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  1. Back playing this, and loving it. Throttle still seems strange (I'm sure cars accelerate more at lower throttle input range than they are here), so that is nagging away at me slightly. But the game is fun fun fun. Plus, it's bloody cold in the house at the moment so I don't need to have the heating on when playing as it's a sweaty workout
  2. Nothing on tonight.
  3. Just had a couple of really frustrating sessions with them, and was missing the grip and aero!! Time for sim racing is so minimal at the moment, it's just a bummer when I play and don't enjoy it.
  4. The 1970s cars aren't fun Any other combos worth checking out?
  5. Yeah, pedals are a bit of a step up; but definitely in the realms of diminishing returns at the price. I think any load cell pedals are a game changer. The rig is a GT Omega Prime. Solid as!!
  6. Haha in that case, I'm not sure if I've posted since I got my HE Sprints
  7. oooh, interesting. I'll give that a try!
  8. The issue is to do with the auto clutch engaging when it shouldn't, apparently. You using manual clutch I assume? The game doesn't work with my shifter, so I'm just trying to use the flappy paddles.
  9. Mmmm... not sure I like this combo (Spa 1970 and Vintage Gen2's). Plus, I know I've droned on about this before but the shimmering and aliasing is bad to the point of distracting Gosh, I'm such a grumpy shit at the moment I was planning on trying to organise something for this Thursday, but I'm out for drinks with the running club. I definitely fancy doing something AMS2 related at some point though, but I reckon a tighter race track (somewhere we haven't raced before) and more modern cars would be way more fun. Any other car/track combos we could try?
  10. I can't get AMS2 results to show at the moment. The PHP libraries I use for parsing the results have stopped working, so I assume they need some kind of update. For now I'll create the practice server, them have another look at the website when I get a chance. EDIT: Server is up. Just gonna head on to test.
  11. Yeah, I'm waiting for a patch too. If the team gets full and you need to remove me, please do!
  12. Oh blimey, I forgot all about the Gwent cards. Got them still wrapped in a box somewhere, for both expansions.
  13. They always made a point of specifically marketing them as 'expansions', rather than other free DLC (although I can't remember what those were now).
  14. Gotta be vintage
  15. Someone choose a car and I can get the practice server set up
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