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  1. Forgot about the Lone Wolf films! Thanks for the reminder. And Criterion have a six film box set! So that's going on the Christmas list. edit: just saw the thread you made.
  2. 1970s Japanese martial arts epic. Having said that, it only comes in at 1hr 25m, but it's packed with action. Worth it for the Sister Street Fighter of the title, Etsuko Shihomi. She's great. I got a Sister Street Fighter collection on blu-ray, so have three sequels to watch!!
  3. Good point about the Vulcan thing. God, that makes it even worse.
  4. Well, I managed the first episode in two sittings. No surprise that there was even more lip quivering and wide, tear filled eyes from Burnham, enough to fill an entire season. How did she get through Starfleet? I'm not sure what they're trying to do. It can't all be the actress. She must be getting some sort of direction to be on the verge of bawling her eyes out every five minutes. Shouldn't Starfleet officers be more in control of their emotions? I'm not saying they have to be emotionless, just more in tune with them, otherwise you'd never get anything done. You'd just be blubbing all the ti
  5. To those who’ve bought the Criterion hardback, did you pull off the flappy bit of cardboard that’s attached to it? I’m tempted but don’t want to damage the book.
  6. I've watched about the first twenty minutes of the new episode. That's about all I can manage for now. Watching Burnham constantly feeding off her emotions is tiresome. Also... "Stand up!" She stands up. "Walk!" She walks. And oh no, she appears to be injured. But not enough to have a gratuitous martial arts fight on a beach. I'll hate watch the rest of the episode tomorrow.
  7. I got this through the post today. I didn't realise it was actually a giant hardback book with all the discs slotted into the last couple of pages. Thought it was just going to be a normal boxset with a book inside. The damn thing looks amazing. The only snag is I don't really have a shelf big enough for it.
  8. Damn, that's awful. It's been on there for fucking ages as well. Bad timing.
  9. Didn’t realise the S wasn’t 4k. I have a 4k telly so would probably get an X then. As for cost, Amazon sometimes do interest free payments for big ticket items (I paid for my Switch Lite over five months), so it might not be too bad if I can spread the cost.
  10. I’m really out of the loop with console launches. Didn’t even find out until the other day that they’re releasing two flavours of the new console. I assume everyone is just buying the X and not the S?
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