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  1. I'm really not bothered by all of this. I never expected any such pads to be so versatile like this. Written on Dual Shock 4®
  2. It is baffling to me anyone would argue against it because competition pretty much always leads to good things. I recently signed up to a year of Playstation Now for around £22 via ebay and the selection and ability to download on there is pretty awesome and I suspect it had to pull its socks up to some degree because of competition in the space like Gamepass. I remember it starting out pretty expensive and barren.
  3. This is fine too if you believe that - but subjectivity about the content aside - it clearly presents good enough content for the value it presents and has plenty of third party software on there to provide variety outside of the first party xbox stuff which may not float your boat. I actually think it is a good thing that the first party content of xbox and sony is so dividing - it means it is actually pretty different. I personally love stuff like God of War/Bloodborne/TLOU far more than the main xbox first party stuff at this time but I can't deny the objective quality of stuff like Forza Horizon, Gears 5, Ori etc and I can enjoy all that stuff with miminal cost or effort. The "I like Sony games" "I like xbox games" constant back and forth is really tiring to keep going over in these threads though because its the same five or six people shouting at each other! There is a good distinction of content on both which is great. You can like different things - you don't need to keep trying to convince the other side!
  4. I think no one is under the illusion that big corporations dont exist to make as much money as possible and putting on a consumer friendly stance is obviously in aim of this and would change if it no longer met that goal long term. However in its current form the xbox division is currently presenting good value to consumers and you can look at that independently.
  5. I remember the one dude on the 1up podcast who was so pro sony it was pretty funny to listen too - Shaun something? He fucking LOVED LAIR
  6. Of course anecdotally people still play locally but I mentioned the N64 era as online play with friends is far more popular and I doubt anyone would dispute that. People huddling around a single TV with four controllers is likely a minority in comparison.
  7. I have zero doubt MS are currently the more consumer friendly company. This is not even up to debate. Gamepass ended that debate - the legacy controllers are just a bonus - I have four xbox one controllers but they honestly gather fucking dust anyway so might just sell them - the days of local MP are limited to two controllers at most with online play - it isn't the N64 era anymore. The only downside for me (after the HUGE upside of PC gamepass meaning don't need an xbox full stop ever) is that the legacy support does hold back MS to some degree for a little while (no first party series x only games for a while etc) - eventually let's say amazing new controller tech comes out - it hasn't happened recently but it did with analogue controllers/rumble/triggers etc and eventually you will need to dump legacy support as it will eventually hold you back. I don't think haptic is at that level personally but personally I'd rather devs have to worry about as few variables as possible - which is consistently why console outperforms pc's visually last gen (at the same hardware level - try running TLOU2 on a PC in spec with a PS4 - good fucking luck). I think brand and tradition will be challenges for MS and this is a long game play and I wouldn't be shocked that early on despite all these moves - PS5 will still very comfortably outdo Xbox in both brand desirability and sales. People still heavily want the next Playstation and MS are in this transition phase of hardware flexibility and moving from the traditional model to service based.
  8. Yeah legacy stuff being supported is cool but I'm really not concerned at not being able to use old plasticy ds4s for all the local multiplayer parties I'm not having
  9. DLSS took nvidia over a year to get half decent after release and this is a company who has a 1 billion rnd budget and is heavily invested in AI and machine learning - considerably more than AMD I suspect. I wouldn't hold my breath for an out of box solution on the consoles that would be the same.
  10. https://www.alternate.co.uk/EVGA/GeForce-RTX-2060-KO-GAMING-Graphics-card/html/product/1608032 It is. Custom smaller pcb I'm guessing
  11. For those wondering what DLSS is - basically cybernet being fed enough data and guessing trillions of times over on how to fill missing data in a scene until it gets it right. It is one of the coolest tech that Nvidia has developed - demo from the CEO himself
  12. In 3 years he'll be on a Sony stage announcing Portal 3
  13. Give it a few years https://www.engadget.com/2007-10-11-gabe-newell-calls-ps3-waste-of-everybodys-time.html?guccounter=1#:~:text=Sponsored Links,a waste of everybody's time.&text=Because of his distaste for,ported to PS3 by Valve.
  14. Forum engineers describe how the PS5 is actually a mishmash of stupid car analogies and show what is ACTUALLY under the surface #don'tbelieveAMDlies
  15. MW2 remastered is a pretty big surprise to have that so soon. Will happily spent a weekend playing through that.
  16. Google fucked up because they think they could swoop in and present the end game ("don't worry about hardware") without securing a foothold first as a serious gaming platform whereas MS have and are playing the long game where hardware is still very relevant.
  17. If you do get it - shopto are doing £45 PSN credit for £37.85 - so you can basically buy a full price £54.99 game on the store for under £38
  18. I spent 38 specifically due to shop to credit and the free 10 PSN credit I got. I sold my 2080ti while awaiting new gpus this September so going to be spending some quality time with the PS4 and avoiding any third party games till my pc is back to full powah. I'm a sucker for a beautiful open world and a good combat/mission/mess around loop so I think it should be OK for me going in with fair middling expectations.
  19. To be fair they're not moaning because it has the setting of Halo 1 , they're moaning because it looks graphically shit in the demo they showed for a top tier platform franchise heading off the most powerful console in the world.
  20. Pretty much - it's like when Steam had steam machines (executed very badly in their case) - just branded bits of hardware that just primarily is focused to run nothing but their software and a simple traditional and transitional way for consumers to jump into and importantly get hooked into the ecosystem. It's literally just a box - its probably why the latest design is so plain and simple. It is just an ideal delivery mechanism.
  21. This is gonna sound weird to say but I think Sony and MS are competing in different markets now and with different goals. Sony are following the same PS models as before but hoping to shift more towards digital but MS are definitely positioning Xbox as a content delivery service via gamepass via a diverse range of hardware. For someone that service will be enough - for others they will want it on the side to consume alongside the first party output from Sony and Nintendo. They're not competing for the same ground because they're selling vastly different experiences.
  22. Well if it makes you all feel any better - my credit has suddenly vanished! I bought Ghost of Tsushima
  23. They have the Xbox One S/Xbox One X/PC and Xcloud userbase already outside of the new consoles for upcoming games for the foreseeable future. Sony just have the PS5 install base wise. Eventually they'll need Series X/S exclusive games - but that will be at the point where Series S/X userbase has been seeped high enough to dump the previous gen userbase behind and I am guessing the first party games will have a variety of ranges to support the widest range of hardware possible. Until then they will focus gamepass on being as wide as possible. The largest number of X/S games that don't run on the original xbox one hardware will be from third parties because they'll be making more powerful games for the PS5/PC anyway once they leave PS4 behind so it is inevitable that the X will get the software it needs but MS are letting software lead - not hardware.
  24. No idea if it is for people who have been subbed the whole 10 years only?
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