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  1. Yeah I really liked it but the lack of clarity on the speech (C64 digitised like!) made it tricky to pick up on what the bonuses / objectives were. I guess I could’ve consulted a guide but that would’ve taken away the enjoyable “discovery” part of pinballs that I really enjoy.
  2. Demon's Tilt is going to be free on Epic games as of the 24th . I'll deffo be downloading it as I played and loved it on my Xbox One when it was on Game Pass, but there was (for me) an issue with the sound where I just couldn't hear the speech clearly. There wasn't a volume / sound effect setting (that I could find) which I see the PC version has so it'll be good to give it another go.
  3. I've seen a lot of love on here for 4, so I guess this is going to go down rather well.... .
  4. Treasure is up today (I could’ve sworn I’d posted this earlier on ?!?) .
  5. Pretty sure that a punchcard for the latest Destiny content popped up after it had launched meaning that those who’d pre ordered missed out, so I guess it could well happen again.
  6. Yeah it's a bit odd as to why this has popped up again for what must be the 4th time now. Then again I guess it could always have chucked Black Desert at us one more time eh!! Oh and just looked and it's also only 100 resources as opposed to the 1000 that we've had to get before. Should literally just take a couple of minutes to get (start new game, grab a pickaxe and go tunnel down / along) so not too bad if a little uninspiring .
  7. Treasure is up today guys .
  8. You can also now permanently pin two of them to stop them getting knocked off you QR list. Handy if your someone who's dipping in and out of the wealth of titles that are on Gamepass .
  9. Yes, they're a great little machine. If you do go for it (or a series X for that matter as they're currently in stock on the MS store) then be aware that Gamivo are currently selling £25 MS store codes for £20.88 (using the code CAROLA) meaning an S would be around £210 and the X coming in at a rather wallet friendly £375. Also be sure to check out the first page of the Gamepass thread so that you can take advantage of the crazy cheap Gold to Ultimate for £1 deal that's surely got to be the best gaming bargain of ever !!
  10. I thought it might’ve been that you’d not seen it tucked away in there as it also happened to a friend of mine yesterday .
  11. The punch card that you're looking for is a bit hidden away under the (rather small) "Show all" tab here: .
  12. Series X in stock on the MS store: https://www.xbox.com/en-gb/configure/8WJ714N3RBTL Get one. They’re amaze .
  13. Series X in stock on the MS store: https://www.xbox.com/en-gb/configure/8WJ714N3RBTL Get one. They’re amaze .
  14. Fixed that for you . Wasteland Choose default squad. Skip all the dialogue. Walk up and to the right until you find a goat. Quicksave. Hit RT on the goat and select attack. Kill the goat in one shot and Quickload. Repeat two more times. Greedfall:
  15. I agree!! It’s got that much quality content / variety that if they’d built a Rare Mini console around it then it would’ve been a day one buy for me .
  16. Silvergun and Ikaruga both work but Bangai-O doesn’t. Plenty of other 360 titles are supported and there are few decent originally Xbox titles too, some of which have been given some spit n polish and look superb. Panzer Dragoon Orta / Ninja Gaiden are both very impressive. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/backward-compatibility
  17. Assuming it works the same way as previous promotions then yes. Convert your reward points into MS credit and then use the credit to buy the Silver. Just be aware that any credit on your MS account that's come from points expires in 90 days so you're probably best to only redeem a many / as much as you actually need .
  18. I'm sat at home a tad off colour doing bugger all, so I'll very happily share (spoliered as it turned out quite lengthy!) with you what I find the collective pro's versus two (rather minor tbh!) cons of mine to be, and if they appeal to you and you end up getting one then I'm sure you'll be just as happy (read very much so) with it as I am with my day one Series 2. Take it with you? I did so recently taking it round to a friend of mine who's got Cerebal Palsy. We played with the paddle combination / button remapping and settled on a configuration that's made certain button presses much easier for him so he too treated himself to one . Oh and finally if you do go for one they're currently on sale of £144 on the MS store. If you buy MS credit from Eneba (3 x £50) using the code HOTUKDEALS it'll work out as having cost you £123.00. Hurrah!!
  19. Weekly Treasure is up today .
  20. A pretty decent sized batch of 360 games has gone on sale again (thankfully they seem to be doing this a bit more often): BioShock Infinite £5.99 Borderlands £5.99 Borderlands 2 £7.99 Bully: Scholarship Edition £4.79 Duke Nukem Forever £3.99 Far Cry 3 £5.99 I Am Alive £2.99 Mafia II £6.24 Max Payne 3 £8.09 Midnight Club: Los Angeles £8.03 Prey £2.99 Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix £1.69 Rayman Origins £4.79 Red Dead Redemption £8.24 Rockstar Table Tennis £4.79 Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution £4.99 Spec Ops: The Line £3.99 Street Fighter IV £2.99 Super Street Fighter IV £3.99 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified £2.24 The Darkness £2.99 The Darkness II £4.99 The Witcher 2 £3.74 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter £3.67 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier £3.67 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas £3.67 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell £4.79 The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom £1.35 XCOM: Enemy Within £5.99 There are also a few bits of DLC including the superb (IMO) RDR Undead Nightmare Pack. BioShock 2: Minerva's Den £3.39 SUPER STREETFIGHTER IV ARCADE EDITION: Ultra SFIV £2.99 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack £3.39 .
  21. I had a quick bash on this yesterday afternoon having seen it on a "new to gamepass today" article and then spent a couple more hours on it last night. Currently cramming my lunch down my neck as fast as I can so I can have another quick blast on it I think it's fair to say I'm really liking it!! Difficulty wise (on classic) from what I've seen so far (5-6 quests in) it's certainly not a walk in the park but equally wouldn't describe it as difficult and the deaths I've had certainly haven't been cheap. The writing, humor and characters are all very much to my liking too .
  22. Did it show up?
  23. Glad to hear you got it all sorted and that is indeed a fine selection that you've picked there and you're reminded me that I really must give Hades a go some time! You're also right (IMO) about it being a slick setup / UI. Be sure to take a look at the (mobile) Xbox App and Game Pass App's too as they offer remote installation, give you details as to games joining and leaving Game Pass and also allow you to take a look at your consoles HDD to see if you've got room to add stuff and if not then remotely delete games (plus a load more features) all for the comfort of your commute / bed / bath etc !!
  24. 150 point punch card (that should be available to everyone) has appeared on the desktop dash.... .
  25. Easily done, I remember when they announced the names the of the upcoming Series S and Series X (when there was already a One S and One X on the market) people were saying that it could possibly lead to consumer confusion . I didn't personally think it would but then I was very familiar with the model range and when you're in the know about something it can be hard to see it from an outsiders perspective. The main thing is you've got an Xbox and yes it'll be a great way to access Game Pass but if you do find that the games aren't looking too special (including the frame rates which the One X and Series machines both improve on) and if you perhaps find the UI a little slow / loading times a tad long, then you can indeed invest in new hardware and (using your existing subscription) then enjoy the benefits that come with it .
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