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  1. Saw John Lewis had the DS Edge and when I logged into my account I had a £15 off voucher too. I had a quido cashback gift card for John Lewis so this technically didn't take anything out of my account but its the most I've ever spent on a fucking controller. Oof. I'll sell the bunch of dualsenses and xbox/switch pads I have (that function fine) and just use this for everything and go all in on it. I left the idea of another elite xbox controller behind because ive been playing a tonne of warzone 2 and the xbox pad just doesn't feel great in that now. I perform significantly better (10+ kill games) on the dualsense so I've left the xbox pad ecosystem behind now TLDR- buy pads from John Lewis, they come with a 2 yr gurantee!!!
  2. You need to use it wired - full info here It has haptics but no adaptive triggers - EDIT - nope it also has adaptive triggers, need to make sure steam input is disabled
  3. Great tip thanks. Others, don't be afraid to click on this, its just a helpful tip
  4. Half a mill is kinda stingy for Microsoft. She should set up a game studio. Once ms buys her (for more than already) it's not like they'll have to make any games
  5. Imagine the best chef in the world giving the most puckering kiss. That is how good the PC port of this is. Zero stutter, runs like butter (ehhhhhhh) at 120 fps capped, insanely sharp 4k, detailed, great HDR even. EX-CEP-TIO-NAL Only played past the demo bit so far. Good shit.
  6. Some people on resetera are saying keys are going up now so refresh your orders page over the next few hours!
  7. cdkeys upload their keys when they have them, any vpn or nz changes wont do anything
  8. Uzi

    Edge 383

    What did RE4 OG on the GC get out of interest?
  9. The last few pages illustrate perfectly how Internet armchair analysts should maybe leave the armchair and go for a walk and realise they have no fucking clue about why a giant corporate business with probably hundreds of executives, lawyers and experts involved is spending 70 billion dollars and why other giant corporate businesses are opposing that
  10. Omfg finally. I've been waiting to go back to night city armed with a 4090. I've not played through the game since 2020
  11. Because they were too busy nailing Halo! I like games on gamepass but I don't like MS owning studios. It means they'll be allergic to making games!
  12. I now have insider knowledge that the merger WILL go through and Diablo 4 will come to gamepass in June. See evidence below:
  13. Conversely I think the beta has sold me on the full game. Combat feels great on a pad, love the graphics and atmosphere (basically modernised D2), feels like there will be plenty of content.
  14. There is an easy mode in the final game
  15. I played a full hour or so. It's diablo alright!
  16. No idea, just asked me for my virgin media email and password!
  17. This also works with a virgin media log in on the o2 priorities site
  18. I played the demo with the dualsense and was too distracted being blown away by how cool it was but I vaguely remember haptics. Will try again at some point this weekend.
  19. Nah fk the steam deck. This is big tv max settings 100+fps territory. I'M EXCITED
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