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  1. Anyone going to give 'Low Fuel Motorsport' a go? It's a platform that hosts regular races and features a rating system (based on ELO) and a safety rating system. Looks pretty nifty. In order to race you have to complete 7 clean laps within 107% of the current race lap record. I've signed up and will complete my license tonight. https://lowfuelmotorsport.com/
  2. Morning all. I'm away until Tuesday evening so won't be able to post practice timing updates until then.
  3. The game is finally working with my wheel now (latest patch and Fanatec driver), so I'm in. Haven't played much of the game (I had to do one of the story missions to unlock rivals mode ) so I don't have any decent cars to choose from, so I went for the A class to start with.
  4. Nice, I'm away for a few days from tomorrow so keen to get some practice in this eve!
  5. I don't have them... I have my eye on them... been looking at reviews the last month or so and am very tempted. But they would be around £750 so not sure I can pull the trigger at the mo. I think this is taking things a little too far.
  6. Trailing deeper was the key for me in taming the KTM. The replay showed me that I was finishing my braking half way between turn-in and apex; rather than trailing all the way. So I wasn't slowing the car enough by the point of rotation; then 'bam'... oversteer. So it's worth just taking a look at your replays just to see that you are trailing all the way to the apex. My issues in the second race were oversteer on exit, which was frustrating. Just too heavy on the throttle with over-inflated tyres whilst clipping the curb just sent me off at the exit to T1 time and time again. The other times I did have oversteer on entry (at Ascari) was due to me getting sloppy with my braking and not sticking to the technique I'd learnt in practice.
  7. Wow last night was interesting. I've never had more contrasting fortunes or performance between the two sprints. The first race was a textbook example of consistency to take the win; but the second race was a disaster. I got the tyre pressures all wrong; so they were way too high and I just couldn't keep it on the track I tried really hard to go easy on the throttle after T1 but there was just something really odd happening on corner exit and I couldn't sort it out or learn from the problem from lap to lap. Total bobbins, and my worse ACC race ever!
  8. The 8pm race was 16 degrees when I set up a single player session (with the same conditions as the race). I didn't do the same for the 11pm race so not sure on that, but I tend to find one click higher for each degree ambient seems to work OK anyway.
  9. Sorry, I meant just narrowing them as you said... not closing them entirely. I'm running 2 & 3 at the moment.
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