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  1. It's significantly more powerful than a PS4 because: PS4 games typically rendered at 1080p which is significantly more demanding than 720p/800p - pushing around twice the pixels The PS4 had an absolute fucking joke of a CPU This has significantly faster memory and more of it The RDNA2 gpu and work on Linux means FSR should work on an insane amount of titles to squeeze even more performance out of some titles
  2. The deck is insane value for the entire package of hardware. Anyone thinking it's expensive is delusional. You're already getting people surprised that it doesn't run "better" when "docked" (ie is plugged into a power source). That's because the design and power envelope has been pushed so far and refined so well that it runs in "docked mode" as switch owners now completely wireless and handheld.
  3. I understand most emulators are built in linux
  4. I tend to play 2-3 games at the same time but will prob have 10 or so installed on a console just because I can. About 90 percent of the games I have installed on my PC (maybe 30+ installed) haven't been booted up in weeks if not months. They're only there because I'm too lazy to uninstall them. People tend to over install to avoid having to download a game when they actually want to play it through. In an age of broadband speeds getting quicker with data capping becoming increasing rare the investment in expensive storage might start to be a bit more questionable. I basically never increase the storage of my consoles - my PS5 will stay 1TB unless storage prices drop significantly and even then - meh.
  5. Ah that's RRP - I meant going rate for these console compatible ssd's £150 for 1TB for PCIE Gen 4 at the rate speeds (market wise) is reasonable - £180 for one that isn't is kinda eye watering given you can get gen 3 1tb on PC for less than £90-100 but accept in the console space it is expected given the plug and play nature
  6. Where can you get the xbox 1tb seagate drive for £100 that was alluded to above? (given it was quoted to be £50 cheaper than the £150 PS5 1TB compatible drives) WHERE DA RECEIPTS AT?
  7. For some work based applications and OS sure - for most games - not really a perceivable difference unless huge loading in with larger install sizes. I say that having a mix of SATA and NVME on my PC. The majority of smaller games on Steam are barely a few gigs in size - many prob under 5GB and don't need to load in a tonne of data - those will likely load the same on sd as on the nvme with no perceivable delay in loading
  8. https://www.picstop.co.uk/micro-sdxc/sandisk-ultra-microsdxc-card-120mbs-class-10-uhs-i-256gb.html This should meet those reqs and its only around £26 delivered - waiting for stock to come back in!
  9. To be honest the same vast majority who wouldn't have the technical confidence to take apart such a tightly packed device to replace the nvme (me included) can remember that the vast majority of indie games/games that don't traditionally need to load large chunks at a time can use the micro sd slot for those games. I'm going to buy a 256gb sd card or bigger given they cost as little as £25-30 and I can probably fit a few hundred smaller games on there where the loading difference would be negligible. I gather something like Hades would be fine on a micro sd card and those types of games would be fine on there leaving the OS and the heavy load games to go on the ssd.
  10. The Hori Grips make my switch much more comfortable - its painful without it to the point I always used it dock with pro controller before I got them. I know there are parts of this forum where it is blasphemy to poop on the switch but the joycons are fucking terrible from every perspective.
  11. 3070ti FE was in stock today on scan for a good few mins for £529. Cards are coming through
  12. Sony aren't idiots - they won't make VR horizon/god of war etc and risk the big franchises that support their 70 dollar high scoring epics market that they do so well. When they mean hybrid - its clearly for those games that VR makes sense at the outset. This means Skyrim/Resident Evil type outlings like last gen (ie first person games)/Racing games/games with cockpits etc that work perfectly well both in 2D and VR without any design compromises on either side. All the devs making Oculus Quest games will likey be happy to have their software on PSVR too for a more dedicated VR software base.
  13. What kind of 48 hour days do you have that you don't have anything to play until the next big game release
  14. The importance of other games stores and other ways to use the device will heavily depend on how broad your steam library is. If you have a few games on Steam and a tonne of free ones on Epic Game Store/Game pass to play then that completely makes sense to look for a solution for that. I suspect when Valve bring the Steam OS interface to replace big picture mode on windows that could be the simplest solution for the plain "it just all works" while keeping the interface intact so in future install windows and forget about it may be ideal. If on the other hand you have a stupid steam library (don't look at me weird - humble bundles/monthly and 10+ years of steam account add up) if 1000-1500 games+ it literally doesn't matter for gaming to use it than any other way out of box. I could own the deck for 10 years and barely touch a fraction of my collection.
  15. Uninformed opinions are GO!
  16. Yep - was thinking it looked baked Niklasgunner1 ·11m Ray Tracing isn't actually working even when you turn dx12 on, flicking it on and off does nothing to visuals or framerate and reflections are clearly SSR. It's not microsofts fault though - they might not be familiar with Direct X 12 and getting games to work on Windows 10
  17. The Ascent will launch with ray-traced Reflections and Shadows, and NVIDIA DLSS, to deliver the definitive experience for GeForce RTX gamers. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/computex-2021-rtx-dlss-game-announcements/ It might be - does the steam version have DLSS? I ran it maxed out Ultra 4k with Raytracing on and when nothing big was happening all good - but as soon as there was an explosion or lots of enemies on screen would stutter like mad lol. DLSS is a necessity.
  18. Can't see HDR or DLSS options in the PC version?
  19. Lol the whole time their social media was going on about conversion of dollars to GBP and tax/customs and then that!
  20. We don’t offer shipping to England.
  21. For anyone who wants to get a micro sd card ready for the deck - this seems pretty damn great https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/400gb-sandisk-ultra-microsdxc-memory-sd-adapter-up-to-100-mbs-ps3812-uk-mainland-at-amazon-germany-3769074 400GB for less than £40
  22. @George Clooney Made a pretty cool Rllmuk RPG a few years ago I think? (I remember because I was in it! Huzzah!)
  23. When you make the kind of money Valve does and the way Steam does it - they can definitely afford to allow their consumers more freedom while still encouraging use of their ecosystem. It's a very enviable position in the PC space I'm sure where they can sell odd bits of hardware on the side and even if that hardware doesn't succeed financially or userbase wise - it literally doesn't matter because that isn't the core offer of Steam. It's why they can release a quality piece of hardware and allow you the freedom to do what you want with it because they know most people buying will primarily be using it for Steam because they already primarily use Steam anyway. Even if they install Windows and other game fronts - they will still use Steam primarily for the most part. If it does well great - if not - won't impact their core business one bit and any money sent down the river is peanuts really.
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