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  1. I thought you'd end up dipping into the 1:39's @SharkyOB. I nearly managed it a couple of times but you got there in the end Looks like you found those two seconds @Meers.
  2. Yeah, loving it too. Managed to find some pace, but I don't feel like I have total control and confidence in the car. There are times I've attacked a couple of corners and found myself a few tenths up only to ruin my lap, but attacking the same section in a similar way on another lap and I don't gain the same time. Gonna use my next session to try and get some laps down with a race fuel load and find some consistency. It's just so easy to chase those lap times when you're on the server
  3. I did a couple of laps the same too, but they weren't my best so don't count... but the results companion is listing you twice With your best sectors strung together you'd have a 1:40.269.
  4. PowerQ is using the server again tomorrow. He's doing a live hotlap challenge. He does non-live hotlap challenges as part of his channel, so this is the first live one. It's 16:00-19:00 UK time so the server will be flipped back to normal right after. He'll be giving out the password on his stream. Not sure if I'll be able to make it but I might be able to get down a few laps towards the end.
  5. I've lowered pressures and kept the ducts open too.
  6. It's tricky, I'm having all sorts of mid and late corner issues (and getting the rotation done cleanly) but really enjoying the challenge of getting to grips with it.
  7. Me too, and I found it fairly easy on the default medium difficulty. The enemies in the demo (even the bosses) you can dodge really easily and you can just swipe their health down. No bother.
  8. Anyone played the Xuan Yuan Sword VII demo? Just played it through and quite enjoyed it, so might get this if the price isn't exorbitant! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1249800/XuanYuan_Sword_VII/
  9. I agree. Looks like track limits for this race are the tyre barriers and gravel traps!!
  10. Seems like it might be more interesting to be involved in, than it would be as a viewer.
  11. All drivers go out a minute apart, then do an outlap and two flying laps.
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