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  1. I'm in a similar position We have an evening cutover, and I'm just trying to work out if I can delegate it to someone else.
  2. Morning chaps. Please register for the race on Thursday, so we can get an idea of numbers.
  3. Aris spoke about that. It wasn't a simple case of them choosing their own favourite tracks, there were loads of factors to do with the laser scanning, logistics, licensing etc. So these are the ones they were able to do in the timeframe they were aiming for.
  4. Results are in. The ranking thing is interesting, @SneakyNinja and @Valver with more ranking points than myself and @Meers. I wonder how it is all calculated?!
  5. Quite excited for tonight, but I might be a little quiet on the mic (which is annoying, as it's been a while since we spoke); but I'm still suffering from the after effects of covid so have a nasty cough and tiredness I'm hoping I don't feel too bad in the race, but if I duck out early that's why.
  6. There are two 'drop rounds', so as long as you smash it for ALL the other races you should be fine
  7. Aside from practice I did at the weekend, this is the most time I've had away from the rig since I started sim racing! It felt really strange.
  8. @davadvice1 Be sure to practice your pit stops. The races are an hour, with a mandatory stop to change tyres. You can split your fuel load too.
  9. I think so, yeah. I've made the warm up race ranked and will make the series races ranked obviously.
  10. Simracing.gp now allows for ranked racing .. https://www.simracing.gp/sgp-ranking https://www.simracing.gp/blog-posts/sgp-ranking-is-here
  11. Cheers @Meers. I haven't decided on car for the new season yet, hence why I haven't signed up to the league races. Will see how the warm-up goes in the Audi. @Erik > Do you know if the Audi was nerfed during the recent updates? I don't want to use it if I have an unfair advantage. When I was watching some of the aliens race, they were coming up against the Audi and getting a much better exit out of corners only to see the Audi pull away. Pretty shitty!
  12. There was talk of an upcoming change to rolling resistance, but I don't think that'll have a big bearing on the handling. Although there was also talk of a new tyre compound being added.
  13. Can't decide between Audi and McLaren for this season anyone else unsure of car choice?
  14. I'm in a similar position with up-scaling, but might be faced with a much longer hiatus. I've got to get my office/sim-rig room turned into a guest room to make it more presentable for a sale, so I'll be getting the sim rig put away for a good while Not sure when it's going to happen as I have other stuff to do on the house first, so sorting this room out will be the last thing I do. So not sure if it will be late this year, or early next. But a long break from sim racing is on the horizon.
  15. @Erik, @Meers, @EuroVapeSim2 > I've set the first round at COTA so that it lines up with your Endurance schedule
  16. Season 11 Announcement! We're back baby! Starting 8th September we'll kick things off for a pre-season warm up @ Imola; then straight into an 8 round Intercontinental Challenge featuring a mix of the US and British tracks. 60 minute endurance format 1x mandatory stop with tyre change required Full warm-up lap Best 6 results count towards standings Register for the events over on the simracing.gp community page:- https://beta.simracing.gp/communities/yhRbHTPRAZwJqbJakJneM#events Practice server is LIVE! Timings logged on the website:- https://rllmuk-racing.com/
  17. I think it might have been longer for me. I'm home after a couple of holidays (Scotland & France), but haven't had the desire to get back in the rig as yet. I'll be sorting out the new season schedule over the next few days. There will be a warm-up race on the 8th, before the season starts the following week. I hope enough people can be tempted back. It's been quite a long break.
  18. Yeah we use it a lot for our sim racing community now
  19. I'm off to France for a long weekend. Not flying until Friday morning, but VERY early so definitely no racing for me this week. Have fun (if you do get enough to race!).
  20. davejm

    F1 22

    Best quality. If you use the performance setting then the headset does it's own resolution scaling, and I don't think it's very efficient. I'd rather have a fixed resolution and then make adjustments in-game.
  21. davejm

    F1 22

    Yeah, VR performance is hit and miss. I can get a stable 60fps in most cases, but the random dips (and when sitting in the garage) are really jarring and they even make my headset crash when they get too bad. I also play in 60hz, but I do for all games in the Reverb G2. I can't use any form of image smoothing (I notice it always, and hate it) so image quality needs to take too much of a hit for 90hz. So it's 60fps in all games for me. Seems fine and much better than trying to attain 90fps. I've had a similar experience, and just play with traction control on.
  22. We've abandoned plans for the team race. I think it was too optimistic to get everyone on board for it. I've been called away for work that week too, so I'll plan the new season to start on Thursday 8th September. We'll still create an event for the 1st, to act as a warm up for the new season.
  23. As well as the team event, we also have the Assetto Corsa race next week... https://beta.simracing.gp/events/lwFq0e2HTO5eg0gv9IM3S As above, if we don't get a few more signups this weekend I'll scrap the event (might as well just free up people's evening, rather than race with 4 people on a long circuit). If we do get a few more sign ups I'll configure the practice server later this weekend.
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