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  1. I’m having the same issues- I’m on Xbox. I own the full hitman 1 and 2, but it’s only recognising that I own the content from 2. It’s asking me to buy the access pass for 1 whenever I try and do anything from 1. Weird. I’m at a loss as to what to try.
  2. Sorry did just think of one annoying thing. I played GeForce not using a controller, but the CDPR launcher that comes up needs a mouse to click on the play link (and a keyboard to sign into your GOG account if you want to do that).
  3. Yes. Only played through the intro, then carried on on my main pc when i I got home, but it worked really well. Usual constraints of GeForce now- bandwidth, resolution, etc- but it worked really smoothly and for me will be a great way to carry on when I’m away from home.
  4. Coming to next-gen, apparently- Just seen that pop up on Steam. Any excuse to play it again is great really, and good news that it'll be free.
  5. Is it torque from the propellor?
  6. you’ve probably already thought about it, but do remember it’s an autopilot without an autothrottle; so you do need to manage the engines and throttle yourself in the planes that are included. Sorry if you’ve already worked that out and it’s not the problem but it’s a common mistake!
  7. It’s EGHH. Just type that into the departure and it’ll come up.
  8. The pinky button (not the paddle) I think.
  9. Silly question, but you do have the monitor plugged into the GPU, not the motherboard video output?
  10. Maybe, but just as a counter argument- perhaps the turn based system as used is closer to the 5e rule set? After all the RTwP system was used initially as a compromise in adapting the table top game from its turn based origins. Perhaps the feeling is they can manage a faithful version without losing playability? I think it looks great, personally.
  11. Absolutely- he actually plays different things to the rest too. It gets really monotonous when all they’re interested in is AAA console gaming, and the occasional breakthrough “indie” which is still a console production-values fest, whilst they completely ignore vast swathes of interesting games in other spaces.
  12. mlewis

    Rock Band 4

    Difficult to say absolutely any, but it should work as long as you’ve got a midi out on your drum kit. Do you have the right adapters too? You’ll need the midi adapter, and then that into the wired legacy adapter for drums. If you don’t have them already they’re pricy!
  13. mlewis

    Xbox One X

    I had to return a controller- not the same, but presumably through the same warranty channels- and had it about 3-4 days after it was sent. Never got tracking details for the replacement though, just turned up with a UPS courier.
  14. I've wanted one of these for a while. If anyone has one, are they any good?
  15. I'd love it to but I can't see them giving it to Hitman 2- it's only two years since Hitman 2016 was their GOTY!
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