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  1. Can't believe there's no 60fps option for the Series S, yet there is for the old One X. Absolutely killed my interest in the game.
  2. It's truly a shame that River Phoenix isn't around.
  3. On the plus side, the Series S which I got to replace the launch machine is perfect.
  4. The first one was DOA straight out of the box, pristine. The other has has hardly been used and my house is a dust free palace thank you very much.
  5. 2 from 2 of my Xbox Series X machines have failed. The launch one one wouldn't even stay on. Now my son's machine won't play discs. Pretty bad show.
  6. After playing Rise I decided to mop up the optional quests in World...I'm about 150 hours in to the base game and just about finished now. Might buy Iceborne once I've finished the half a dozen quests I have left
  7. With Daredevil we had Fisk, the best baddie in anything Marvel, including the MCU movies. In this we get the Tracy Beaker and the flag smashers from CBBC.
  8. Watched The Cruel Sea on iPlayer recently...Denholm Elliot was superb.
  9. I hardly remember 5 minutes ago, so I remember nothing from 5 years ago!
  10. Wow that first one is great! CHAI have a new one out today, but thought I'd share this video from a couple of months ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCIET0cWfYU
  11. Can you turn off the yellow objective marker that's always on screen? Ruined any immersion for me personally.
  12. Was gonna post this. Fucking incredible isn't it.
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