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  1. Purin

    Nintendo Switch

    Ewww, no thanks!
  2. I preferred 2 over 1 I'll have to binge it.
  3. Never finished season 3, despite loving the first two. SHould I go back to it?
  4. Purin

    Aphex Twin

    He's at Warehouse Project on Friday, amazingly tickets are still available.
  5. You want to win these games, but in the end they are meaningless. Yes I'm only saying this cos we lost.
  6. I really want this, but haven't finished World. I'm at the bit after Negrigante where you search 3 areas for tracks to find 3 new elder dragons (found 2). Am I anywhere near the credits? Should I finish or just get Iceborne anyway?
  7. The worst X-Men film of them all in my opinion, because it didn't have even one redeeming thing about it. Even the really bad ones had something...this had absolutely nothing.
  8. Currently I'm playig to power up and finish the stroy, to get ready for the expansion. A real grind. I look forward to playing for fun, working on builds and specific gear and decorations, and even doing some fishing, which I haven't even looked at yet. Also, it's the loneliest game compared to the 3DS versions. I really hope they fix the hub. I'd love to chat and look at other people's gear, have an arm wrestle. Too busy fighting to do that now, then everyone disbands at the end so you never see them again.
  9. I've got to the bit after Negrigante where you have to search for clues in 3 areas. I've done one but it's a rear fucking grind. Just seen a few new monsters though. I'm 84 hours in and still nowhere near the end am I?
  10. Great effects, laughable dialogue. I enjoyed it but wouldn't watch it again.
  11. She definitley says "in the grocery", just bad pronounciation of "in the" ("in nee") and "grocery" ("gerosry").
  12. Treied listening to the Bombcast for the first time in a month or two. Didn't even last the intro...Ben interrupting constanty making hur hur noises and unfunny irellevant comments.
  13. I recently played Minecraft in survival mode whilst listening to the soundtrack, an eerie experience!
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