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  1. Wait a minute. Have I won this? There were no other entries!!!
  2. I like the book as well. They knew how to write lean, efficient thrillers in those days. None of the huge amounts of padding you get in modern thrillers.
  3. Willy’s Wonderland 2 out of 5 I’m being generous with an extra mark as I thought some of the costumes/CGI of the baddies looked quite good.
  4. @Camel That's correct. I've been buying the blu-rays rather than streaming.
  5. Really? I've bought quite a few 88 releases from Amazon and they all have the original audio.
  6. Deadly Blessing I'd never heard of this Wes Craven horror film until recently. It's an odd movie, kind of has a Giallo feel to it, mainly because the plot seems a little all over the place but not to the film's total detriment. There's a killer with a knife on the loose and like the best Argento films, the suspect list is a long one. But there may or may not be a supernatural element as well. Some very effective tension building and jump scares, perhaps some of the best I've seen in a Craven movie. 3.5 out of 5
  7. Actually yes. But it’s only just finished, no? So we’ll be waiting a while.
  8. @Marlew I too got that Young Master special edition through the post. Going to watch it this weekend. And no harm in starting a Jackie Chan thread.
  9. I have the previous non-steelbook version and it is indeed a stunner. Same here as well with the comfort zone thing. Never thought a ballet movie would end up in my top ten movies ever. But then again, it's less about ballet, and more about what you're willing to sacrifice to be the best artist you can be. Reminds me a little bit of Whiplash in that respect. The big ballet scenes are utterly mesmerising. I can only imagine audiences at the time must've had their socks blown off when they saw it at the cinema.
  10. Just watched Tenebrae for the first time. This guy!
  11. Agree, it's complete shit how limited it is. I end up using the justwatch website. All the filters you could wish for on there.
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