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  1. I'll give it a go when I pick up another Series S in a year or two.
  2. How's the 'core mode' broken? The fact it was 1/3 finished was a major reason I sold my Xbox and switched to Sony.
  3. I just started FFXIV so I'm good for a long time. I'm going to pick up an Xbox for sure, but only when Halo Infinite is finished (co-op, forge, fleshed out multiplayer)
  4. The one thing I miss about my Series S is that it was completely silent. I can hear the fan on the PS5 during quiet bits in games or movies.
  5. Just sold my Xbox and got a PS5. I prefer Japanese games though, so I'm golden,
  6. I think I'm too old for Gamepass. I was paralysed by the choice. This is the future though, the thought of buying a game will probably almost disappear and be completely alien to young kids now In the last few months I've started collecting actual physical movies, music, and games though, like the old codger that I am.
  7. Change the word problematic to arsehole in the title.
  8. Sprite! Hey Sprite, it's been 7000 years, how are you Sprite, you're a little kid, Sprite! I was weirded out by how they kept saying their names over and over. Absolute shite.
  9. Where are Wales going to be playing their home games?
  10. I just got to level 20 and am a bit tired of the kill 6 beasts/deliver this note gameplay. I'm about to do my first dungeon I think, need to go to some noob training centre.
  11. Ah, I just revived a sub from the PS3 days, deleted my character and made a new one. I hadn't played that much on PS3, my old character was level 33 or something. Really enjoying it so far!
  12. I couldn't get the free trial for this to work, I think since I had an old account. Anyway, I paid the monthly sub and am enjoying it, although I'm only level 16 so far.
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