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  1. Well all enabled now on my older system with a 2018 CPU and motherboard tech. Nice
  2. I have a 8700k and Z370 board and an update has come out for my motherboard bios a few days ago to enable this. Basically what @Opinionated Ham Scarecrow says - the support is wider than what is on the Nvidia website Edit- brain fart
  3. A console or phone updating is no different and just as risky (ie not very unless your power goes out mid firmware update)
  4. Any indication that you couldn't redownload your content was pretty far fetched to be fair. They just don't want to maintain the store front functionality which always seemed the case.
  5. I'm playing other games and I'm genuinely missing the time I sunk into this over December. It was one of those once in a generation games where I totally accepted the flaws - forgot about and immersed myself in absolutely everything else. I'm dying to redownload it and do another playthrough but I'm going to hold off for DLC.
  6. Please disregard your enjoyment unless sitting cross legged on the floor or sideways on the bed
  7. I'm not really a framerate snob even today (I played through Cyberpunk 2077 for 95 hours at locked 30fps) despite having one of those 2 grand or whatever PC's (the dislike of spending on tech on PC's in discussion has always been weird given this is a forum where people spend on legos/expensive trainers/watches etc - its your hobby who gives a fuck how much it costs) but the funny thing about these discussions is how things are framed and then re-framed Eg Nintendo makes low-middle power console - its great - art/gameplay/its a small screen so the res don't matter- its a bit fuzzy docked but games by Nintendo! All of that is true btw - I don't disagree with that and loved playing Mario Odyssey docked and it looked amazing But then a few years later when its a new switch with 4K and Nvidia DLSS then these same things that are looked down upon are suddenly the best shit ever. It happens every few years - a new tech or standard comes in - its shit on saying it dlutes what true gaming is and then once it becomes mainstream that its like "how did we ever live without it?" Just funny as an observer is all. Enjoy whatever you have - if you don't find something enjoyable then wait until it is in a format that you do. The punching up or down snobbery is just odd though.
  8. How do you think we afford those graphics cards?
  9. That is an interesting point there - is there an average time game pass games stay up? Eg I want to play Pillars of Eternity 2 which just joined PC but I still have to play 1! I own 1 outright and 2 is on gamepass so I'm wondering whether to play 2 first. That's the downside of the otherwise amazing service - the anxiety of knowing shit gets taken off eventually so you feel kinda forced to play game pass games over your permanent library - but I'm guessing its something like a year I don't know - I'm weird.
  10. It took six or seven weeks of being glued to a computer before I got the rrp 3080 FE but fuck do I feel lucky now. Would have gone nuts with no gpu until god knows when.
  11. Offline /online has no effect on the ps5 version for WT. It's all player end controlled
  12. This is weird - the fighting game community has some many toxic and weird people in it. Why would you want to be associated with them in a way you can't separate from
  13. I bought Rainbow Six Siege in 2015 or so and six years on still playing it (on and off over the years but still hundreds of hours) I've invested more money into it with season passes etc but that was completely optional and to support the game because of how much I've got out of it. In comparison in the same time frame there have been a few battlefield games/annual cods etc - for a big publisher online game they've done good to just take one product and support it over such a long period of time meaning as a piece of software that's some seriously work behind it. Six years of events/patches/changes/updates/content and still going on. I think a few rare cases like CS GO match it in terms of year on year support for a once bought in product. It's the only online game I've purchased at the outset and playing over half a decade later - that's kinda nuts. https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/rainbow-six/siege/game-info/seasons
  14. Thanks - this is the exact error code I was getting.
  15. Aye - aware of the third party launchers I referenced earlier but thanks. I use GOG Galaxy and it seems to have the best multi account and platform support.
  16. Just tried this - you need to log in with the same ID associated with xbox apparently - I just did that and its still coming up with an error code though
  17. If they did any more it would be seen as anti competitive (ill try the same later and see if it works)
  18. Not really. They already have their own launcher and it's sub par and other launchers such as steam and gog allow you to add other platforms games. If anything a better built in launcher you could add other platforms games too would be less anti competitive than their current one. Like other things on pc it would be completely optional to use. Don't worry its one of those pc only pains that I've realised is in a fairly console dominated thread so poor place to bring it up
  19. No - not like UWP! I don't even know how my post could be interpreted that way given a few posts up I said this is exactly why their ports were hated before. The files should be the normal exe file types you get in other game packages. It should have no bearing on how the game is run I'm saying the launching/browsing of games should be built better into Windows - even launching gamepass games is through a barely serviceable xbox app Here is how I add my microsoft games on my microsoft OS PC I open up GOG Galaxy - log into MS from GOG - and GOG adds those games into the launcher It's pretty stupid and the current windows effort into gaming from a OS perspective is pretty shit
  20. Disgusting - we don't use those words around these parts. It is a very good sign - thinking about it given that they make windows its shocking how poorly (until such recent efforts) they have integrated gaming into Windows. There is no reason why the OS builder isn't able to integrate gaming into Windows like it was an Xbox so that when you pick up a controller and hit the big X button or something - an xbox style interface with all of your games (like a GOG galaxy but integrated into windows) doesn't pop up. It's taken third parties over the years to do some attempt at it but they sit on top of the OS as an app - not within it
  21. It's a big turn around given the windows store/locked versions always used to be more restrictive and worse than the other PC platforms
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