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  1. Holy fucking crap. Looks amazing. Will the updates ever end?
  2. I only got this on Saturday, and just upgraded from my tent to my new house today, so I'm in awe of some of the picture on here. My house currently. Sick of these damn eggs, might as well make shit out of them...
  3. I think this is a bit overhyped to be honest. It’s not amazing.
  4. I love any time Ruth just hoofs some guy in the nuts.
  5. So, got my Switch Lite and this over the weekend. It's an age since I've ever done any online gaming, but I've added my friend code to the spreadsheet in the first post.
  6. Bloodshot I'm gonna give this Vin Diesel movie 3 out of 5. It's dumb, but I found it oddly enjoyable. There's a bit near the beginning where Diesel, in full combat fatigues, is walking towards his wife. He then takes his top off to reveal the white vest he's worn for every single one of the Fast & Furious films. The guy is literally the same in every movie he's in now, right down to the clothes he wears, regardless of the character he's playing. With this in mind, there's a review that I read on IMDB which made me chuckle...
  7. That looks fucking amazing. I am so watching that.
  8. I never get through all of this on PS4 or played any of the expansions. But when my Switch Lite gets delivered today, I'm going to start it again on that.
  9. Some pics from recent travels, including some very small base building... Totally had to kill this guy! He attacked me first! Honest!
  10. Yeah, I wouldn’t class The Hidden as a guilty pleasure. More of an underrated gem.
  11. No, I don’t think so. You could always mention it if you want.
  12. Yep, One Cut of the Dead is awesome. Go in cold though. And stick with it no matter what.
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