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  1. Anyone else going to see them in Manchester on Friday? I'm a little bit excited!
  2. I played Quake to death on Saturn, now I have a funny question. How can I make this more like the Saturn version? I've turned down the resolution but it doesn't feel right still. Any opinions other settings I should play with?
  3. Really disappointed with no co-op, was going to ne the first Halo launch I could have done a co-op playthrough with my son.
  4. It's only a few weeks ago someone was posting that amazing fight scene with him an Jackie Chan here on the forums. Very sad to hear.
  5. I want us all to be shocked when we see a real life transformation of a super buff Haley Atwell, like we saw with Linda Hamilton for Terminator 2.
  6. Really enjoying this. It seemed ridiculously easy to begin with but you do get tougher opponents later ime. The only thing I want improved is the resolution of the textures, it seems a bit "soft" to me.
  7. Golden Girls is on this now, I'm very happy about it! Fond memories of watching it with my Gran on Friday nights when my parents were out on the piss.
  8. I pre-loaded nearly a 100GB...yay! Start it and now it needs a 27GB patch.
  9. Purin

    Nintendo Switch

    Perfect. Had it on the DS years ago and didn't know it was on Switch. Thanks. e2a: it has ludo!
  10. Purin

    Nintendo Switch

    What's a good 2-player game to play in a tent?! Going camping with my teenage son and our travel-ludo is broken. But we have a switch! Any games that are great with one screen and 2 joycons?
  11. His face when he says "Slayer" is great!
  12. How are you connecting it to an LCD? Thinking of getting my Saturn out of storage.
  13. 13 year old me loved her!
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