7. Oh you sweet summer children. Don't worry - it only took me six weeks to get the graphics card I tried to order on launch day. @Opinionated Ham Scarecrow nice fucking work though mate
  8. This gets here tomorrow - the Amazon order was late November. I decided to end it sooner.
  9. What happened? I think I crashed Scan when I kept refreshing my delivery tracking
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