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  1. Probably both equally good/bad, but leaving it on is what I'm personally used to.
  2. Anyone else sit there like a lemon for a few good minutes after a match, forgetting to press play?
  3. Excellent. Downloading it now, thanks.
  4. I heard you get a 10 hour demo of this with Gamepass? I can't work out how to do it. Anyone managed it?
  5. One or two of these and you'll be rushing!
  6. The lighting in some of the caves of the new ma has been the most next-gen visuals I have seen so far, looked incredible.
  7. Hope Chibnall doesn't fuck up the Tardis on his way out.
  8. I have a headache after watching that.
  9. It's free with a Gold sub this month if anyone wasn't aware.
  10. New old school rave - https://balkanvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/requiem-for-a-rave
  11. Purin


    Final track on Posthuman's brilliant new album, Requiem for a Rave:
  12. Page was motion captured and voice acted in Beyond Two Souls
  13. Did this ever get a "next-gen" patch for Xbox Series X/S?
  14. Just when I thought I was out...hey actually turns out I'm fucking out forever.
  15. Burnham's lip quivers 2 seconds into that trailer. FFS.
  16. Wouldn't a screen protector be more likely to scratch than the glass underneath? Doesn't make sense for it to be non-removable
  17. This show is fantastic, Steve Martin...it's been so long since seeing him be this good. It makes me feel warm and happy!
  18. I thought this was brilliant. Really well paced and absolutely flew by and didn't feel overlong, best one since Casino Royale.
  19. Purin

    Squid Game

    I'll carry on then, cheers!
  20. Purin

    Squid Game

    Watched the first episode and was bored because of the similarities to the brilliant Alice in Borderland.
  21. Randomly bumped into @Kryptonian and @metallicfrodo, and introduced them to the Skewer (watch 'til the end)
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