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  1. Cheapest I could find is 44.99 by collecting from Smyths. My local store has a decent click and collect system in place, although I guess the actual store will be open in a couple of weeks. Much happier collecting rather than relying on the post at the moment. Will probably sell it on after finishing (no doubt I’ll buy it again on the PS5), so don’t want to go digital.
  2. All eight episodes are now up on IPlayer.
  3. Worth mentioning the series 2 commentaries are on YouTube as a single video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbr6SDWOMec These work really well when listening on your phone/device and watching the relevant episode on IPlayer at the same time.
  4. Ah, I just assumed toxicology reports would be carried out as standard as part of any autopsy.
  5. Enjoyed this a lot, but can’t work out
  6. Is it possible to resume a saved game in the Switch demo? Played about 20 mins and had to switch off after saving. Loading it back up, there doesn’t seem any option to carry on with my saved game.
  7. Ah. Haven't bought a new release from Amazon in an age - only reason I'm looking now is because I have a gift card.
  8. This is £40.99 if collected instore from Smyths. As someone else mentioned above - isn't it a bit odd that the biggest game of the year (so far) isn't available to pre-order from Amazon 11 days from release?
  9. If you live anywhere near a Pay Point outlet, you can get another fiver off the download code by topping up £20 in-shop: Get a £5 promotional credit added to your Amazon.co.uk account when you Top Up in store £20 or more in a single order (the "Offer") Top Up orders online at Amazon.co.uk are excluded from this Offer. Amazon Top Up – In Store transaction must occur between 12:01 am (BST) on August 15, 2017 and 11:59 pm (BST) October 31, 2017. The promotional credit must be redeemed on Amazon.co.uk, towards the purchase of products listed on and sold by Amazon.co.uk. Promotions & Deals Terms & Conditions apply. Offer limited to one per customer and account. The maximum benefit you may receive from this Offer is £5 off products sold by Amazon.co.uk. You will receive an e-mail from Amazon within 1 hour that indicates the amount of the promotional credit that has been applied to your Amazon.co.uk Gift Card Account. The promotional credit expires at 11:59 pm (GMT) November 30, 2017. Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the Offer at any time. The promotional credit may not be combined with any other promotional offer.
  10. Anyone in the middle of the Community/True Detective Venn Diagram ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHWLpJRlBYA
  11. I thought this was the first false note of the show. The scene in question smacked of the old 'Hey, we're not on network tv - let's show some boobies !!!!' routine that afflicted early Game of Thrones. The brief glance that Harrelson's character gave in episode one was far more effective in showing this side of his character. It was cheap and lazy; especially so considering the quality of the show so far.
  12. I really enjoyed the Victor/Julie relationship. Thinking about it, though, if the second series is still being written, surely the actor playing Victor is going to have grown up and changed too much to mainitain continuity. I'm calling it the 'Walt Syndrome'.
  13. Ah, cheers for the spoiler info. Let me try that again (as I say, nothing too spoilerish):
  14. I watched the 8th episode last night (minor, non storyline-specific spoiler follows). Edit. How do I do spoilers ? Can I not use: [spoiler] text here [/spoiler] ?
  15. Inspired thread: first thing I do after getting home from work on a Sunday is check it out. Cheers
  16. drob4

    WiiWare Thread

    So, hang on, the only way to play Goo on a PAL wii now is to download a region-freed wad and load it via the twilight hack ? I'm confused, does Nintendo not want our money anymore ??
  17. I'd dearly love LBP to be a huge hit - but it just isn't going to happen. Come this Christmas, the average Joe in the street is still going to be buying Wii Fit and not a glorified 2d platformer. My other concern (and I think someone else mentioned this earlier) is that moving between the 3d planes (in and out of the screen) looks completely screwed up, like, game breakingly screwed up. It seems like the elephant in the room that no-one dares mention.
  18. The batteries in Hurley's cd player ran out.
  19. Hope that's what it is... can't see anything wrong my end. Cheers anyway.
  20. I ended up exchanging my new NOISY PS3 for a new one - everything seems ok on that front now. But... Did anyone else experience problems signing up for a PSN account ? My PS3 can access the internet (and I downloaded a new firmware update), my wireless signal is at 100% and the connection tests all work - I even put my PS3 in DMZ. Whenever I try to sign up for a PSN account, I eventually get either 80710D23 or 80711008 errors and it just kicks me out. Is this a problem at Sony's end ?
  21. Guys, Finally picked up a 40GB PS3 last week (to play Everybody's golf). Everything's working OK, but the machine makes a hell of a noise. It starts off quiet and after about 10mins playing time the fan speed goes up a notch. At this level the noise is still tolerable. However, after about another 10-15 min the fan speed increases again. And then again. At this stage its louder than my 360. If I stop playing and leave the machine idle on the XMB the noise persists until I switch off the machine. The machine itself is well ventiliated (lots of room around it) in a cool room on a wooden floor. Is this normal ? I had hoped the PS3 would be quieter than my 360. Just wondering if I should look to exchange or put up with what I've got. I'd be interested to hear other experiences on this. Cheers.
  22. drob4

    Mario Kart Wii

    The ghost valley track is probably the best thing in the game - you can almost drift around the entire course. Oh, and Wario's stage is aces too - it's an obvious homage to Power Drift.
  23. drob4

    Mario Kart Wii

    Just spent an hour or two playing online... and it's kinda ridiculous. If you're winning with half a lap to go... forget about it. You are guaranteed to get hit by a blue shell/star/BB. I guess Nintendo really wanna push the wheel. The thing is, without items anyone using the wheel wouldn't stand a chance against someone using a controller. Nintendo are just making sure that little Jimmy using his Wii Wheel has a chance of winning a race. The bottom line is there is no skill involved in winning a race.
  24. You had the honour of being my first online opponent. Still not quite got the hang of this yet...
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