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  1. SGP news... I figured out how to set events so that people aren't DQ'd. Should just hand out stop & go penalties now.
  2. My restart was a total cluster fuck, which ruined our race more than the actual incident sorry you had to wait so long!!
  3. Absolutely loved that. I nearly bailed as the post Covid tiredness and busy workload is hitting for me six in the evenings, but dragged myself to the rig and really glad that I did. I don't think I've ever felt in such a rhythm whilst lapping in a race. Had a few fun battles with @Valver and @davadvice1 early on, but after a mega fun overtake on Alexander it was a bit lonely (though fun). Congrats to @Arthisins on another win!
  4. Just the pesky autoexec.bat files and such to worry about on PC
  5. Cool, hopefully bringing it closer means you won't lose any horizontal real estate; but give it a go. That's the key thing really. Having freesync and the higher frame rates is good, obviously, but not if you can't see your apexes in the same way you could before.
  6. Your current monitor is pretty large right? You might find a 34" pretty small. I know losing vertical real estate isn't a massive deal for sim racing, but try to get a sense of the actual size of it (try cutting out a bit of cardboard maybe). If you ARE happy with the size, you can't go wrong with that one. Those curved Ultrawide VA panels are very good bang for buck. EDIT: just had a look at the 38 and 40 inch Ultrawides, and they're very expensive. At that price an LG OLED makes more sense. Hopefully you're happy with the size of the 34" and can grab one of those bargain panels.
  7. Great idea! I might be more inclined to get some practice in. I'm thinking of changing cars, to add some variety. I've never really raced with a front engine car, so I'm thinking of trying the Aston or BMW. No doubt I'll have a play around and end up in either the McLaren or Ferrari though
  8. It will just use everyone's best 6 results, rather than specifically dropping two. So it'll drop three now.
  9. It's not really the game, just my life situation and my enthusiasm waning for sim racing & gaming in general.
  10. Yeah, I'm wondering whether it's just a bit of tiredness with the game as we've been at it for years now It's a fantastic game, I'm hoping that the others don't feel the same as me and are still enthusiastic and that we can keep it going. There aren't any regular up front costs for the server really as it's a dedicated server in my house, but with the cost of energy these days I might have to work out what the real world cost of keeping it running actually is. But then again I use it for Plex and as a file server anyway, so it's going to be on most of the time anyway.
  11. Morning all, it's race day! Don't forget to register if you haven't already. It looks like our numbers have dwindled I know we have a couple of regulars away, but if we didn't have Ryan from SGP and Ian from TSR registered we'd only have 5. I'll have to do a roll call post to see if we can drag people back, but I've tried that in the past without any luck. Are people getting tired with ACC? I'll be honest to say that my interest in sim racing has faded quite a bit. I'm at a transitional period of my life (dealing with the after effects of a breakup and house move planning), and to help with the mental health I've been doing more outdoor activities (more running, hiking, backpacking, camping etc) and sim racing is taking a back seat. I just don't feel like practicing any more. I look forward to Thursdays, but in all honesty that's probably more to do with the social aspect of chatting to you chaps. Trying to hang on in there with it, but it's difficult ya'know? Anyway, probably a bit too open and I'm sure you guys don't need to know the ins and outs but there we are
  12. Yeah I saw that. It's tease after tease from Thrustmaster, and announcements announcing the date of future announcements
  13. Haha even Logitech beat Thrustmaster to direct drive?!
  14. Oh that's strange. I would have assumed the other rims would work with this new wheel base too.
  15. I'm in a similar position We have an evening cutover, and I'm just trying to work out if I can delegate it to someone else.
  16. Morning chaps. Please register for the race on Thursday, so we can get an idea of numbers.
  17. Aris spoke about that. It wasn't a simple case of them choosing their own favourite tracks, there were loads of factors to do with the laser scanning, logistics, licensing etc. So these are the ones they were able to do in the timeframe they were aiming for.
  18. Results are in. The ranking thing is interesting, @SneakyNinja and @Valver with more ranking points than myself and @Meers. I wonder how it is all calculated?!
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