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  1. Cash is good - what am I doing with it other than buying more gear? What about this hideout malarky - doesn't seem like I even need it?
  2. My bad - misremembered - Level 6 at 44 hours (I'm about an inch away from level 7). Got ~300k to my name and the only reason it's that much is because of the million everyone got given the other week,
  3. Need a little help guys. Mainly some direction. I go into a map, and usually make a line to the evac. I rarely have anything substantial to show for it and money is constantly going down. My hideout is bare minimum too (no idea where to start with this). I'm level 7,with well over 30hours clocked up. Any help, appreciated.
  4. What. The. Fuck. How are you pulling this shit? Factory as well!! Good work.
  5. Basic is fine, I think - that'll already set you back 40 euros
  6. Not many SCAV spawns on Interchange - tried running an offline mode and couldn't see any outside
  7. Similar. I think the combo of the small map and me being not so good means there is a lot more death. I'm only SCAV'ing factory because I thought it was recommended for beginners. Not sure it actually is. Need something that falls between customs and factory. I thought I saw somewhere that interchange is good SCAV level for beginners.
  8. Top tip. Don't forget to load your PMC with weapons before going into a raid.
  9. Thanks - and how much effort are you all putting into hideout?
  10. What is everyone doing with their money sub level 5?
  11. Ugh. Wanna play tonight but been up since 5am and only just got back. Working on the Factory Scav'in and Customs PMC.
  12. Why is the mosin recommended? And what type? Seems to be a few....
  13. What kind of time do you have to exit in for it to not be considered "early"?
  14. Thanks chaps. On the gunplay front. I'd say this is pretty good. I was playing PUBG for a while and couldn't seem to hit shit. Tarkov is far better. Having trouble telling the difference between ai and humans atm. Ends up with me having an itchy trigger finger and agro'ing the ai.
  15. So, literally dimantle and sell every gun you get?
  16. Did a offline game in customs; barely found any loot. Is it really that scarce in game?
  17. How can you tell if it's a player or AI scav?
  18. @moosegrinder - those starting weapons. Are you saying I should sell them (after having disassembled)?
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