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  1. Hell fire I hated these!! And to think I myself have moaned that games these days are to flashy / realistic and not as much fun as they used to be!! I'm off to play Fallout .
  2. Hear Hear!! You are indeed lucky to have a decent fishmongers as they do seem to be a rarity these days. I have to either make do with my local Morrisons which is a bit hit and miss both on variety and freshness or take a ten mile drive into Harrogate to see these guys http://www.ramus.co.uk/ though it has to be said that the trip is worth it as not only is the plaice ( ) superbly stocked with many wonders of the ocean but the guys there are really enthusiastic and helpful. Combine that with the fact that the road from my town to Harrogate is a great one to drive and we have the making of a trip that I always look forward to. And to think that fish used to be the food of the poor!!!
  3. Agreed, cat shat itself but by god were those eggs good!!
  4. I'd pretty much agree with you there though I'd add that Excite Truck is right up there too when it comes to "Big Airness"
  5. Sausages get my vote too but curry is the best by some margin for me!!
  6. Cruchy all the way for me. Toast one side of a nice slice of wholemeal bread, flip it over, spread on plenty of the stuff then grill till it bubbles up and lightly browns. Get's supper hot and tastes mega!!
  7. Blooming 'eck!! Those scores are WAY above any I've managed to get so far and I was thinking I was a bit of a sharp shooter!! Got a few hrs to spare tonight though and I've now got something to aim for so watch this space !!
  8. More votes for these from me Powerstone 1 or 2 both fantastic fun Virtua Tennis 1 & 2 House of the Dead 2 Worms Armegeddon.
  9. Oh well that's my gaming bubble burst then eh !!. I'll edit my distances right now and for anyone else that's playing the NTSC version you can go here http://www.metric-conversions.org/length/feet-to-meters.htm to get the correct measurement.
  10. Ok guys here's the pic of the Air I acheived. Just had a good look throught the manual too and there's no mention as to what the distance is measured in but I think it's probably fair to assume there's a difference between the NTSC and PAL versions, bugger!!. So are we going with metres in the PAL one then so I can convert mine across from feet to metres (as it stands I make it 778) ?.
  11. Hmmm I'll happily admit to begining to wonder that myself as it does seem odd that mine is so much more!!. Anyone else on here playing on a US Wii?.
  12. No problem at all, I'll go take one right now Ye Of Little Faith .
  13. womble9

    Lady Cruncher

    I'm still quietly seething about the pile of crap that I spent and age looking forward to on the Saturn refered to as Virtua Racing. Quite how a game so dire ever came to be released I will never understand, pisses me off just thinking about it!!
  14. V odd!!. My US version doesn't have some different method of measure does it or does turbo jumping really make such a difference?.
  15. I still didn't think that Turbo Jumping would have made such a difference. Are you clearing the bridge at the bottom?.
  16. Yeah that's the one (damn the secret's out !!). You can only do it on lap 2 and 3 as the POW is a bit before the start / finish line. Get the POW blast up the hill (collecting tree bonus on the way) and Turbo Jump off the top. From there you can go diagonally right over the regular route jumping over the bridge at the bottom of the hill at the same time.
  17. Cheers . I was well suprised when I saw the potential (I'm normally v crap at finding things in games!!) for mega air and it actually worked!!. Got a few hrs free tonight to see if I can better some of the other scores and if I manage to prise myself away may get round to entering some Super Excite scores for people to have a bash at .
  18. Just finshed a 5hr stint on this after finding the list and deciding to see what I could do. Had managed to beat them all but when I came to upload my scores it turned out a few others had been getting stuck into it too so a few of mine ain't top now (beating Castle Keep or Winding Road may prove tricky as both were hard enough in the 1st place ). Looks like I know what I'm doing tomorrow night now but I think my Air and drift scores may well stand unbeaten for a while .
  19. Have you tried the mod that MR Do sent you a link to?. Whilst it by no means makes the pad perfect it does go some way to sorting what is clearly a badly built D-pad. On both of the two official pads that I own it improved them a faid amount but to be fair a stick (DOA4 seems nice) is really the way to go. Oh and by the way I did (after many many attempts!!) finalyy better the High score............ 84440 .
  20. Damn you!!!. Like I'm not finding it hard enough to beat his score already !!!. Joking aside the mod really made a difference to my pad, even when I was on the dashboard negociating the blades it would sometimes select left or right instead of up / down whereas now it's pretty much spot on, still not a touch on a Saturn D pad or maybe the superb Neo Geo CD pad but hey.
  21. I found this game a nightmare with the standard D pad, bloody going in the wrong direction, flatening myself with rocks ect, best score was 42thou!!! Modded my D-pad (saw it on youtube, easy and well worth doing, massive difference) and then went out for a few beers, got home and hit 53thou on my first go which I left it at as it destroyed my mates on my friends list. Now it would seem I have a new challenge and I'll be picking up and running with the gauntlet straight after work and I hope to be posting here again sooner rather than later B) !!
  22. I'll more than happily pop some pics up if you can tell me how to!!. It's probably the most basic thing in the world and no doubt staring me straight in the face but I can't figure it out !!
  23. I like the idea of having two outputs, v nice.
  24. I've got Nemesis 2 and 3 on cart and they both have the SCC chip on them just took a pic to post up here but none to sure how to post it up!!. If some one can let me know how to I'll happily do so. Both games play brilliantly and the sound really was outstanding in it's day Just to add they're both UK carts too with full english packaging and even a card for the Konami software club in Devon.
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