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  1. I don't think we are. (There's a John from Nookington, confusingly) We'll have to arrange a meet-up sometime.
  2. @Hexx What's your username/island on this? Do you still want the garden bench?
  3. Turnips 543 for another hour and a half. Gates open to all friends. Will befriend you if I get switch code.
  4. @Hexx @Weavus Morning! You asked for the garden bench I have crafted enough to send you one each. If I could ask you for 4 iron nuggets and some wood in return sometime in the future, that'd be great. If you no longer need it, that's ok too. It's a nice piece. Tet from Bester SW-6315-7839-7295 Now I wait for you to wake up!
  5. Like this? Out of nuggets at the mo, but can get back to you tomorrow. Turning in for the night.
  6. Thanks from me too! In n' out! Kerching! And mortgage paid! Thank you!
  7. Lifesaver. I'll leave a big tip. Any items you're in need of?
  8. OMG Can you stay open for an hour or 2? I'm on the train home. Uncut gems!
  9. Bugger. That's a relief. The sinks still there, but I won't be back on until after dark. I have a black bathroom sink in my Nook ATM. I can send it to you later if you want. 3,300 bells.
  10. I restarted the game, but can't get online at the Dodo counter. Maybe there's some unsolicited online maintenance? Hope you didn't lose anything.
  11. Can't even open the gates now. Cos I've been playing all day?
  12. Aargh, sorry. Dunno what happened. Not sleep mode.
  13. I'll open afk for a bit. Turnips 175 Dodo コ−ド: C0B4K Edit: new code, Comms error.
  14. I'm open. Shop closes soon it has typewriter and record player KTSK6 And Saharah
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