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  1. Yeah it didn’t work for me either. Popped FH4 on and managed to get one on there which did the trick .
  2. My thoughts exactly!! Played it to death on the original X Box where multiplayer was simply superb!!
  3. Oooh that’s a nice little QOL tip that I’ll be applying tonight . Wonder if it’ll increase its reliability at being displayed. Mine’s there most of the time but occasionally isn’t there on start up but tends to reappear having played a game.
  4. Morning fellow rewards hunters! Link to a Wiki page with a list of countries that use a Dollar as their currency (top tip, use the middle column, not the first one that my heat sleep deprived head had me doing at first!): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dollar And there's also a 100pts Summer Games punch card to be had. Most will see it when doing their dailies but just in case: https://account.microsoft.com/rewards/dashboard/ENGB_pcparent_SummerGames_punchcard
  5. Now showing as free, I can’t wait to get stuck into a bit of Gauntlet / Rampart. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/midway-arcade-origins/bs97kvxlt9lk?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  6. Ok, so lets put the new cost at £55. I original popped the average price in to give a typical new price, but let's go with what you paid. Todays average selling price on ebay is £43.77. That includes postage where the seller has charged for it separately as did my original figure. There's also an eBay deal running (till the end of tomorrow and only for some accounts, eBays reduced fees deals are account specific) with £3.00 (+30p) max selling fees. Finally there's P&P. Again I'll not be so picky as to cost out a jiffy bag or similar. Pop it all together and what have we got: Bought at £55. Sold at £43.77 eBay Fees £3.30 Postage £2.93 Total loss (with the planets quite nicely aligned) £17.45 Not a crazy amount to lose but more than three times the £5.00 that your original (buy new at £55 sell on ebay at £50+) figures gave.
  7. Well yes, of course you could get a used copy from eBay for around £45. The "sold items" price (averaged over the last 10 sold) yesterday showed that that's the going rate. My questioning of your original post related to your figures / example of buy Returnal new at £55.00 and then three months later sell it for £50+ on eBay, giving a £5.00 or less loss which simply isn't going to happen and even with reduced fees is way off the mark.
  8. Pardon me for chipping in here but I'd say (and it's genuinely meant politely) that your purchase / eBay figures (giving a £5.00 loss) are a fair bit out. The current (within the last hour) average price across 10 retailers (9 shops and eBay) for a new copy of Returnal is £61.44. The 10 most recently sold used copies on eBay averaged a sale value of £45.18. Current eBay fees of 12.8% + 30p bring that sale value down to £39.10. Finally there's P&P (2nd class signed for at £2.93 covers you for up to £50) to take into account (I've left packaging out as perhaps you reuse it / have some stuff kicking around) bringing the sale down to £36.17, a loss of just over £25.00.
  9. It's deffo wrong (perhaps it's way out of date?) as I'm big on collecting my points and often take a look at the end of the month (it's a great way of keeping the motivation up of grabbing all that I can, even the odd 5pts here and there, they all add up!) to see how I've fared, with this being last months haul.... £16.85 if my math's serves me well .
  10. According to the MS status page everything is all tickety boo: but whilst the MS rewards App did work just fine for me both last night and at around 2pm today, it's now borked. Reported the service outage myself (takes about 10s), if anyone else wants to (or wants to know where to look in future re service outages) here's a link to the page: https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-live-status
  11. Answers (listed alphabetically) for this weeks This or That - Which of these songs did Ed Sheeran help write? 'Dark Times' by The Weeknd 'Don't Let Me Be Yours' by Zara Larsson 'Everything Has Changed' by Taylor Swift 'Hotel Ceiling' by Rixton 'Lay It All On Me' by Rudimental 'Little Things' by One Direction 'Love Shine Down' by Olly Murs 'Love Yourself' by Justin Bieber 'Make Me Better' by James Blunt 'Pretty Woman" by Robbie Williams 'River' by Eminem 'Tattoo' by Hilary Duff 'When Christmas Comes Around' by Matt Terry 'Your Song' by Rita Ora .
  12. This any good to you (seems like a reliable seller with a ton of feedback)? https://www.avforums.com/threads/xbox-series-x-new-rrp.2366021/ If not then get yourself registered for alerts / an alarm on Stockinformer, according to their history it's been in and out of stock at MS alone about 15 time in the last 24H. https://www.stockinformer.co.uk/checker-xbox-series-x Oh and I'll echo what others have said in that a Series X and an OLED is a superb match and that quick resume really is a very nice QOL feature .
  13. It's in and out of stock all the time so you should be manage to get one sooner or later. Perhaps take a look on Stockinformer as they're monitoring it. Also if your credit does come worryingly close to expiring then spend the money on something and then return it (or cancel it if it's a preorder) and it'll be back on your account for X longer .
  14. If anyone is after a Series S with a 1TB expansion (both new / factory sealed) then I've just put mine up for sale in the trading section .
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