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  1. If my teenager has an hour of FIFA after school the controller is always nearly dead when I pick it up. It has to be charged daily, it's utter shit.
  2. I completely agree, my scores on Letterboxd even match! Yeah, the spoilered bit was just too much for me and it went downhill fast from there on.
  3. I was expecting another nice whodunnit, but this was so overblown, overlong, and just gave me a headache.
  4. Did they ever enable the option get rid of the yellow pill bouncing around the screen constantly (the one that poijnts out your objective). Ruined immersion for me, and all I want is to be able to toggle it on or off like in any normal game.
  5. 01. The Northman 02. Everything Everywhere All at Once 03. Nope 04. The Batman 05. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (made me forget one of the year's worst hangovers for it's duration)
  6. Purin


    Can't really see this figurine being a big seller over here (love the show btw).
  7. Amazed this was not even looked at...
  8. Oh Shit is the new Oh Boy. Incredible.
  9. Actually just paid for the Season Pass and working through the steps in the associated Quest is guiding me and keeping me entertained.
  10. How do you even play Destiny if you are coming back since it was first out? I just dont know where to start!
  11. Nookie Bear always freaked me out as a kid.
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