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  1. There's a quick and easy "score more" punchcard popped up today, and whilst it seems to suggest you need to make a purchase for it to complete, I didn't have to: https://rewards.microsoft.com/dashboard/ENGB_xboxapp_pcparent_adhocPC_NBA2KAppleTVPC?ranMID=46128&ranEAID=hL3Qp0zRBOc&ranSiteID=hL3Qp0zRBOc-uMKjgPuzrAFepwYWjIpkoQ&epi=hL3Qp0zRBOc-uMKjgPuzrAFepwYWjIpkoQ&irgwc=1&OCID=AID2200057_aff_7794_1243925&tduid=(ir__9bqgera9ogkftwktkk0sohz3zv2xtbcdelnxmiez00)(7794)(1243925)(hL3Qp0zRBOc-uMKjgPuzrAFepwYWjIpkoQ)()&irclickid=_9bqgera9ogkftwktkk0sohz3zv2xtbcdelnxmiez00 Also check your mails for a free entry into a sweepstake to win a Cloud Gaming bundle. Below the entry button there are also so a few other chances (a simple quiz, a poll and a sports related punchcard that's already been up a little while) to claim up to 180 points .
  2. Some great quality titles on sale this week (think I might take a punt on The Bureau and it's DLC): Alice: Madness Returns £3.74 Beyond Good & Evil HD £2.02 Dead Space £3.74 Dead Space™ 2 £3.74 Dead Space 3 £3.74 Dragon Age: Origins £3.74 Dragon Age II £3.74 Far Cry Classic £2.39 Fight Night Champion £4.99 FINAL FANTASY XIII £5.99 Final Fantasy XIII-2 £7.49 Ikaruga £3.37 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII £9.99 Mafia II £6.24 Mass Effect 2 £4.99 Mass Effect 3 £4.99 Radiant Silvergun £4.99 Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution £4.99 Sid Meier's Pirates! £2.29 Skate 3 £3.74 Skate. £4.94 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified £2.24 XCOM: Enemy Within 360 B/C DLC The Bureau: Hangar 6 R&D £0.67
  3. Might (read probably is!) just be me but I didn't see this coming... .
  4. Hope you like it! There’s a good article on it here, where they detail how it’s fortunes have been somewhat turned around: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/how-generation-zero-was-fixed .
  5. Have you perhaps taken a look at Generation Zero? I played the hunter and I too and found myself loving the scenery / setting but found myself thinking what a great environment it would be for a FPS. Well GZ is that very game (it uses the same engine) except instead of bears and rabbits it’s got creepy as fook (to me) killer robots in it. It’s not very fast paced (way slower than most FPS’s but is much faster than a walking simulator) but I found it fantastically atmospheric and it’s been tweaked and tweaked beyond its release, to make it far more enjoyable than it was at launch. Icing on the cake? Yup, it’s on Game Pass .
  6. womble9


    Layer Section is out soon if that perhaps works for you?
  7. You're welcome . It didn't take me that long to do, and if it means yours gets a second lease of life and that perhaps a few people decide they're now confident enough to bling theirs up with a funky faceplate, then it'll have been more than worth it.
  8. Here you go: Firstly a look at the shell so you can see the little swines (13 of them and some sticky pads) that are stopping you getting it open: Side view, the layout is the same on the left side: Front view: Now a picture of the pad itself with the points that I used to get into it. First I did both sides of the home button (where you can see small rectangular sticky pads). I then worked round clockwise using the tool near the Y button which then opened it up enough to be able to use my fingers to work down the side. It's quite hard to separate as there's a sticky pad, but you'll feel that starting to give and it's probably easier and safer to use your fingers on here as you've got a good feel for it releasing. Popping the bottom three clips (tool by R/H stick IIRR) then released enough of the face plate to be able to work round the rest of it quite easily. Sticky pad on LH side was easier as I was lifting from the right so had a bit of leverage on it. Take your time and I'm sure you'll be just fine. And finally.... It was ideal !
  9. Sorry mate, I didn't see a notification about your quote and didn't see the quote itself till late last night. I've got a few minutes free this lunchtime so I'll grab the original faceplate and pad to show you where the tabs / sticky bits are on it. I'll also show you the trusty tool I used (that you'll quite possibly have one of) which should make it easy enough to do .
  10. Yeah they added it a little while ago . Go into Settings > general > volume and audio output > additional options > mute speaker audio when headset attached. Bingo!
  11. If you miss the D-pad and are OK with taking things apart ,then there are plenty of nice Joy-Con shells available that have a D-pad. I fitted a set to mine ages ago and the D-pad is one of the best I've used! https://www.amazon.co.uk/eXtremeRate-Handheld-Controller-Colorful-Replacement-SFC-SNES-Classic-EU-Style/dp/B08V4SCFDS/ref=sr_1_6?crid=27IY36OQ8VF6T&keywords=joycon%2Bdpad&qid=1649684821&sprefix=joycon%2Bd%2Bpad%2Caps%2C61&sr=8-6&th=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=joycon+d-pad+shell&crid=1KT39Y5OS2FKJ&sprefix=joycon+d-pad+shell%2Caps%2C50&ref=nb_sb_noss Failing that Nintendo do a licensed version, but for some reason it doesn't have motion controls and is also powered by the switch: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Official-Nintendo-Licensed-Version-Switch/dp/B07FSWM4Z2/ref=sr_1_1?crid=27IY36OQ8VF6T&keywords=joycon+dpad&qid=1649684821&sprefix=joycon+d+pad%2Caps%2C61&sr=8-1 .
  12. I too had wondered that when playing (and really enjoying it too) it for a bit late last year. Meant to check it out then and forgot but you asking promoted a search with me just finding this: https://www.windowscentral.com/grounded-10-million-players-milestone TLDR. Launches later this year, oh and there's a rather nice looking Series S/X dynamic theme out too .
  13. If anyone has perhaps given thought to sprucing up their standard controller, then I can personally vouch for the quality (fitment is fine, paint / print is pretty thick) of the eXtremeRate faceplates sold on Amazon. I grabbed one the other day for my (well out of warranty so why not pull it apart eh!) series 2 Elite and fitted it last night, before then today modding both the case and the internals slightly to accept a Series S/X D-pad (my fave Xbox D-pad so far) as I wasn't too keen on the feel (though the function was fine) of the metal one. Pretty darn happy with how it's turned out: Series S/X: https://www.amazon.co.uk/eXtremeRate-Faceplate-Comfortable-Replacement-Controller/dp/B073M1Y87Z/ref=sr_1_11?crid=1W0CM8AU1ZMZO&keywords=eXtremeRate%2Bxbox&qid=1649529028&s=electronics&sprefix=extremerate%2Bxbox%2Celectronics%2C43&sr=1-11&th=1 Elite 2: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B084Z5T7C4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 One S/X: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Comfortable-Replacement-Faceplate-Microsoft-Controller/dp/B07DXXBNWZ/ref=sr_1_19?crid=1W0CM8AU1ZMZO&keywords=eXtremeRate%2Bxbox&qid=1649529028&s=electronics&sprefix=extremerate%2Bxbox%2Celectronics%2C43&sr=1-19&th=1
  14. OK, so for some (me being a lucky chosen one!) the rewards app on the Xbox wasn't working last night meaning you couldn't get you 50 pots for an achievement or one of your daily log ins to the gamepass app which goes towards your weekly streak. That seems to be ok now, but what wasn't working for me this morning, was the desktop page where you get your dailies. It didn't matter if I refreshed it or used another browser, it just kept giving me the same "Try another page. This link isn’t working" This was when using my (had worked fine every day for the last 2-3 years) bookmarked address of https://account.microsoft.com/rewards If anyone else is having the same issue (and using that address I think it's fair to say you will!) then this address got me to where I needed to be and everything seems fine again: https://rewards.microsoft.com/ and my 521 day streak (Saaaaaad!) is now safe as. Hurrah .
  15. I’m 100% with you on this! The Saturn had some superb shooters but for me this really was up there with the best of them. Fantastic news
  16. Apparently they've been in and out a few times today (and were up on Friday too) so might be worth keeping an eye on it .
  17. Sorry to be off topic (Mod's please do delete if my judgement is deemed poor ) but seeing as this thread gets more Xbox owner posts than the Xbox thread itself, I thought I'd pop this likely limited time wise Elite series 2 controller deal in here.
  18. Elite 2 controllers are on sale in the Amazon Warehouse at the moment coming in (go for the used one at £84.12 with a 20% discount) at £67.30. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07SR4R8K1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=pepperugc03-21&ascsubtag=2333252771 A few over on HUKD are reporting that when checking on the MS site, they've found the one they bought to still be under MS's warranty and if not then naturally Amazon will still cover you. Either way if you're tempted / on the fence than I'd say it's one hell of a deal and you've got nothing to lose. I've had one since launch and think it's superb, so have treated myself to one for my office Xbox .
  19. Borrowed (as always) from some helpful soul on Reddit, here are this weeks 50/50, "This or that" answers (UK): 'C Moon' 'Ebony and Ivory' 'Ever Present Past' 'Heart of the Country' 'Helen Wheels' 'Jet' 'Little Lamb Dragonfly' 'London Town' 'Mull of Kintyre' 'Temporary Secretary' 'The Back Seat of My Car' 'Too Much Rain' 'Tug of War' 'Wonderful Christmastime' There's also a new "Are you a sports fanatic" punch card on the dash that's a very quick and easy 150 points. https://rewards.microsoft.com/?refd=account.microsoft.com&redref=amc
  20. Some great games mentioned so far, many of which I've also spent many hours enjoying . If I had to narrow it down to a couple that for me really stand out from the rest, then I know straight away what the deciding factor would be, and that's the physics / the feeling of weight and momentum that the vehicles offer, combined with their reaction to the surfaces. I don't doubt that it's something developers put a lot of effort into (and thankfully the days of floaty, weightless cars seem to be long behind us!) but for me there are three games in particular that give a level of feel and involvement that just go that bit further. Wave Race. Amazing feeling of skimming over the water at speed, digging in on turning (with it sometimes slowing you if you overcooked it) and either skimming on the crest of the waves or smashing through them. Lovely. Sega Rally (Arcade and Saturn). I don't think I've ever felt a car in a game exhibit such a strong feeling of momentum and directional weight change, not only when cornering but also over jumps when it went light. An amazing feeling and one that kept it superbly playable for years despite relative lack of content. Love it and still hold out a hope that we'll one day get a true conversion. Hello Sumo !! Finally (and is this a racing game? well it has a start, a finish and a clock!) I don't think I've seen it mentioned on here so far, but seeing as it also has a very strong physics engine (and again I loved it) then I can't not help but mention this amazingly good feeling / playing game... .
  21. Pretty sure that both switch up and Nintendolife give a 10% discount.
  22. Go for it. I can’t vouch for the Series S myself (though people generally speak very highly of it) but I’ve found the Series X to be a fantastic piece of hardware. Fast (menus, loading and the superb quick resume) and quiet to the point that other than its hello / goodbye beep, I’ve never heard mine make a sound. They’re both currently in stock on the MS store so you can buy cheap MS credit from CD keys, Eneba, Gamivo etc which should bring the prices down to around £205 / £380 .
  23. You're welcome. I saw it on sale and remembered that someone on here had missed out on it recently, so took a look and there you were! As they'd say in my local 'spoons, "Enjoy" .
  24. Happy Tuesday to you sir…. https://www.xbox.com/en-gb/games/store/street-fighter-iv/c4xb8hd7bzg5 . EDIT: Arcade Edition is also on sale: https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/store/super-streetfighter-iv-arcade-edition/BRRN3ZC632XS/0001
  25. As others have said they are . Even if you’ve played Reach before, then it’s 100% worth a revisit. Not only does it play just as well you may remember it to, but it also now looks bloody brilliant!! As for ODST, I’ve not played through it again this time round, but oh my that is a superbly atmospheric game and for me an absolute Halo hidden gem!!
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