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  1. Yeah, it's odd. But I'm glad they've done it. They must've realised it would play havoc with people's (my) OCD if they did something different, making it a good selling point!
  2. I noticed the super duper version of Escape From New York is being rereleased tomorrow (seems an odd day to release it). I missed it first time round so will be nice to have a box that matches my The Fog, Prince of Darkness and They Live boxes.
  3. It’s definitely a marmite movie. I can fully understand why someone might not like it.
  4. It’s an easy film to rip into. There’s so much that doesn’t make sense and even though it doesn’t work it somehow works? But doesn’t? I’m as baffled as they are but they also seemed to like it as much as I did.
  5. I think this sums it up nicely.
  6. In the end, I managed to watch it tonight. I'd have to agree, the Giallo influence I'd read about is not quite there. However, I did enjoy the film a lot. Completely nuts. Flawed for sure, but that's not always a bad thing in my book. 4 out of 5
  7. So I know India did their own version of 24. Now Japan have as well. It started airing last year. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt9563806/
  8. I tried grabbing this but it’s taking ages to DL for some reason, so I’ve given up. So does it have a Giallo flavour to it? If so, I’m totally up for this when it hits a normal streaming service.
  9. Damn, you're right. 2015!! Didn't think it was that long ago. After a great start, it's been a pretty poor tenure for Craig. I can't imagine rewatching any of his films as much as I've rewatched other Bond films. I think rewatchability ended at GoldenEye for me. Anything after that I've watched once, twice tops. The big problem with the Craig films is the half arsed attempts at doing a continuing story. I'd much rather each film be its own self contained thing.
  10. I thought Kate was pretty good as well. Largley thanks to Winstead's presence. Also agree with @Fargo that the Japanese setting was great and looked beautiful throughout. There's one shot where Winstead is on a rooftop putting together her sniper rifle with an animated neon advert on the side of a skyscraper behind her. It looks sweet as.
  11. It's why I love watching old movies that clock in at 90 minutes. They often somehow pack in more plot than today's overly padded blockbusters. I know there's a couple of old movies in that list, but their lengths were the exception back then.
  12. Are you talking about the preview you get when you’re browsing? If so, you can turn those off in settings. Although I don’t think you can do it via the app. It has be done by logging in on your PC.
  13. Don't think about it too much. The film makers didn't.
  14. Straight Time Hoffman as a convict fresh out of prison, tries to go straight. Fails miserably. A young Theresa Russell is gorgeous. 4 out of 5
  15. Never seen the Argento cut. It's on Prime, so might give it a go.
  16. The Vault (2021) Generic heist movie. What's Freddie Highmore's deal? He looks about 12 and has all the charisma of a wet lettuce leaf. 2 out of 5
  17. I admit feeling a little excited when I read the first sentence of your post. But then I read the second sentence.
  18. I've never read the books and know next to nothing about the story, so I'll probably give it a go.
  19. I doubt it would have been massive, tbh. Too arty, I think.
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