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  1. What did you get? I'm wondering whether to get some gloves for the same reason. Although it is nice using the alcantara wheel as it is.
  2. I've been having issues with framerate in pCars 2, ACC and F1 2019... I assume it's something wheel related. For the most part when all running OK my frame-rate sticks at 72 (I have a v-sync 75hz monitor, so I'm capping at 72) but every now and again if I boot up a game the frame-rate is down into the 40s. I've been rebooting the PC when it does this, but realised earlier that if I ALT+TAB out of the game, then flip back, that sorts it out. You tried doing that @Thor?
  3. Another flawless single player race around Spa. Climbed from 12th to 7th, and managed some great and clean overtakes. My safety rating is now 55 and I've unlocked the racecraft rating. ... although I couldn't resist a sneaky multi-player race too! Stayed out of trouble in a field of only 8 and finished 4th. Although back to single player races for the time being. I'm still not able to fill the green bars when following the 'car control' HUD guidance... there are too many corners that I can't get right, so they report as 'too slow' or 'OK'. So plenty to work on, and I'm loving it!
  4. I'll stay away from multiplayer for the time being, and work on my skills against the AI and in other modes.
  5. I'm accepting of the fact it's gonna be chaos out there. I've just done a couple of single player races (starting in the middle of the pack) and managed to get my safety rating up to 44. In the last race I didn't have any scrapes, and earned 20 trust points in the process. My car control rating is bugged though. It jumped from 61 to 100 after a pretty awful session earlier on, so not sure what's wrong with that. My car control is generally letting me down at the mo. I can't get close to racing on the edge whilst maintaining control of the car. I know what i have to do, but I'm still struggling coordinating my use of the wheel and pedals at the moment. Especially the brake, I'm trying to do trail braking but I don't have the control as yet. But I'm getting better. ACC is free to play on Steam this weekend, by the way.
  6. Agreed. This is the hardest thing for me to achieve at the moment, there are too many corners I can't quite get right... so if I take them slowly and cleanly I get the 'too slow' message, yet if I push that corner on the next lap I lose control. I'm struggling to string it all together. I think I just need more time with the wheel. I just did a multiplayer 'quick join' race at Zolder and it was carnage. I qualified 6th but managed to come 5th, mostly from staying cautious and keeping out of people's way. Was running in 4th right to the end but lost concentration and someone else took me to that spot. Was really fun though.
  7. Here are my ratings currently... I'd like to increase the car control one, so maybe later I'll switch that on in the HUD and do some laps of the tracks that I'm familiar with.
  8. Thanks mate, I think I'm doing the right things (including trail braking) and my sessions this morning were much better. There are going to be good sessions and bad I suppose! Awesome stuff. It's a great feeling isn't it! I did the same with ACC this morning. Rather than throwing the car around the track in practice mode, I did a couple of 15 minutes races at Brands Hatch (which I find an easy track to drive around) with 25 cars and put myself in the middle of the pack in 12th. Finished 11th in my first race, and then 7th in my second and I took seconds off my best lap time! I didn't realise that single player modes would contribute to my safety rating; but it did! Which is nice. This was on a lowered difficulty of 85 (80 being the lowest, 100 the highest). Yep, I've been watching some ACC videos and it looks like the GP3 cars ride the curbs pretty significantly. I'm getting better at getting my lines right, and am starting to get less afraid to mount the curbs. NOT the sausage curbs though. Those blighters!! It's all GP3 in ACC. I did start the career mode with the less powerful cars in Project Cars 2, but I prefer the feel of driving the cars in ACC so this is the main pull at the moment. I've dabbled in F1 2019, pCars 2 and Forza Horizon 4 but ACC is much more fun to play... even just driving around the track! With regard to the racing line assist... I prefer not to use it. The process feels much more enjoyable, even if it might be taking me longer to learn the tracks. That said, I'm getting a much better idea of how fast I can take corners just by looking at them now... so even new tracks I'm able to drive more consistently. FOV is good. I've used the online calculators so I'm confident I've got this bang on. I;m gradually getting smoother!
  9. Had a relatively rough day with the wheel today. Tried F1 2019 and kept spinning and crashing again, so I think this has gotta be the last chance I give myself with it. Tried the career mode with ACC bit struggled in the wet at Monza with the Lambo. So I backed out in frustration. I then tried one of the hot lap special events and it put me in a 2018 Aston Martin and I struggled with that too. I wasn't enjoying these sessions at all. But boy oh boy, Brands Hatch saved the day for me. I put myself back in my favourite car so far (the 2019 Aston Martin) and did a few solid laps and earnt the 3 track stars right away. It's such a fun track. So despite having a bad time, my session ended on a positive note. I've just been watching some videos on YouTube from one of the Italian devs and got some useful driving tips to try, so I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings.
  10. Funnily enough I was taking the GTR around Monza earlier in ACC.
  11. I think I'll cancel my F1 2020 pre-order. I'm not precise enough with the controls to be able to tame an F1 car, so it's an exercise in frustration. It feels like more of a rhythm action game than a racer. You have to dance around the corners at the precise speed, and I can't do that.
  12. Had some awesome sessions today. I won my second pCars 2 career race this morning. I struggled in practice (in the wet) and could only post the 8th best time, and I didn't fare much better in qualifying coming in 4th. The race itself was fun and I spent most of the 15 minutes between positions 2 and 4, but I managed to pull off a really decent move towards the end, and came home for the win. My heart was racing, but I managed to stay calm. Heaven knows what sort of state I'm gonna be in if I progress to online racing! This evening I've been playing ACC; improving my ratings in practice mode. I've won all 3 track medals at Monza, Silverstone, Nurburgring and Barcelona and have been steadily increasing my consistency. Started off life in the Ferrari, then dipped into the Nissan GT for a time, but this most recent session in the Aston Martin and I think I'm going to stick with this for the time being.
  13. I'm dreadful, but I enjoy it. I feel like I'm improving with every session though. Expect silly questions from me also!
  14. A better stab at doing a video... (don't judge the driving, I'm still struggling getting to grips with using a wheel and doing manual gears etc!) You can see how awesome SimHub is though. My seating position is lower than the camera too, so when playing it looks a lot nicer with the wheel in a really nice position compared to the view. Feels super immersive.
  15. You can turn off the wheel and driver animation. I don't see them at all now, which is much better.
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