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  1. Uzi

    Google Stadia

    I dont disagree with any of that in theory but I can't see any dev using the servers yet as anything other than fairly mid to high range pcs to run a small number of standard games. The main advantage would be in multi player as already discussed or bypassing console restrictions such as fps a la destiny 2 I guess it is whether you have faith if Google will take that further without having the sales or user base to really ramp it up. I hope they do as any USP other than you get access to nice hardware with no worrying about installs or patches with minimal lag would be actually differentiating.
  2. Uzi

    Google Stadia

    There appears to be confusion of whether you can connect to stadia and tap into resources beyond a fixed hardware set The key example is when crackdown 3 was originally announced and MS said it would tap into their azure servers for processing power beyond the specification of the hardware you were playing on Just because you're connecting to a piece of hardware remotely doesn't mean you get access to beyond that hardware
  3. Uzi

    Google Stadia

    Google haven't said anything to say it is anything more than accessing a certain set of specs - the tech isn't the hardware on the other end - it's the connection between you and the hardware and the ability to connect to it easily which is meant to be their USP. Forget being able to go beyond current hardware - they currently can't even match it (presumably for economic reasons). My own home built PC exceeds the current horsepower of what a Stadia experience could give. Sure google can upgrade but then so does the rest of the market - if they have said they can use several of their fixed set servers at once to do crazy things that would be interesting!
  4. Uzi

    Google Stadia

    Doom 2016 was pretty scalable and ran very well so it doesn't demand insane hardware. Same core engine I believe now. Doom is also more of a twitch shooter (see speed runs of how insanely responsive the game is) than others and really comes into its own at 120fps+ which stadia can't do. So don't think that will play out as doom is a case where higher fps is better than visual fidelity. The game is designed around super fast gameplay rather than looks. But will be a good way to play beyond console settings so still a good thing
  5. I think I have about four copies of Grid because of how many times its been given away for free.
  6. So I ordered the PS4 physical version on kickstarter back in 2017 but lost access to the email it was assigned to a while ago - am I fucked?
  7. Only a 5 dollar discount is a bit of a eh? Could have at least made it 19.99 for existing owners. I'll just wait till the full thing hits a sale
  8. Uzi

    Gamer or lamer?

    I wonder how he feels about cex doing a magazine and his aspirations to write for EDGE
  9. G502 (G903 ordered) and Corsair K63 wireless and corsair lapboard to play in front of my TV
  10. Love Game Pass Ultimate - so weird a new big release like this will be free on PC too at launch
  11. Uzi

    Epic Games Store

    Oh yeah forgot to update my refund fiasco. So after epic approved my refund (twice) and not getting the money after two or so months they said it isn't their problem. I tweeted the egs store account and thst was ignored too so I complained directly to their payment merchant (xsola I think) and got the funds in a few days when I did that. That should have been epics job to figure that out but guess telling customers not to fuck off and fix their refund problem themselves is maybe a feature in a later update? Sincerely Rich entitled angry snobby pc gamer
  12. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/311142-save-approx-60-on-gamepass-ultimate-for-3-years/
  13. I believe its expired. It was a scheme where you could convert your existing gold subscription to ultimate game pass for £1 so people were able to just buy three years worth of gold at approx 35 to 40 per year and then add it all and get 3 years of ultimate game pass for around 120 The link is in the bargains folder!
  14. Especially since most of us got 3 years of game pass for a stupid price recently
  15. How much does a single character cost? This will be Honda fighter v for me
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