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  1. I changed the region to americas and the download worked.
  2. ravnaz

    Nintendo Switch

    When did this happen please?
  3. This the first update you've done, by any chance?
  4. Yup - mines decided on an 80GB d/l
  5. 80GB patch on PC - they're having problems with it too
  6. I have to play once everyone is in bed.
  7. Cash is good - what am I doing with it other than buying more gear? What about this hideout malarky - doesn't seem like I even need it?
  8. My bad - misremembered - Level 6 at 44 hours (I'm about an inch away from level 7). Got ~300k to my name and the only reason it's that much is because of the million everyone got given the other week,
  9. Need a little help guys. Mainly some direction. I go into a map, and usually make a line to the evac. I rarely have anything substantial to show for it and money is constantly going down. My hideout is bare minimum too (no idea where to start with this). I'm level 7,with well over 30hours clocked up. Any help, appreciated.
  10. What. The. Fuck. How are you pulling this shit? Factory as well!! Good work.
  11. Basic is fine, I think - that'll already set you back 40 euros
  12. Not many SCAV spawns on Interchange - tried running an offline mode and couldn't see any outside
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