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  1. Tbf that sounds like it’s going to be the best film ever made
  2. You can forget the rest, but you really should watch Deliverance. Absolute gem of a film.
  3. hollowman


    Was waiting for the release of this for ages, and was not disappointed at all, the best compliment I can give is every song I play I’m like “yeah that’s def my fav track on the album” and then the next song comes on and I’m all “ok that’s my fav song” and this cycle just repeats till the album ends,
  4. It’s my birthday soon so after a new toy to play with, just wondering are these pick up and play out of the box or do you have to load it and program it first? And judging from what you guys have written the RG351 would play Dreamcast games just fine right?
  5. But that’s one of the reasons I like it the most....
  6. The Wrath of Man The only thing I knew about this before watching it was Statham was in it, and I’m so glad that’s all I knew, I was hooked from the first 5 minutes, and just loved every bit. Stay away from the trailer as watched that after and it gives everything away. 4 out 5
  7. The Father While definitely deserving of all the praise it’s receiving it’s both an absolutely brilliant film and equally an absolutely horrible film all at the same time. Without doubt more scary than 98% of films in the good horror thread. 4/5
  8. Thunder Force An absolutely terrible film, Wasn’t funny (at all) enough to be a comedy Wasn’t enough action to be an action film Wasn’t kiddie enough to be a kids film Wasn’t adult enough to be an adult film It just missed every beat it was aiming for and as a result becomes so distinctively average that it becomes a chore to watch. If they had kept it a kids film with the 2 younger girls getting powers it would have been far better. 1/5
  9. So far this is really great, and a good step away from what we are used to, most notably it’s not running the usual “bad guy of the week” trope. Also visually this is something special, it’s very much in he vein of the movies rather than the bright TV shows. Hope it can keep this up.
  10. Sounds a bit random and dodgy, but hear me out, my eldest is 14 and a really good kid. He’s an Xbox kid, he loves Minecraft and is the bomb at Fortnite and GTA, the problem is - especially now with lockdowns and stuff he is desperate to play with friends but finds it hard to find anyone to actually play with, so he’s in his room all day for school and then in his room at night with not much integration or playing going on and all he wants to do is play Minecraft games. I play fortnite with him and other stuff - he shown me round his Minecraft worlds loads of times and it’s so impressive but I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas of safe sites or places I could recommend him to go to to find like minded kids - with the key word being safe.
  11. Just watched Wrong Turn, was a pretty decent film, very brutal, not so much scary as it is uncomfortable viewing. It’s a huge step up from the usual horror fair, even more so with the presence of Mathew Modine who made it feel far more of a “respectable film” than just another basic horror flick. Well worth a watch.
  12. Watched this last night and it’s bad, like really bad, BUT my 14 year old who loves Five Nights At Freddie’s thought it was the best thing he’s ever seen. So I’d say for it’s target audience it’s a hit, but for me it’s not fun, it’s not scary, it’s not entertaining and it’s just stupid - watch Psycho Gorman instead.
  13. Little Fish (2020) A real dark and disturbing “love story” made even more sinister by the times we currently live in. People have began to just lose their memories, akin to catching a virus and there’s nothing they can do to stop it, doesn’t matter age sex or race, no one is safe. Added to the fact the feeling of the hopelessness of the situation portrayed in the film, and knowing that people with Alzheimer’s go through this on a daily basis really brings home the dread of the movie. Death is awful, but losing yourself is terrifying. This film really played out the love story so beautifully that by the end you’re feeling every moment, 4/5
  14. Psycho Goreman After watching less than a minute of the trailer to avoid spoilers I knew I had to watch this film, and I was not disappointed at all. It’s a tight 90 minute movie that is the perfect mix of silly and absolute brutality. It knows exactly what it is and doesn’t try to be anything serious, and somehow manages to go from laugh out loud funny to stomach churningly gruesome in much the same way Tucker & Dale vs Evil does. A film so dark yet so childish it really is out there by itself. 4 pink stones / 5
  15. How has Alien Covenant slid by without a mention here, I would love to detail everything that’s wrong with it but I just don’t have a spare 8 hours. As a huge Aliens fan I can forgive pretty much anything Alien related, don’t mind Alien 3, even Promethius which is far from perfect I took away good things, but Covenant, I was raging days after watching it. Some of the film shows mentioned here are bad, but not “blow here” flute scene bad.
  16. Gonna stay away from the trailer if it's spoilerific, but it's about time Jennifer Garner got some decent roles. Loved her in Alias.
  17. Me too please, can't find any
  18. hollowman


    Apologies if this question has been asked a million times before, but I have a question about preorders, I was going to preorder wwe 2k18 as got Xbox credit, but it's £55 on the Xbox store (not the play early version), Game have it preordered for £50 and Amazon £47, how is that right? In terms of preordering an actual hard copy is cheaper than just a download? Will the price adjust on release on the Xbox Store to fall in line with retail?
  19. Just putting it out there that you are not only #1 you are 14 places higher than Mark Kermodes book, gotta love that.
  20. Bought and reviewed, love the opening quotes and intro, congrats dude,
  21. I agree with everyone else, and have missed reading this every Sunday, I'll be buying it for both nostalgia and the fact you deserve it.
  22. Noway, Opposites is a fantastic album, it's only been out for a week and is already my most played album of the past few years, every track could be released as a single, with honerable mentions to Skylight, Accident Without Emergency, and Picture a Knife Fight.
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