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  1. I've switched to a different server manager which is more flexible, and has allowed me to import the entry list. So should show forum names on the practice server now. EDIT: Still a faff. So I'm not going to bother with entry lists from now on. There's not really much point anyway.
  2. It's only 'server side' if entry-lists are used; so the old practice server and simracing.gp use entry lists. But I couldn't import the entry list on the new server (it seems to want me to create a entry-list manually; which is a lot of effort).
  3. It means you haven't set up a 'short' player name for your ACC driver profile. So it's set as the default PLY (Player?) short name.
  4. You won't be able to unless I post them, for the time being. I'm going to look into having the server act as an external web server too, so I can host the results. But depends when I get around to it I need to look into static IPs, certificates etc. Here are the times so far...
  5. Yeah, the old server is down now so that'll be the new one. I wasn't able to import the previous entry list so rather than it using our forum usernames it'll use whatever name you've set in your game options. But we're using our real names in SGP anyway so I don't think that's a big deal.
  6. My new dedicated server is set up Can peeps connect up to the practice server and check that it's all OK?
  7. His content dried up at the same time that he got a full time graduate job. He made a couple of comments in streams about struggling to get videos out, then just seemed to disappear. Not sure if he's specifically stated that he's done with sim racing. I haven't followed the Tarkov streams he's popped up with of late.
  8. Haha yeah I remember during the day that you said you were at the expo. Looking forward to hearing about it!
  9. It's only a 2 week delay, but earlier batches had all shipped early so I was kinda hoping for the same (rather than a delay). Ah well!
  10. I forgot to mention; practice server is set up for Oulton Park
  11. I've been meaning to get my server up and running. Might be a good weekend project!
  12. Might check out that Assetto Corsa 'Island' mod soon, and try some Raceroom too. Basically dip into some other stuff outside of the weekly practice & race cycle. So dipping into a casual Assetto Corsa race next week might be fun... ... about that... we tried to do a Nordschleife track day style event previously and the server crapped out (Erik had to save us by setting up a local server). I'm not sure how well simracing.gp handles practice only events; but we could always give it another go. Either that or set it up with a race session (4 laps or something?).
  13. Yeah, I posted at a similar time to you so I didn't see your your post until after. I'm doing OK thanks mate. I'm getting there. I might try and get back for the Oulton Park race in a couple of weeks; or dip into any mid season race that might get scheduled next. But I'm not too sure at the moment. I tried to get some practice in around Misano over the last couple of days; but I found it frustrating and didn't enjoy it (plus some knee pain returned almost immediately). So for now I'm not totally sure. I'm trying to do some different things in the evenings (running, walking, catching up with friends etc) to keep busy and boost my mental health; but unfortunately sitting in the rig is reminding me of the routine of the last year or so which I'm having to break away from in lots of ways. I'm trying to do more strength exercises too; to help with the knees. My CSL DD is due to ship over the next week or so. Maybe playing around with that will give me a kick to get back into it! Who knows. But I'm not far away (and obviously still posting here and enjoying following things) so fingers crossed I'll be back soon.
  14. I've adjusted the calendar to bring forward that round by a week, so it's swapped with the second mid-season break. Gives us an extra practice week for the Blue Riband finale too!
  15. Hope you guys had fun racing. I watched the first half an hour or so; up to the first pitstop which @Meers must have screwed up as he got hit with a SG30 right after Shame about the start @milko. I watched some of your battling further down the field after your incident. @Erik how did the 20kg ballast feel? Here are the standings after 3 rounds:-
  16. I might spectate the race this evening, so make sure you're on your best behaviour
  17. IMPORTANT!!!! Don't forget that you need to register for the race tonight (and future events!) if you haven't already! @Yannik @winky @extremepabs https://beta.simracing.gp/events/1JI0fDBLd0HCZ7tf2M-Iw
  18. @kiroquai check out this thread... specifically the section about joining the practice server. If you let me know your Steam ID I can add you to the entry list
  19. I didn't actually watch that video I posted I got a couple of mins in, before realising I'd rather discover the island for myself.
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