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  1. No worries dude, I was going to do it right after the session but forgot It's back with the PowerQ config now.
  2. Do leaderboards carry cross platform? Downloading on PC gamepass now, so gonna give it a whirl.
  3. All done. Server is back to the Silverstone practice config
  4. To be honest, I thought we were assigning full points to everyone already... been a bit slack with the rules on this front! Full points all the way down is A-Ok in my book!
  5. This seems fair. I'd be keen for everyone to get some points if they turn up, regardless of what happens in the race. So yeah, half points for all the DNFs sounds OK to me unless anyone has any better ideas?
  6. It's set up for the Power Q practice at the moment, but rllmuk always takes priority so if you do manage to arrange a session with one of the guys ping me a whatsapp message and I'll be sure to reconfigure the server how you need.
  7. We were wondering whether a server or game issue led to half the field being kicked/disconnected at once. I glanced up at the end and was surprised to see 3/6 in the hud. In that case I think there would be cause for scrubbing the result and replaying. But it looks like people dropped out at slightly different times, so just individual reasons I suppose?! On to the race itself... I really like Silverstone and had a great time. It always feels like a proper Endurance. Even when I'm lapping by myself (as was the case for most of the race) there are lots of interesting and techni
  8. Here are the results as I have them... https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/u7gy07dfbc1b?tab-=qualifying https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/u7gy07dfbc1b?tab-=race ... but I'm wondering if there were technical issues of some sort as it looks like only 6 finished? Or was there a racing incident and you guys left the server?
  9. It's great. Not cheap, but a brilliant improvement. I received a VR cover facial interface yesterday, and that's also great. I'd previously tried a simple silicon cover but found that to come away too frequently; plus another Amazon variant of an interface which wasn't good. I've probably thrown too much money at it at this point, but the VR cover is the best I've tried.
  10. I'd like to practice my server settings for the full formation lap if that's OK? Plan would be at 7:45 ish I'll manually forward through from practice, to quali, to the race and then make sure it works OK... then reset back to practice. There's usually a few peeps on around then so should be OK.
  11. This is what we tried initially, but in practice it just means you get everyone running exactly the same strategy; i.e. a 30 second tyre change stop. At the moment with a 'do anything' stop, you can choose to do a heavier fuel load up front and then splash and dash later, split the load etc. Or change tyres if you want. So there's a bit more variety and people will stop for varying amounts of time (which can mix things up a touch).
  12. Yeah Although unfortunately I can't find the server setting to enable them!
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