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  1. That could be a product of matchmaking. Interesting read on the player counts required for good MM. http://joostdevblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/why-good-matchmaking-requires-enormous.html?m=1
  2. Out of interest, how big is the player base?
  3. Ah yes, sorry, was meant to put mode - fixed.
  4. Another one coming out! Looks like a mode for Paladins. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/01/04/paladins-battlegrounds-mode-announced/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. Thanks Ninja. Looks like it is available in the e shop for redon load! Guess the saves are lost if I proceed, better that though than no game.
  6. Why would it be good forever? I did re login with her nnid, so it's back to "normal"
  7. Can anyone help with a problem. I reset my daughters 2ds back to factory (involved a format). I've set it back up again with her account but now it doesn't show the pokemon game that came with the system. The game came on sd card. The sd card was not in the system when I formatted it. Any ideas?
  8. Yup. Absolutely. That's what makes life exciting - the wonderful variety (of opinion, that is) . Doesn't mean I have to "get it" . Happy new year! X
  9. Something I don't get. People rating as high scoring, e.g 9/10, better than Empire etc... However, they then either list out all the rubbish stuff about it (already covered in the thread) or ignore the blatantly rubbish stuff. IMO - it's a decent enough film, no way into the 9/10s or 10/10s though and certainly not better than Empire.
  10. Grrrr. Eshop keeps erring for the last 4hours.is it down?
  11. Of course, if anyone is struggling to find something to buy you could always try my little game, it's on sale too
  12. Not sure if this counts - but I recall a level I use to play, years ago, in CS with a house. The environment was kind of snowy, IIRC, and it had a house which could be entered via the chimney. There was a radio playing "let it snow" Actually - if anyone can remember that level, please let me know.
  13. Depends on the Steam Xmas sale - despite completing the main quest on Skyrim (on X360), I'm interested in the PC Spec. Ed. Also Witcher 3 GotY Ed. There are quite a few games on Switch I'm interested in too - Golf Story, Mummy De-mastered, Gungeon, BotW (plus some others).
  14. Chicken dinner time. I got a bit excited (might wanna turn down the vol towards the end)
  15. Aren't the sale item prices normally "leaked" by now? How good is that Steam Link? Was well cheap in the last sale - but I'm not convinced it'd be that good. Is Lag an issue?
  16. That's the one - and the final scene of TLJ, for me, smacked of that.
  17. Been some years for me too, best of my memory without googling.
  18. Having just released my own game onto early access - this topic if VERY interesting to me There have been some great games released on EA and perhaps the number of (equally?) poor experiences makes people want to jump onto an EA game less. The state of PUBG on Xbox is pretty disappointing from what I can see - I was expecting something better given the resources Blue Hole have. For our part - we are VERY much of the mindset that builds we push out should be stable and of a high-quality. The other part of this, in my opinion, is the lack of experience of a lot of people putting out EA titles - tools like Unity/Unreal/etc.. make it so very easy to put something together without having to know/understand or care what is happening underneath the hood. This is a problem in my view as it then means that it's also very easy to put something together that results in a poor experience for the end user. Very much this.
  19. opph - been eyeballing mummy de-mastere
  20. Hi all, super proud - our game just got released onto early access. I'd massively appreciate any support you could offer - purchase/sharing/etc... Amazing scenes! http://store.steampowered.com/app/613580/The_DRG_Initiative/
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