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  1. We don’t offer shipping to England.
  2. For anyone who wants to get a micro sd card ready for the deck - this seems pretty damn great https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/400gb-sandisk-ultra-microsdxc-memory-sd-adapter-up-to-100-mbs-ps3812-uk-mainland-at-amazon-germany-3769074 400GB for less than £40
  3. @George Clooney Made a pretty cool Rllmuk RPG a few years ago I think? (I remember because I was in it! Huzzah!)
  4. When you make the kind of money Valve does and the way Steam does it - they can definitely afford to allow their consumers more freedom while still encouraging use of their ecosystem. It's a very enviable position in the PC space I'm sure where they can sell odd bits of hardware on the side and even if that hardware doesn't succeed financially or userbase wise - it literally doesn't matter because that isn't the core offer of Steam. It's why they can release a quality piece of hardware and allow you the freedom to do what you want with it because they know most people buying will primarily be using it for Steam because they already primarily use Steam anyway. Even if they install Windows and other game fronts - they will still use Steam primarily for the most part. If it does well great - if not - won't impact their core business one bit and any money sent down the river is peanuts really.
  5. It's an outrage that this console which is not a Nintendo console can't play Nintendo switch games natively
  6. All the games IGN were playing were off the sd card
  7. Thanks guys - I noticed in steam settings you can set Steam to run on start up so that should help with making the PC with a pad a bit more console like with pressing a button on the controller without needs to use the mouse and keyboard to launch anything first
  8. Ah does nothing for me - 1 press or 2 so probably something that needs to be configured EDIT - Ignore I'm an idiot - steam needs to be physically open and running first - you can't use it hard launch steam
  9. Yeah I really don't like the Big Picture UI Steam OS looks less fisher price in comparison - still big and simple but just less clunky. Is there currently a way to automatically launch the big picture mode by hitting the power/x button on a xbox controller? That would be a really nice way to launch the Steam OS
  10. FYI those with earlier orders who didn't have date estimates under their preorder on steam should now state December 2021 estimate
  11. I don't get this "gonna wait to preorder" mentality in general. I saw it last time with the PS5 - I preordered early for a few quid or something and ended up getting a launch day PS5 with no literally headache. No shopping around - no looking out for stock. Easy peasy. The SAME people who said "Nah gonna wait for more info before I do this very very low commitment preorder" and then they ended up scrambling around watching stock trackers and fighting bots on websites for stock. This is a £4 preorder - the 256/512 model are already showing as Q3 next year - the hesitation of putting down a preorder on really sought after stuff is just something odd and funny to note over the last year. The 64 is still Q1 I think so there is literally no risk (you get the £4 back in your steam wallet as a refund after 30 days if you cancel - before 30 days you get refunded to whatever you paid with) to see how reviews/hardware news might come out. Not picking on your example in particular - just brought it to mind. By the time you decide to jump on it they might be hard as fuck to get - who knows!
  12. And in all honesty - apart from the latest and significantly demanding games - the included hardware will be fine to just pretty much fine pump out games at High Settings at native res to hit 60fps. The 720p screen essentially means games are really easy to drive in today's 1440p-4k world. I'm talking all PS4/Xbone gen games and before pretty much - medium-high settings will hit 60fps in 90+% of cases. You don't need to tweak anything really - just be sure to not do dumb things like setting SSAA X 4 or something. But to be honest - this isn't a device for someone who wants a Switch level of involvement - this is aimed to giving PC gamers a more viable way of portable gaming than laptops and all the headaches that come with that form factor and giving some people who might have been put off by the hardware cost and form factor of a PC to rejoin the fold. It's not to capture the Switch market but to create its own.
  13. It will be less dumb than the switch experience of click play and go but it won't be hideously complex. I gather Steam OS 3.0 when it updates will update everything else driver wise/features wise in the background and games and Nvidia Geforce already has a way of just saying "here is one click optimal settings for your specific hardware" in an ecosystem with hundreds if not thousands of different CPU/GPU/memory combinations. The difference with the Deck in comparison to other PC hardware is that it is ONE SPECIFIC SET OF HARDWARE - so they can work on making deck profiles built for the hardware and screen resolution. The is the one huge element it shares with consoles - that is is one spec variation and that's it so having a click play and go 720p/60fps set if settings isn't a huge ordeal.
  14. Just lucky. For every 999 times wasn't getting through someone probably was. I also paid by steam wallet so that took a payment authentication step out of it which took another point of failure out.
  15. It appears to only show if you your order is a Q 2022 order - anyone early enough and a date won't show underneath @Dukesy is the same I'm guessing
  16. That's why. You won't get an estimate if you're Dec 21 i think. My order went through at 1806 for the 256 which seems way less popular than the 512
  17. That's on a pc. Are you a 2021 or 22 order?
  18. Not for me weirdly. I think 2021 orders may not have one?
  19. Where do you see your estimate?
  20. For any future question - just ask will X work on a PC? If yes - then yes.
  21. It's bizarre to me why someone wouldn't see they appeal of this It's the most powerful handheld ever made launching with literal tens of thousands of games and every other option under the sun. I don't get the hype! Lol
  22. It has a micro sd card slot though for most the issue isn't capacity. It's being stuck with the slow onboard storage as opposed to a nvme ssd Unfortunately you won't likely be able to get one for Xmas outside of the secondary market.
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