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  1. Was just on sorting the race timings for this week. The two races will be at 14:00 and 20:00 in-game, and for those that want to do some offline practice for the second race (to dial in pressures etc) you should be able to recreate the conditions by choosing 20% cloud cover and an average ambient temp of 18°C... Latest practice timings:-
  2. Unlucky @Erik. How did you all do in the end? And how was your race on a personal level?
  3. Second session in, and I managed an invalid 1:51.3 so I've got around a second to find if I can string it all together. But I'm really erratic around Imola and I still can't take some of the bends (and the chicane at the end) properly so I'm going to try to do race fueled sessions now; and try to push less in favour of more consistency.
  4. I hope so. I haven't checked out the track guides yet, so this was my first session going in blind and feeling my way around the circuit. There are still a couple of sections I'm not happy with, so plenty of time to find I think.
  5. Good luck for the race @Erik. Might try and catch one of the streams if I'm free.
  6. Some of you may have noticed that the server host website now has a Championship section. It lets me create the championships and individual races within them; and add in how many points to allocate to each position (and for fastest lap and pole). Might be worth sticking to the spreadsheet as it won't let me choose a different points for the final endurance race; but I'll add them in anyway
  7. Yeah you should have taken the inside line on the left hander towards the end of the lap. I'd got quite close to you and once I was able to move on the inside the corner was mine. I got @Meers in the same way the lap before. 3 of my warnings for track limits were for understeering off track (which definitely didn't gain me any time); but although my consistency was massively improved this week I definitely need to cut out the silly mistakes. EDIT: or did I take the outside line and then have the inside on the last corner? my brain!
  8. I had the right speed for race 1, but I wonder if I was in the orange section rather than the green... I guess my brain would usually see the cars in front of me, so a definite brain fart ensued there. Gutted
  9. Race 1... mess up the start and get a drive through. Oh dear. Race 2... no qualifying time due to understeering off the track in first lap and then crossing the line a second too late for the second. Carve through the field and get into first position then get a drive through on the second to last lap for track limits. This game gives you massive highs then kicks you right in the nads.
  10. It sounds like a permissions issue with your 'Documents' folder. Maybe check the security on the ACC sub folder within 'Documents' to ensure the permissions are OK? Or just backup that whole folder perhaps (so you don't lose all your existing settings and setups), delete it, then let the game recreate it when it loads.
  11. You'll likely finish at the front due to raw talent alone Whereas my fast practice time won't be representative of my race pace and I'll likely bin it somewhere
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