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  1. Fingers crossed. Based on practice timings it looks like we might be trading paint work!
  2. Just working on the schedule for season 6 before I go away on holiday; and have come up with the following:- General consensus (of the people that commented) seemed to indicate that sticking to the same car is favoured; so let's go with a change back to GT3s for all the races. We can include some GT4 racing in mid-season events perhaps. I've chosen the tracks for the first 3 events, so could I ask @winky, @Yannik, @EuroVapeSim2, @texlex45 and @Erik to nominate a track for the other events. Could you reply with the following:- Chosen track. You can see from the schedule above whether the race will be a Endurance (60 mins) or Sprint (2x25 mins). Time of the race session(s). Just specify this loosely if you want; i.e sunrise, sunset, daytime, evening, midnight etc. I can work out the exact timings. Base Conditions. Specify one of the following: Dry and Clear Cloudy/Overcast Light Rain Heavy Rain Variability. Specify one of the following:- None Low Medium High Thanks guys! Let's get this nailed down over the next few weeks and then look forward to the multi-class endurance at the end of August. As with previous seasons, if anyone can't make a specific event then I'm open to shifting the schedule around; although now lock-down restrictions are eased I anticipate more people will have to miss some events anyway. EDIT: I'm aware that you guys haven't even said you can take part in the league or on the date I'm tagged you against; so feel free to swap with one of the others; or if you don't want to choose I can get someone else to pick
  3. @SharkyOB are you playing this in VR? I'm struggling with it. Even with my 3080 I can't get it to run smoothly. If I turn on ASW (Oculus' method for inserting frames) I can get it running at 36fps (half of the 72hz native refresh rate) but that introduces a different type of judder and artifacts; and if I turn if off so the framerate is uncapped it runs from 30-50 fps but isn't very smooth so I end up feeling sick. I guess it feels like the game's come along too early for this generation of GPUs in VR. And I can't play in pancake mode now. I just wish I could get it running smoother than it is currently!
  4. No worries @mrben09! I've unregistered you just now.
  5. Any more joining us tonight? A reminder that if you're taking part you'll need to register for the event:- https://beta.simracing.gp/events/9BMg_t1rt6XVRkAC5gWnI Looking forward to this. Practice has been frustrated but with my last minute setup changes I'm feeling better about it now!
  6. @Erik I increased wing a couple of clicks and it made a massive difference to stability, thank you. Managed a string of clean laps just now, and car is feeling much better.
  7. Just had the most frustrating session with the car. I just don't have the required skills to control the car for long enough periods, even when I'm tip-toe'ing around the track during an out-lap I do something erratic with the steering or pedals and send myself into a spin. Just isn't any fun.
  8. Ah that's awesome @Yannik Nice article!
  9. I've had spells during sessions where I've had the temps right in the window, but a scrappy lap and the temps fall away sharpish! Very tricky.
  10. I've spun when coming out of T1 hairpin more than I'd care to mention
  11. I need to sort out my jerky inputs. The lack of TC needs smoother steering and pedal application, and I'm just not there yet. It doesn't matter if I'm pushing or trying to take it easy, I still invalidate laps far too easily due to losing the steering or being too heavy footed.
  12. This week is a Porsche Cup race at Nurburgring. The Suzuka race is a multi-class race (GT3 or GT4) at the end of August, which is a week before the start of the new league season. If you're ever unsure about what is scheduled then if you bookmark the simracing.gp community page it defaults to the events page when loaded:- https://beta.simracing.gp/communities/yhRbHTPRAZwJqbJakJneM#events
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