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  1. 50 notes? Damn pricey. No cheaper way via digital?
  2. Ok thanks. Will have another attempt whilst the beta is in play.
  3. Played the beta for 20mins against first monster. Spammed the controls, died a lot. I don't get it. I appreciate that this is pathetic, on my part. Any pointers? I wouldn't mind getting into this.
  4. Thanks! Just downloading now. Debating between Zelda BotW and this - arguably I can afford neither...
  5. Is it still running? (The Beta I mean)
  6. Apologies if this has already been answered or is a stoopid question. Is a PS+ subscription required to play? (I'll likely be playing on my own)
  7. No, I haven't seen that - damn! Again, it's an interesting one - do you need decent netcode to sell a game?
  8. Yup - thanks, about to "dip in" again. I built a load of tubes on my last save - going to deconstruct them for the materials
  9. OK, looks like I had gotten as far as that video describes. The key point I'd missed was whacking solar panels on top and creating storage lockers. Thanks!
  10. I played this for around 7 hours - didn't get very far. Seems I have a lack of stuff with which to build. Also, a bit stumped as to what "to do" next. I ventured as far as I could, but air and radiation seem to be a limiting factor. On the air front - I was hunting for things to build air pipe from but wasn't successful. Any tips? Would like to get back into it.
  11. This is the thing and it raises interesting question(s). I too don't particularly want to play anymore and we can't be the only ones. The interesting thing it raises for me is that it doesn't appear to matter that it's 'unplayable' - Millions are still buying and playing. BattleNonSense has got some excellent YouTube analysis of the Net Code. Worth a watch as it explains a lot!
  12. Hey guys - quick question. I'm not particularly interested in melee combat, can this be played purely as a 3rd person shooter or is the melee combat a critical component?
  13. Fairly sure I saw that on the Switch eShop earlier - and I'm sure some folks here were recommending it. Anything in particular you didn't like?
  14. (apologies for the thread derailment)
  15. Hi @Bojangle - we're doing alright, thanks! Came out into Steam EA pre-xmas, we've got some regulars that play, so now looking to develop the game further, get more players etc... Cool - Please let me know more info! Feel free to PM.
  16. There is a first person mode for PUBG.
  17. Interesting. A decent number of players then.
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