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  1. Perhaps grabbing it on Steam - Playing on SD.
  2. Eh? What devices is that for? So far, SNES, GBA and PSP have just been a case of copying over the roms. For me anyways, it has just been, burn to SD and boot (and copy ROMS)
  3. Seems like a right ball-ache to get Minecraft on the deck. Any done it?
  4. Probably doesn't help your situation - however, emudeck, as I understand it, spreads itself over lots of places in your SteamOS. That's why I preferred Batocera as it can live, by itself on a micro-sd seperate to SteamOS.
  5. Indeed! And I stand by it! Literally never had an issue. Don't let your kids use your stuff for starters.
  6. Vampire Survivors is really good. +1. Edit - Completely misread your post. My comment is irrelevant.
  7. It's literally just holding down power and volume down No bother
  8. I've "heard" that anything upto and including WiiU is good on Batocera - even in the Beta image.
  9. FWIW - it's just been delivered .... by Evri. Sorry @StephenM
  10. If you want everything kept seperate - Batorcera is the way to go, I think. Installs to a micro-sd card - and boots from the micro sd. Everything is kept and done on there. No fucking with your system.
  11. So no options other than to wait for two seperate companies to sort their shit out, then? Mental.
  12. Indeed. I know how it works. I was just being complimentary to it.
  13. Shit just got real 1 week from "reserve" to purchase. GetMyDeck bang on too.
  14. How much of this is on Valve to solve? If it were anything else, I'd be ringing up the company I bought an item from.
  15. FWIW - This is MS' instructions on getting Steam Deck running with XGC https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/xbox-cloud-gaming-in-microsoft-edge-with-steam-deck-43dd011b-0ce8-4810-8302-965be6d53296
  16. Another thing I'm interested in. Is XCG not a straight forward setup, then?
  17. This is a big thing for me when I get one. You using emu deck?
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