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  1. You do mean Xbox Series S? Don't buy an Xbox One S. Parental controls are great, you can set which hours per day and when e.g. 2.5 hours between 9 am and 7pm. You can also set which game ratings are allowed.
  2. Someone off Reddit wrote a bot to bid on them with no intention of paying. I've seen one over £20K.
  3. Did anyone pre-order a PS5 just to flip it on eBay and help fund their Xbox Series X purchase?
  4. Anyone know if it's a permanent or timed exclusive?
  5. Ben killed it for me. Many many years of listening and viewing but he was absolutely unbearable.
  6. Reading some of the messages about One X enhancements has me confused. If I play a game such as The Division on a Series S...will it be enhanced like it is on the One X, or will it just look like the base Xbox version I already play?
  7. I can't wait to get my hands on this now.
  8. How does the S compare to a PS5 if the PS5 game is pushing 1440p rather than 4K?
  9. Good. I assume it's the guy rising out of a mud-bath in the new trailer.
  10. The YouTube thumbnail tells me everything I need to know about the quality of acting we will see, and also reflects my feelings about the show...
  11. The only memory I have of the Lynch movie is that horrible toxic guy and Sting pulling people's plugs out. Can't quite remember but it totally disturbed me at the time.
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