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  1. Funnily enough I forgot that I have a Steam Deck due to December this year and that will still be to play the same backlog so even the new is to experience the old
  2. I have about 7000 games to play so not too concerned. Plus too much time taken up with GAAS games like Rainbow Six/Hearthstone etc which really eat into backlog and new game time. I still haven't done the first node on blood Returnal
  3. God bless Epic and their money - feels good to spend a lot of PC parts and then fuck all on games lol
  4. Uzi


    Gog Galaxy makes it somewhat redundant (although it was nice to get DRM free extra copies of games) so I can understand why they stopped
  5. I think that was a one off sadly (or I would have replaced my copy!)
  6. Using a LCD screen for anything other than work
  7. I agree - priced relative to the tech in the switch the steam deck should start around £600 or the Switch should cost about 50p the other way around
  8. 3080ti's were in stock on scan earlier in the week and stuck around for a good 15-20 mins or so They aren't going for much more on ebay either - sales seem to be settling around £1300 for a GPU that costs around £1060 delivered - there is currently a lull with the higher end cards. It doesn't help that and the 3090 that the 3080 exists and once was available for £649 at basically the same performance.
  9. It's so weird - stuff like Fallout 76 existed which was so much more broken - refunds were blocked - and unlike CP2077 is not a good game regardless and yet Bethesda are held in the highest regard still in comparison to CDPR LOL
  10. Plenty of games have been released in a completely broken state but no way was there online and retail store funds offered by the dev like this from memory ever.
  11. It prob to a limited degree can because some games run much easier than others - will depend on the software and games that are more taxing will likely struggle
  12. I look back at my (PC thank fucking god) playthrough of Cyberpunk from last December the same way I looked back on my first playthrough of Fallout New Vegas - a world I got so lost in that the (surprisingly) few bugs felt more like tourism marvels than things that soured my enjoyment in any way. I put 100 hours into it and for me in my head when I do a post mortem of a loooong game playthrough and I think back "fuck I REALLY want to reinstall it and play it again but I'll wait for DLC so I can give other games a chance" rather than "man I didn't need to spend 100 hours on this" that is a really special thing. For me it was how everything came together as an immersive romp in a weird funky city with guns that genuinely felt fun and zipping around on a superbike with my phone blowing up was just gaming bliss at the time. I would never try and convince people it was a masterpiece - it just really resonated with what i need to get lost in an open world.
  13. https://www.amazon.de/-/en/gp/product/B08HCHS64Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 200GB Micro SD card which meets/exceeds the speed limit for the slot on the deck for about £20.50-£21 delivered (depending on if you have a fee free card) I'll stick the big games that need faster loading on the 256 nvme ssd and dump all the indie/smaller games onto this thing - should hold plenty
  14. Such eneloop - much wow My SNES controller never runs out of battery FYI
  15. Gamepass is prob on steam deck if you mean xcloud If you get native gamepass on the Steam OS linux build - I'll eat a chocolate that I don't rate very highly.
  16. Why not? MS games are sold on steam too - just don't think it means game pass. The game pass dream is a bit weird and gamepass games are in an entirely different build and folder structure to other game stores and games on PC- its not like its impossible - it just needs a windows install which is doable out of the box. Game pass on a linux build just makes zero sense. I mean it if happens great!
  17. Nah. Phil Spencer likes lots of non ms things. Specifically because he isn't an online fan boy. Game pass and Windows 10/11 gaming is meant to go hand in hand. Can't see ms doing anything to promote not using their OS Nor would valve go out of their way to promote a gaming sub that gets them no steam cut. Makes sense for neither party
  18. people aren't likely to cancel until they get offered to buy it so doubt queues will change
  19. You don't need to load a different OS to use it as a PC. It's running Linux where you can do most of the same things you would do on Windows. The deck is essentially a Linux based laptop with a gaming form factor and a steam overlay and streamlining for games
  20. Q: How many video game nerds does it take to change a lightbulb? A: Check the PS5 thread
  21. I wanted to play my PS5 today but the locked front door stood (had a funny shape in it near the knob) in my way to getting in the house so I just sat outside and posted about it. (I'm not complaining FYI - this thread is really fucking funny - its borderline parody)
  22. I stay awake at night with all my PS5 related worries
  23. It's significantly more powerful than a PS4 because: PS4 games typically rendered at 1080p which is significantly more demanding than 720p/800p - pushing around twice the pixels The PS4 had an absolute fucking joke of a CPU This has significantly faster memory and more of it The RDNA2 gpu and work on Linux means FSR should work on an insane amount of titles to squeeze even more performance out of some titles
  24. The deck is insane value for the entire package of hardware. Anyone thinking it's expensive is delusional. You're already getting people surprised that it doesn't run "better" when "docked" (ie is plugged into a power source). That's because the design and power envelope has been pushed so far and refined so well that it runs in "docked mode" as switch owners now completely wireless and handheld.
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