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  1. ok, just read the review on EG. Very interested in this. So 3 questions: 1) Is the manual in english? 2) Where the fuck can I buy it at a decent price? 3) Which version, Jap or Asia?
  2. So what games would people like to see?
  3. guys, where do you get this info?? Are there any detailed guides explaining these things? e.g. all the advanced things to take "your" game to the next level?? All I'm doing is standard jump in, hard kick/punch, standard moves etc.. etc....
  4. Is the mac-mini 2Ghz intel model with 2GB Ram and nVidia 9400m and 320GB HD capacity good enough to run eve?
  5. yup, I was in a asafe area.... managed to get it docked. so what would/could of happened if I was in null-sec for example??
  6. So everytime I do anything remotely graphical intensive on my PC it hangs with a VPU error. Problem is, I was mid warp when this started happening and now can't log in long enough to get to a starbase. Is this gonna screw me up somehow??? or is my character/ship safe until I can get to work 2morrow and get to a base?
  7. sorry lads and anyone reading now looking for info, I did that by mistake, yes the bastard did it again :-)
  8. woohoo...! that was not obvious in the slightest! trying to find another fighter in an attemp to not be "another ken"... some of the moves for these guys are difficult, and some I can't even "pull off" atm.... is everyone having this trouble? dang! and now the : crouch medium kick el fuerte dynamite is giving me grief! Dan keeps blocking the dynamite!
  9. level 3 challenge, el fuerte Heavy punch Quesadilla bomb how the hell do you do this???!!! been trying for ages... I can do em seperatly... but combo???!!!
  10. yeah, probably doesnt make for the most exciting matches. I pick him as he was my character of choice during the snes days, although I dont tend to spam fireballs...
  11. classic! lol! Loser! So Ken is a popular character.. deal with it or fuck off. whats the deal with Ken then?
  12. I'm starting out with Ken, anyone give me some good combo's / advice??
  13. what do corps typically do to make them fun?? I guess you've got the whole PvP side of things, but what else?? Why would I choose to join a corp?? saying that, I quite like all the political stories going on and the 1 person taking down corps.
  14. nice one guys! What is T2 then?? (sorry for sounding thick) I've started on the military career path, might try and follow gunnery/spaceship command.... we'll see where that takes me. also, how and when do I get into the epic arc(s)?
  15. exactly! this sounds smart, presumably I can co-op with a friend?. So presumably having just started out, I'm level 1... is there a level cap?? Any ideas on the skill selection?
  16. thanks Beychae. I'll go with the military agent then, see how that pans out. Quick other question, are there any storyline based missions?? Also, any advice on how to go about selecting skills to train... or is it a case of pick what looks/sounds like what you want to accomplish?
  17. I've just started up eve on a 21 day trial. I have played a couple of years ago where I did the basics, earn't some cash through mining and stuff. It was good, but there was shit loads I was missing out on. I never really trained in skills that was going to lead anywhere, only did stuff that sounded cool..... So, with the above in mind and the incredible sounding new expansion out, I thought I would start fresh and try to get into it again. So far I've done the tutorial and now am docked at a station with the career funnel page open. So, in terms of my next step, what should it be? Presumably I select an agent related to the career path I wish to follow... so the first problem is deciding what I want to do.... can I change my mind and visit a different agent further down the line? In general, has anyone got any advice/strategies on getting the most out of eve?
  18. cheers dude, we're sorted now though :-)
  19. Thought I'd create a new thread so it's not missed :-) Can anyone sort me and a mate out with a new buddy account (i.e free 21day sub)... we're looking at going "full-time" after :-) pm me if poss and I'll sort you out with email addresses. cheers
  20. Can anyone sort me and a mate out with a new buddy account (i.e free 21day sub)... we're looking at going "full-time" after :-) pm me if poss and I'll sort you out with email addresses. cheers
  21. release date and specs.... apparently.... http://kaputik.com/?p=81
  22. yes, but GAME still have there prices set. I tend to boycott GAME and the like cos they're expensive and they pull shit like this.
  23. some crazy invasion happening in this 2night/2morrow as all the servers shut-down. Looks like it may be worth playing..... http://kotaku.com/5161621/tabula-rasa-humanity-dies-tomorrow "We request that all military personnel begin fortifying defenses at every AFS base in preparation for a massive Bane assault. If enemy troop movements are as large as we fear, and the Neph are truly prepared to lead all out war against us, this may be our last stand. Penumbra has been informed of the situation and is standing by on the use of their last resort weapon. We can not afford to be complacent or uncertain, but if it is truly our destiny to be destroyed, we are taking them all with us."
  24. heh heh, sorry guys :-) So me buying a new Quad-core system, and a radeon 4850 should do??
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