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  1. Plssss do - youtube video the affair should it ever emerge. This whole thread makes me smile. A fucking crank! Alarm clock dock with pen holder! Can't make this up - absolute GOLD. YELLOW GOLD.
  2. This is so fucking funny - I love that people are interested in it so can see real world impressions here
  3. Says a lot when completely decent games like sackboy are forgotten due to the other stuff (due to astrobot being packed in for me) - plus it being a PS4 PRO on steroids helps when playing stuff like God of War/Days Gone etc. Really pleased with the output so far - the only headache is avoiding the £70 thingy but easy enough with some shopping around to get stuff down to £55-60
  4. To no ones surprise this is reviewing pretty well The thing has out (barely out if you count stock) for half a year and we've had Demon's Souls/Spiderman MM/Returnal and now R and C all great games. Pretty damn good launch and post launch https://opencritic.com/game/10994/ratchet-clank-rift-apart
  5. The standard joycons are shit to hold in portable mode comfort wise so hope they improve the ergonomics. Guessing they're fine if you have Trump hands These have never come off mine: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hori-Split-Black-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B08FJ7XY3B/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=hori+switch+pad&qid=1622817377&sr=8-1
  6. To be fair in the Witcher 3 it involves stuff like finding key people (Yenn/Ciri) and preventing a very big event all implying a sense of urgency and doom and yet you'll still take your time to do stuff like find a frying pan so I think people may be looking back at that romantically
  7. Yep - I spent 100+ hours in the PC version back last december and I saw way less bugs and issues than you do with your usual Bethesda Fallout or Elder Scrolls which are held in the highest regard despite those issues.
  8. 25k! And that is just one server GPU game is over - Last Sept/Oct/Nov was easy mode
  9. Someone on ERA said they got a FE at Scan for the RRP £1049 - only one I heard of getting one
  10. Goes to show that 3090's last year were not madness after all. I remember having one in my basket in Scan going nah I'm good (got the 3080 FE at RRP later so worked out) but even if I had bit the bullet would be smiling about now
  11. SCAN are charging over £1300 for the 3080 TI FE LOL! (not in stock obv)
  12. CEX were offering £1600 cash on RTX 3080 FEs maybe 2 weeks ago in all the madness They dropped it to about £860 cash today lol
  13. Scan have restricted anyone who bought a previous 30 series card from them getting a new one from them now. Pretty cool. Although scalpers would just make a new account
  14. They're an absolute bargain at £1049 in the current market. But basing off RRP just funny that £400 more can't even get you 10%+ perf consistently.
  15. On average the 3080 ti is coming less than 10% faster than the 3080. Not even hitting double digit percentage perf wise in most use cases. And by the time 10GB vs 12GB is a genuine issue - the next wave of cards should be waiting to come out. I feel bad for anyone who might have skipped on the chance to buy a 3080 to wait for the ti (back in Oct/Nov last year when with time and dedication and some luck you could get one). Oof. Realistically it was never going to be faster than the 3090 so the writing was on the wall but OOF
  16. Yeah the floors and especially the metal and glass hallways look amazing reflecting everything - looks way flatter and baked in with it off. ID are wizards - they game is hitting 90FPS 4K with RT on and DLSS off (3080ti).
  17. Shrug worthy news: 3080ti announced at $1199 dollars - which would make anyone wonder why they didn't pick up a 3090 in the first place (twice as much VRAM - much beefier cooler on the FE) at that point given the ti is 200 dollars overpriced to be a true middle slot between the 80 and 90. There were points were 3090's were relatively easy to pick up since launch. And to prove you need that extra horse power.....Nvidia gives you more DLSS titles! Red Dead 2 - thank fuck - can finally hit 4K maxed at 60+fps Rainbow Six Siege (which already runs at high fps but ok?) Escape from Tarkov Doom Eternal gets RAYTRACING and DLSS - so bought the season pass from cdkeys for £8.99 to replay this
  18. Demon's Souls didn't have a release date until pretty close to launch and people were doubting it coming out anytime soon due to that I think internal docs from Sony made this sound like a post launch era game so it won't be a million miles away
  19. Need Keanu to pop out - the underwater bits are the most impressive underwater bits in the entire history of motherfucker gaming
  20. Print this post out and look at in front of a mirror
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