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  1. Disappointing race in the end, with a couple of mistakes and erratic pace costing me @SneakyNinja no worries on our contact, easily done when the racing is close. @Valver sorry about hitting you as you came through. I forgot to turn crew chief on after updating it prior to the race, and didn't have the in-game spotter on. So I was all at sixes and sevens. Hopefully the contact didn't hurt your pace too much. You seemed pretty quick last night!
  2. Of course mate, I think I was just trying to justify it to myself more than anything. I don't expect you to follow the same twisted logic as me
  3. I had similar thoughts, but then realise I spend more money on a meal out so even if I get a couple of good evenings gameplay out of this it seems worth it. I don't always carry this sort of logic across other gaming titles; but sim racing can have an exception I did something similar for Raceroom and although I don't race with it often I've had some great races with the SCB guys.
  4. I love driving on Nords, but there's no way I'd ever put in enough laps to learn it. So I use it as more of a cruising circuit every now and then, when I'm messing around with new cars in Assetto Corsa. Will give it a go in this.
  5. Might be back in for tomorrow. My late evening plans have changed again, so it's just a work thing to try and navigate in time for server start. So more of a chance now!
  6. I can't race tomorrow Sods law the one week I've put in a fair amount of practice and I can't make it
  7. Bought the season pack
  8. Great advise. I'm focusing less on lap times these days, partly because I've been off the pace since the break anyway; and I've even had the delta turned off for my practice sessions for the last couple of races. But I still put too much emphasis on hitting the braking points 'like the aliens do' so perhaps I'll feel more in control if I take a slow entry. Although my main problem at Donington is the final two corners at the moment; although I did find more grip in the last session. It just feels sketchy here, but then again the car in general isn't as safe as the McLaren anyway, especially when you're on the limit.
  9. Yeah you can change cars mate I was considering changing back to the Macca for the last race.
  10. Yeah, I'm having a nightmare on the hairpins!! I'll try being a bit more patient next practice and go back to some basics with the earlier braking.
  11. The Audi feels awful around Donington. No grip, oversteer some places but understeer in others, skittish in the brakes, can't find decent TC levels. Doesn't matter what setup I use (safe, aggressive, setups taken from streams) it just feels rotten.
  12. Mixed race for me. I loved it, and the hour really flew by, but definitely some frustrations. Managed to hook up a ridiculous qualifying lap to split @Arthisins and @Ian Paskin but had a dreadful start and ended up near the back had the tyres pressures all wrong and was off the pace, so couldn't catch the guys in front. Did an earlier pit stop than planned to try and sort out the tyres, and although it was a slow stop I was absolutely flying on the second stint. Managed to get in the zone and catch @milko and pulled off a great overtake, then bottled it and dropped back again. Absolutely corking race
  13. Awesome!! I've actually done a little practice this week, but in the McLaren. Although I tried the Audi again at the end of last night's practice, and it feels better so I don't think I'll switch back to the Macca after all
  14. Still no results showing up. Same as before, the log file is being generated and can see the activity for your sessions; but it doesn't get processed and show on the results page. I've reached out to the Emperor Server support discord channel (developers of the server manager I'm using), to see if they have any ideas.
  15. I can see the activity in the log file, but the results don't show in the server manager software or website if I upload them. I'd noticed it was tacking log entries onto the same file from our last AMS2 event. So I've just cleared the log file totally and restarted to see if that helps.
  16. I know, I've got the session page ready on my local machine and I've just gone to grab the results files from the server which should have been generated; but there's nothing there. So despite Meers having been on, it didn't generate any data.
  17. @Meers The server isn't generating any results If I get some time I'll take a deeper dive to figure out why, but the AMS2 server setup stuff seems a right messy faff.
  18. Ah good news on the server. I'll have a play around with getting the results to show. I managed it when we raced there before.
  19. I got as far as enabling the practice server but I haven't tried to see if it works yet. Are you seeing it and able to join? If it's working I can then try to get times showing on the website (If I can remember how!)
  20. I'll take a look. I'll try to get the practice server setup for IMS2 again too
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