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  1. Didn't Toast already crack America, in that daytime sitcom? Hopefully it also means more Morgana Robinson!
  2. I've started streaming myself trying to learn Japanese. Zero viewers but it's somehow motivated to keep going instead of quitting as I normally have, so I count that as a win. If you want to laugh at my efforts, I'm at www.twitch.tv/wave_jumper
  3. Purin

    I love the KLF

    I was 18 in 1991 and 3AM Eternal will always feel like a moment. EVERYONE thought that song was the fucking coolest shit on the planet. It still is of course.
  4. I bloody LOVE my S. Glad my X was a dud in a way, as the S is so small and sleek and cute looking in my set-up. Cold War is absolutely amazing on it.
  5. Maybe they could be just a little bit racist, in honour of the dearly departed Georgiou maybe.
  6. When the chinny Emerald Chain woman called Tilly "Red" they missed an open-goal for Tilly to be all sassy and reply "Okaaaaay, whatever you say, GREEN".
  7. It's all painless and automated. If you Google "refunding an xbox game" it should take you to a form which you can fill in seconds, assuming you bought it digitally.
  8. Been looking an the Next and fancy getting back into the Spectrum. What's the best emulator out to be able to play this?
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