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  1. This forum is full of grumpy men who spend more time discussing, following, acquiring and critiquing games than actually playing the fuckers. We have a dedicated thread to contain the console warz babies. Your mate would fit right in here
  2. I like some games and enjoy them. These might not be games other people enjoy.
  3. And navigating the OS presumably. Try using a pc off a EEMC or SD card
  4. Try again Says SD. Not nvme. Edit. Delete my account I can't read
  5. Can people read? It's not talking about nvme speeds lol
  6. Every NFT idea being presented quite frankly seems perfectly achievable via current means and implies an important that people hold as to the ownership history of a string of zeros and ones. Maybe upcoming generations will see it differently - but we already trade all kinds of digital media and items in ways and the common factor is it is all data and code. Slapping on the NFT element of it just seems nonsensical in every respect being raised as it doesn't add anything to the core of item or in the transcation- essentially people can't grasp the value of it. Doesn't mean there isn't any but that's the big deal. Most individuals know NFT's as sales of digital monkeys to flesh monkeys.
  7. Nice - about time they washed off the stink of UWP or whatever the fuck that disaster was. The non file access and restricted install management and issues came from that nonsense. I remember people were defending it to the hilt a while ago LOL
  8. By the time you get hold of one the 4080 will be around the corner I've had a stronger GPU than you since October 2020 - this is not right mate. This needs to be rectified. This is fucked up.
  9. No they charge shortly before shipping
  10. How terrifying would it be to drop your life savings on a rick roll NFT?
  11. The whole notion is bizarre to me - I don't write it off as someone uneducated about it but I'll say NFTs are something for normal people to tut at and be perplexed about. I'm happy to just do that and post pictures of monkeys making fun of it.
  12. Hey! You can't do that you'll hear from my lawyers - their NFT is here
  13. NFT no: 802830828043=04582304=8128431284302380=28342=83=82321=32=94POOP Don't say I don't do anything for you guys. I had a few steam codes to give away but this is way more valuable
  14. The videos also have a pause button and most modern computing devices upon you can watch you tube remembers where you left off. Please take this as official advice for trying to get through something in one setting.
  15. It looks more BOTW x Dark Souls than Ubi open world game
  16. I went through this and played an initial loop yesterday. It is very well written and really nails that sense of discovery and mystery.
  17. I don't think they're making a cookie cutter open world game. We've seen almost nothing to start worrying that's it is. For what you lose you don't know what you'll gain in return.
  18. This was obvious from the reveal trailer
  19. Sounds like using the micro sd card is perfectly fine in most use cases so that is what the 64gb model is for. You can add another 256gb to it for about £22-25 or 512 for about £40
  20. This didn't happen with AC Valhalla - stuck around the £30 mark forever when found on a deal in most cases
  21. It's because his views are entirely insincere - berates callers over brexit and tories but also berates the genuine people and opportunities that came and went to challenge and change those things. He's a fucking coward. At least some of the presenters transparently on the right have something to stand for - JOB is just a moaning arsehole who is there to post zingers with callers and is easily digestible when its anti brexit and anti tory but he doesn't stand for anything (I used to watch and post plenty of those videos). He's completely hollow for someone with such a platform.
  22. Just try playing a barbarian and hitting things. You can do early game just leaping around and bashing things and only really needing health potions at the start .
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