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  1. Back to 2024. For a while I was thinking they’d be going back to 2016 to stop Brexit.
  2. I think when Netflix started making their own shows, things changed. If they’d stuck to being the Blockbuster of streaming services, we might be in a better situation, with less fragmentation. I remember reading an article in Empire when Netflix streaming first hit our shores, and there was a naive assumption that once a movie was on Netflix it was there forever. I also subscribe to Arrow Player for fifty quid a year. To be honest, I watch more stuff on that than I do on Prime.
  3. The Mighty Peking Man Spectacular Shaw Brothers rip off of King Kong. Hong Kong gets wrecked. 4 out of 5
  4. I know this is a dig at the 2.5 rating for Dune, but it's a bad example. The Godfather easily stands on its own as a complete story without needing the second part (and especially the third part).
  5. I guess what I'm trying to say is that he doesn't belong in a "not so famous celebrity" thread. Anyway, turns out he died of Covid.
  6. I got The Howling through the post yesterday. Not quite as good as I remember. I don't think it's aged particularly well, despite some great FX work. American Werewolf In London is still the absolute best from that era. The 4K transfer is pretty stunning though. It's so detailed, it's one of those "they could have filmed this yesterday" discs. The credits rolling over the top of a slowly sizzling burger is still great.
  7. Finished this last night. Some of the scenes with his brother hit me quite hard. Just simple stuff like... On top of that, it has some great fucking action!! My mum's currently watching it and loving it as well.
  8. I'm in screenshot heaven with this. I'm playing on series S so pics won't be as good as the best of the best on PC (seriously thinking about going back to PC gaming), but I still think you can get some nice shots. I'm particularly impressed with the draw distance on bright sunny days.
  9. I enjoyed it, but it was middle of the road. Not blow my socks off enjoyable, and a bit heavy on the old memberberries. As cute as the mini Stay Pufts were, they could have been safely omitted from the film. The ending was rushed as well, with too much set up at the beginning. Also…
  10. Yeah, he doesn't feel like much of a threat now. I suppose they have limits on what they can show, what with it being Star Wars, but that fight would have been a bloodbath. Heads squished like grapes, guts torn asunder, Boba's man boobs exploding....
  11. Easily the worst episode so far. Hated the mod biker gang. Had that feel of being out of place and too close to our own world, reminding me of those American diner scenes from the prequels. Just terrible.
  12. Good news! In the reboot, they parachute onto the roof and ‘go down the block’!!
  13. A strange one overall. The FX vary wildly, the film sometimes looking great and sometimes looking really cheap. That opening text crawl setting up the plot was a bit Blade Runner wasn't it? I was bored for a lot of it tbh. 2 out of 5
  14. “Werewolves Without” as I like to call it. 2 out of 5
  15. Just finished it. Loved it from start to finish. More cheese than a truck full of Cathedral City. Roll on season 5.
  16. The hardline telephone thing has a nice internal logic to it. I fret, if I accidentally pull a USB out of my laptop without first ejecting it. So having to go through a process of inserting and ejecting yourself from the Matrix makes a kind of sense.
  17. Mind you, I think even my mum had to agree that Stephen McGann's delivery of his dialogue is just plain weird. Something really off about the performance. I can only think he has a skeleton in his closet, something like too much milk of the poppy.
  18. I'm at my parent's house and my mum is watching this on iPlayer. It's fucking terrible, isn't it? Sentimental, badly acted junk. 11 seasons though. People obviously lap up this mushy claptrap.
  19. Bloody New Year (1987) This film is nuts. For a horror movie, quite unpredictable. 3½ out of 5
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