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  1. Bhaaaa! Here’s hoping that it’s the 4K to 1080p switch that’s been causing the delay then!!
  2. Awesome! Really hope that it’s also got HDR so that I can jump straight to the dash from games (and visa versa) without my TV kicking in a 4K / HDR induced black screen delay!
  3. Sorry matey but I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that.
  4. I've heard nothing but good things about both of them but have also found the EBL ones that Amazon sell to be superb in varios things that I use themin round my office / house. That said since getting an Elite 2 comtroller (which I just drop into it's dock pretty after pretty much every gaming session) I think if I had a pad that needed batteries I'd now buy a charging station. A bit like wireless charging on a phone, something that I was all kinds of, why oh why would you need that beofre I got one (indeed I've got 4 of them dotted round the house now!) they're a neat way of storing the pad whilst also making sure it's fully topped up next time you reach for it. A friend of mine has one of these and swears he'll not be going back to AAs again with the pick it up and play, pop it down and charge manking life a bit easier for him as his (fiddly battey / battery pack swap / battery cover) motor skills aren't too good. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Venom-Charging-Rechargeable-Battery-Packs/dp/B08K9WNXFP/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8&th=1
  5. Ok, so I know the rechargeable vs double AAs vs “it should be inbuilt” (wrong answer BTW ) battery row has almost destroyed this place a few times but surely for £1.48…. https://www.amazon.co.uk/PowerA-Controllers-Compatible-Rechargeable-Indicators/dp/B08J874RN1
  6. Xbox website has had a bit of a 360 like make over . https://www.xbox.com/en-GB
  7. Pfffft, what does Jim Davidson know about video games?!?
  8. Thanks but I blew it on a go on the match three thingy and needless to say I won….bugger all!
  9. Yup, did a sweepstake, what a dick I am !!!
  10. Has anyone else noticed that their points tally is a little odd this month?? I keep a daily tally of mine with me noting them down on the back of a notepad at my desk. Seeing them add up over time helps keep me motivated to go for them and it also acts as a nice reminder too. So, early on this month I was pretty surprised at how quickly they were adding up, with me having had two very big days (2635 points and 2970 points!) giving me over 7000 points in the first 7 days!?! I had been getting my achieve more earn more points, I'd done all my daily searches and collected all the little 5 points here and there bits and I'd also collected the October 1000 and the Halloween 150. I'd also got a good few of the monthly / weekly quests too, but 7500 something points in 7 days was clearly a bit wrong. Anyway it all seemed to settle down and I just figured it was one of those things / a glitch and left it at that........till today. Yup today something else a little odd happened this morning as when I wrote down todays total and then deducted yesterdays from it to note how many points I'd got yesterday........I'd got -8!! Yup this morning my points total is actually 8 less than yesterday and yet yesterday I got all my dailies, I got 50 for an achievement, I played a Gamepass game and logged into the Gamepass app, oh and from memory watched a YT video and two games ones for 5pts a piece too!! Pretty darn odd eh !!!
  11. Anyone know where I can buy a mini chrome Electrolux badge… https://stickybunny.com/products/signature-edition-fridge-xbox-series-x-skin
  12. Yeah very easy. Go into sandbox mode, make sure you’ve got auto walk (in the accessibility settings) on, set your character off walking into the wilderness (across a big lake or similar works well) and jobs a good ‘un. That said I played a bit of it the first time it featured in the quests thingy and rather enjoyed it so perhaps give that a bash first .
  13. Xbox Weekly Treasure is up. Might be best to grab it ASAP, as whilst I'm sure it used to hang around for a few days it seems to just be up for a short time now and then disappears. In other news when I booted my Xbox up popped a me a message saying I could redeem a $5 (yes dollar, thought that was odd as I'm in the UK) gift card. Went into my messages and clicked on a message saying the same whereby it took my to the rewards app logo before saying "Oooops, something's gone wrong" then dropping me into the app and there's now no sign anywhere of anything relating to it. Nice one !!
  14. Yeah, just the once, think it was for a big (12TB) HDD iirr.
  15. Can someone check and see if they're able to save and send clips to one of their mates? It's not working for myself and friend of mine that have been playing Splitgate this aft and we're unsure if it's just an issue for us or something wider spread.
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