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  1. Steady on! I'm not microsoft! Although maybe if nandos was cheaper than usual because the manager keeps slapping your arse after handing you your peri peri chips maybe.
  2. I bought 4 X 3 months ultimate game pass turkey codes from eneba and then used my VPN to pretend I was from and went to microsoft.com/redeem What don't like at me like that ! If ms can afford paying 70 billion for a bunch of sex pests they can afford me being pretend abroad!!!!
  3. It's just a big purchase really. Like if I bought dinner from nandos instead of making fish fingers.
  4. I have so little invested in console warz or business perf but the irony is I'm fully invested in MS plans which are service/sub based and the product I use doesn't even have the xbox branding in the name anymore. PC Game Pass for 3 years woo! They've nailed that service now that they're improving the shitty app for it too. I own a PS5 for exclusives only and as a souped up PS4 so again this doesn't impact me one bit there either. The only xbox i own is a one x which I gave to my brother and he uses my sub to piggyback off the console games from my ultimate sub. Everytime MS buy a company means more games for me - IDGAF about the long term implications I could be dead in a year (which would be a waste of money of the sub I just topped up)
  5. Gamers reaction to this news: Everyone becomes an armchair business analyst - Sony r doomedz - I don't like COD what else is this?? My reaction: Bought another year of gamepass top ups while they are cheap
  6. https://ioisupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019061577-Progression-Carryover-Guide Looks like no
  7. Mate - you can play God of War/Horizon/Uncharted (soon) on PC while you play Forza Horizon 5/Halo Infinite/Gears 5 on the same damn PC PEEEE SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Also - getting all these gams on gamepass. Nice. MS really seem to be going all in with the Netflix model - they got everyone hooked with £5 a month and now we play bloody 2-3x that!!!
  8. Nintendo lol. They wouldn't be interested unless it was older tech than the average tik tokker Give it to lord gaben for deck 2
  9. I've not noticed a game I play or fare about exceed the 10gb vram on the 3080 so meh. By the time they do the 40 series will be out (on paper) The 12GB is an excuse to raise RRP prices
  10. PC with a 3060 will destroy the ps4 pro version. PS4 Pro couldnt even do 60fps on Dark Souls 3 Also just plug the PC to the tv with a HDMI cord and use a pad to solve the screen issue? Or stream to the tv?
  11. Lol - any fucking idiot who passes money over in these things is going to get ripped off 100 percent - the question is just when.
  12. Basically consensus at launch was that the HDR implantation was really poor. I played through the whole thing in SDR! Not sure if they ever fixed it
  13. Yep via EA desktop says this: There’s a problem with your download Something went wrong during your download. Give us a few minutes, then try again. Restarted - made sure VPN was off etc. No dice. Tried via xbox app too - also getting an error.
  14. Won't even let me download on PC - keeps coming up with an error. Fkinnnnnn EA
  15. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/ Tomb Raider Trilogy now up and surprisingly they are all the definitive/GOTY editions so comes with a tonne of DLC tat too
  16. Not denying they existed! I think I just found it odd that I had a relatively long and smooth playthrough. The most I saw was glitching characters through walls and some combat oddities. When I would go online and see the videos of back to back insane bugs I just happened to somehow never trigger or look around enough in the right way to witness them.
  17. 100 hours plus here on PC at launch and no gamebreaking/mission breaking bugs - just a few visual glitches that wouldn't be out of place in a Bethesda game.
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