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  1. Another thing I'm interested in. Is XCG not a straight forward setup, then?
  2. Yup - I've never done screen protectors on anything - same with Switch... nothing on that either. Everything is perfectly fine and I've never had a problem, no scratches, no cracks, no nothing - but then as I said, I don't drop my stuff. @Isaacyou need a dedicated pocket for your phone and only your phone 😉
  3. Daaaammmnnnn! FWIW - I don't even drop my phone (which also doesn't have a screen protector). Completely jinxed it now though.
  4. I'd say a screen protector is pointless in all cases. What does everyone do with their stuff that warrants this? 🤣
  5. You have 16 days, 20 hours, 16 minutes and 37 seconds worth of pre-orders to go until it is your turn (not real time) You're 96.09 % of the way there!
  6. "You have 44 days, 00 hours, 16 minutes and 06 seconds worth of pre-orders to go until it is your turn (not real time) You're 89.8 % of the way there!" Where I'm at - Reserved a couple of days ago.
  7. I've stuck a 4 quid deposit down yesterday. What kind of time-frame are we looking at atm to getting the email?
  8. Anyone who has crossed paths with Miyagi is in the same universe and therefore could turn up in this. The Miyagiverse, or so I've heard.
  9. What's the difference between blister packs in TCGs and loot boxes in video games? Seems like the same thing?
  10. Take it slow, and let the good times roll?
  11. Just completed the main story. Started player in 2019. 56 hour completion time. Now onto hearts of stone and blood and wine. Perhaps a break first? What a great game!
  12. This looks more like what I wanted Baldurs Gate 3 to be.
  13. This looks pretty sweet. I've not seen any mainstream reviews yet, but the ones that are up are reviewing very favourably. Anyone playing this? Looks like a real good 90's RPG. https://youtu.be/nhsvrXpyulU
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