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  1. I thought this was drab looking. What I feared from the trailers, came to pass. Arrakis didn’t look hot enough. I was kind of bored by the end of it. Charlotte Rampling showed all these big name actors how it’s done. She tore up the screen even with her face well hidden. I like a lot of Villeneuve movies but his detached directing style just didn’t work for me here. Disappointed.
  2. Agree with what others have said about them not really getting Michael Myers and just turning him into a Jason-style killing machine. The kills were suitably graphic and nasty so that's why I'm giving it 2 out of 5 rather than 1.
  3. Speeded up footage or not, I love that final fight scene. The way Connery just uses everything in the environment as a potential weapon.
  4. I’ve watched all of this and thought it was great. Recommended it to my mum who watched the first six episodes in one day (she has a cold and is under the weather)! Anyway, she said to me… NOTE: FINAL EPISODE SPOILER
  5. Really? Admittedly I’ve drifted away from video games over the last couple of years, but unless they’ve suddenly got worse I’ve alway found Japanese UIs to be more intuitive. Certainly more snappy. Mind you, the last proper non-Japanese game I played was RDR2. I guess anything compared to that crime against usability has a fantastic UI.
  6. There’s no fucking way I’m watching this season. I don’t want the Netflix algorithms thinking this is what I want. I’ll pop in here to read the spoilers from those who do watch it. You’re the true heroes in all of this. And for that, I salute you. *sniff* I think I’m getting emotional…
  7. I think maybe I am. I gave it two stars on Letterboxd. I'm sometimes a bit soft on slasher movies. One interesting thing I noticed... in the end credits, there's three assistant chefs on the crew. One of them is called Tom Cruise!
  8. Agree. It was pretty average.
  10. What a cunt O’Brien is in that video posted above.
  11. They’re all showing for me. That is, they’re there if you do a search for them.
  12. This is now on Amazon Prime. Just watched it. It's shit.
  13. I thought The Guilty with Jake Gyllenhaal was very average. Maybe should've watched the original instead.
  14. That’s how the yanks spell liquorice??
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