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  1. I really do mean this in the politest possible way but I strongly disagree with you there as it's simply not true . I'm more than happy to discuss OLED / LED brightness (current and historical) over on the HDTV thread but feel that anyone on here who's considering a new TV to go with their Series S / X (and going by the recent flurry of TV related posts there's clearly an interest in them) who takes your post as literally as it's written would find themselves (unintentionally I'm sure) rather misinformed.
  2. Lovely looking setup you've got there . I'd happily go for one of the benches myself but sadly it's nowhere near deep enough (and if it were I'd probably then think it jutted out too much anyway) for my Yamaha receiver.
  3. Ah yes, now you mention it, it was indeed the BC side of it they were on about. Bugger!
  4. He said that so long as you have the right bridge adapter (it that the right name? The cable connector thingy) it’s fine. Gonna double check as can get a good 2TB SSD for far less than two of the 1TB cards.
  5. I thought (but could easily be wrong) that on the DF video they showed that the Samsung SSD was right up there speed wise?
  6. How about The Gardens Between?
  7. Cheers matey . Tell you what, it was a right bloody chew!! I was kind of determined (ok, so more like hell bent for some bizarre reason!) to do it but I'm not too sure I would again!!
  8. "House" .
  9. I’d be surprised if it’s not capable of doing it though I guess whether the developers make it that way is another thing. TBH I’d say that seeing as things move so fast (x years on I half wonder how my aging brain, eyes and reactions will deal with this!!) the fidelity of it won’t be as important as the frame rate so given the choice of 4K 30 or 1080p 60 I think I’d likely go for the latter.
  10. Thanks for the kind words but the exact same “this or that, how big’s that ruddy great hill” cropped up a few months ago and I saw the list on Reddit so just searched for it again .
  11. It’s way beyond good, it’s bloody brilliant. None (or any that left it’s mark with me) of the cringeworthy cheesiness (in my mind) rubbish that clutters up so many racers, it’s got great handling, is blisteringly fast and there’s loads terrifically close racing to be had. Quite possibly my favourite racer it ticked all the boxes for me . Xbox version for me guys, please add me .
  12. List of Mountain heights for todays (UK) "this and that" thingy: Annapurna: 26,545 Aoraki/Mount Cook: 12,316 Denali: 20,322 Dent Blanche: 14,295 Dom: 14,911 Dykh-Tau: 17,077 Grand Combin · 14,154 Grossglockner: 12,461 Jungfrau: 13,642 K2: 28,251 Kangchenjunga: 28,169 Kilimanjaro: 19,340 Lhotse · 27,940 Marmolada · 10,968 Matterhorn: 14,692 Mönch: 13,474 Mont Blanc · 15,781 Mont Pelvoux: 12,946 Monte Rosa: 15,203 Mount Elbert: 14,439 Mount Elbrus; 18,510 Mount Everest 29,029
  13. You can do it on both so 2000 points are there for the taking. This was my setup yesterday..... It was crazy with them both pinging off Cheevos at the same time, bit like wining some sort of jackpot !!
  14. 90 days (unless it's changed in the last couple of weeks).
  15. Video showing how to get all the cheevos on Subnautica (on Game Pass) which might be handy for anyone chasing the 10K bonus thingy . Took me about 50 min's.
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