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  1. Having run some quick maths - its about 200 gamecubes give or take (not joking)
  2. That's the wrong way to look at it. The comparison would work if the xbox series s was used to output games at 720p - then yes its half the power. The Deck outputs at 16:10 version of 720p on a 7 inch screen 1200 x 800 = 960,000 pixels But the Series S is used for 1080p-1440p on average I am guessing on a 40inch plus TV Being generous and saying it was an exclusive 1080p console 1080p pixel count is 2,073,600 pixels So approx twice the required pixels to render the same game at the same fidelity. The resolution means it has a lot of power behind it - look at this 1050ti which is considered a fairly budget/lower end card on PC at 768p:
  3. Has 16GB of ram too! And from this guessing it might be sold at a loss or at best at cost
  4. This looks amazing and I'm 100 percent in for the 256GB version - the smart thing would be to allow the SD card slot to store games but move them over to the NVME ssd when you want to actively play it - so you could download a tonne and swap over between a set of games. Couple of points 1: This will be THE indie/historical game machine. No need to wait for a Switch port for things - no need to be chained to nintendo software pricing - and with things like humble bundle etc - getting a large and varied indie game library is insanely cheap. No need to ever double dip again for a game on PC/Switch unless Nintendo first party obvs 2: For any power concerns - this is close to 2TF which doesn't sound like much (its more powerful than a base PS4) but here is the kicker. At 720p and with the more modern architecture (Zen 2 CPU with 8 threads - RDNA2 for graphics) - this is more like a portable Xbox Series S in terms of gameplay experience with similar fidelity on that screen with more flexibility with graphics options. That is fucking nuts. For triple AAA high end games would still use my desktop PC and PS5 etc but those maybe make up less than 5-10 percent of my steam library. The rest are less demanding games/indies or games from last gen and beyond. This would destroy all of those and run them maxed out at 60fps for the majority of games in my steam library for a good while to come - it won't suddenly be outdated in a year as older game requirements don't mature but RDNA2 features like FSR should. 3: The open nature of it is great - I'm sure there will be custom OS or windows front end options for it as the community picks it up which should make it awesome for flexiblity. I have like £110 steam credit too which sold it instantly - and when I buy it will have 1000 games ready to go out of the box!
  5. Red dead redemption 2 is getting DLSS support which should allow you to max it out and get over 60fps. I'm waiting for that since the 3080 can't do constant 4k maxed 60 on RDR2. DLSS magic will make easy work of it though
  6. 3060 but essentially same principle. It's an insane feature set that basically upgrades your GPU by magnitudes with compatible DLSS 2.0+ games
  7. Just one level in and this is so so GOOD - the feeling of the gunplay is so on point and has that classic DOOM feel while playing more like Doom 2016
  8. For PC game pass peeps and those who enjoy classic FPS/Doom 2016 - this is available now and it is fucking awesome (an old trailer but gives you the idea)
  9. Uzi


    Aye but GOG of all places is DRM free so pretty easy to keep the files available and working on modern hardware if not legally available for purchase If something is delisted - you couldn't ask for a better outcome that it was sold on GOG at some point. No server or autnentication reliance that could keep you out and no physical degradation like on disc hardware - literally the best case scenario.
  10. Uzi


    Of all the places to take a stab at not preserving/keeping available older video games - GOG really isn't the best target
  11. Yep worked for me saw it on HUKD! Got free pro until end of Sept - finally time to play Borderlands 3 UE that I bought on Stadia for £1
  12. E3 2021 Dolan meme : EVERYTHING WAS LEFT 4 DEAD
  13. Can't say much wrong with that. A tonne of games with a load on game pass. FH5 looked awesome. No halo infinite campaign gameplay was a bit sketchy
  14. Speaking of PC - noticed the Steam logo is nowhere to be seen - just generic PC. I wonder if this is being Epic are trying to get an exclusive on it
  15. Uzi

    Edge #360

    Haha the one point difference between biomutant and rachet should cause some fun
  16. It's Dark Souls 3 foundation with an open world and an incredibly long dev time with a tonne of talent. Yes pls
  17. I felt similarly at first but there are some positives. I'm about 50 hours in 1: It does get a lot better - just focus on the main quests where you move from area to area to make alliances - some of the storylines are pretty good and some of the things you get up to are fun questlines 2: Don't focus on side content too much like raids/finding gear etc - its easy enough to get OP without them through the skill tree alone - some of the mini side quests (the light blue markers) are genuinely funny and really short - take a few mins at most but tell cool little tales 3: Don't play it as your only solo game/all in one go - there is a tonne of content here - the main quest is very bulky and I broke up my recent playthrough to play Mafa Remastered (10 hour game) which was a nice break and came back to Valhalla to enjoy it more It really is a bit of a different beast to Origins and Odyssey - I think the game has a bit too much content overall which is a shame as some of the main quest stuff is genuinely good
  18. I'm going to buy one and do nothing but browse this thread on it in bright sunlight using the crank as a scroll wheel.
  19. Plssss do - youtube video the affair should it ever emerge. This whole thread makes me smile. A fucking crank! Alarm clock dock with pen holder! Can't make this up - absolute GOLD. YELLOW GOLD.
  20. This is so fucking funny - I love that people are interested in it so can see real world impressions here
  21. Says a lot when completely decent games like sackboy are forgotten due to the other stuff (due to astrobot being packed in for me) - plus it being a PS4 PRO on steroids helps when playing stuff like God of War/Days Gone etc. Really pleased with the output so far - the only headache is avoiding the £70 thingy but easy enough with some shopping around to get stuff down to £55-60
  22. To no ones surprise this is reviewing pretty well The thing has out (barely out if you count stock) for half a year and we've had Demon's Souls/Spiderman MM/Returnal and now R and C all great games. Pretty damn good launch and post launch https://opencritic.com/game/10994/ratchet-clank-rift-apart
  23. The standard joycons are shit to hold in portable mode comfort wise so hope they improve the ergonomics. Guessing they're fine if you have Trump hands These have never come off mine: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hori-Split-Black-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B08FJ7XY3B/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=hori+switch+pad&qid=1622817377&sr=8-1
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