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  1. It's the worst game of all time (well... I guess me as a teenager didn't think so, back in the day) - but certainly fits your requirements there @Benny IIRC I ended up working out how to get the game to go straight to the "right house", first time. Video is SFW. Don't worry.
  2. Wasn't the axe throwing part of the game used on a tv show, too?
  3. Ever so slightly off topic - Where can I find Episodes? Doesn't appear to be on (UK) Netflix.
  4. It's not about playing games anymore - it's about the collecting (free or otherwise)
  5. Personally, I'd be hoping more for the simulation style of the original(s)... Fingers crossed.
  6. Yup. Simulation, right? Oh, and a single player campaign.
  7. Opening post has been copied from @FiveFootNinja post later in the thread & title changed. @ravnaz you are still the thread owner. TL;DR: Videos now posted at the bottom of this post Just watched the live stream... they showed gameplay... I'm pretty excited... Main points were: Started with an interview with the Creative Director of Motive and he said the dev team see it as a spiritual successor to the 90's flight games Gameplay looks like a full 'space cube' experience rather than any rails, and the ships looked as if they will feel really fast and the shinies look impressive Mechanics wise you have the power/shield management stuff in there from the originals, targeting and also some zero-g drift manoeuvres (like fly forwards then flip and fire/turn) Single player has mission structures jumping between both sides with cutscenes, not sure but thought I saw a hub like area which could be Alliance ish maybe? New and existing characters in it. Multiplayer is basically team deathmatch dogfights, or a fleet mode where you start in a dogfight and then push enemies back to capital ships and battles can swing backwards and forwards (similar to the Battlefront mode) Only looks like the 8 already revealed ships are available initially Squadrons can configure ship choice and a range of mods/tech to create a load out you want to use (e.g. target jamming and stealth, heavy bombardment, tractor beams to hold enemies while your mates shoot them, etc...) Everything is apparently in-game unlockable The whole game is available in VR from launch Cross-play support (both platform and VR/non-VR) from launch Also Gamespot have released an interview video too (also below) with a more detailed chat about the way the game is supposed to play. A few additional points from that: The team had a gap after the Battlefront II mode development, were fans of the 90's games so they built a prototype of a modern X-Wing successor in a week and pitched it to get the green light More sim/skill based at it's core but with easier entry points for less hardcore people Squad briefing room area pre-battle is a social hub to build squad setup and decide tactics Mentions VR and HOTAS Built in the Frostbite engine on the foundations of the VR work done in it by Criterion Games (for the X-Wing VR experience). Zero-G drift manoeuvres are designed to create more dynamic flight patterns and avoid "death loop" style dogfights and more agile flight paths around capital ships, etc... Game uses a 'glory' currency for cosmetics which is earned in game, also has components for ships (these are equipment rather than levelled things) to change lasers out, etc... I want to see some more but (especially in VR) I think it has the potential to be incredible. I've probably missed loads, but you can see for yourselves in the videos below... Gameplay Trailer Full Presentation (inc interview and trailer) Additional interview with Gamespot with some more details too Thanks to Ravnaz for agreeing to use Five Foot Ninja's post as the opening post for this thread, original opening post below
  8. Just got to Skellige. Music is pretty good.
  9. Not sure if anyone saw the Remako mod for the original. Might be worth using. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/the-final-fantasy-7-remako-mod-is-the-best-way-to-play-the-original-game-on-pc/
  10. I'm presuming they actually mean 9th of April and not the other way around.
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Kirby Star Allies and more will be added to the line-up on 09/04
  12. I changed the region to americas and the download worked.
  13. When did this happen please?
  14. This the first update you've done, by any chance?
  15. Yup - mines decided on an 80GB d/l
  16. 80GB patch on PC - they're having problems with it too
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