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  1. Level 16 at around 30hours. XP curve is getting steeper. Should I be concerned that I'm ending up sending all the women that I've bed'd up to Kaer Morhen? Feels like there are going to be consequences.
  2. Ah, ok - yeah, for a sale price (depending on what that was), I might give it a go. It does sound compelling, I like the idea of it for sure - last couple of days I've watched a variety of vids, so I get the mechanics of it all - watched DrDisrespect playing last night; not a lot happened. Where I fit into that percentage of how fruistrated I'd be, I'm not so sure. H/W wise I don't think I'd have a problem - I exceed the recommended specs. I'm also making my way through Witcher 3 ATM - so do I have time for this in my life too? So, there is an element of pay to win (or at least, better your odds) in those items you get for the variety of tiers.
  3. Lolz - good to know, thanks - perhaps not for me.
  4. Interesting. What kind of problems? As in the difficulty/time investment?
  5. This game seems to be gaining traction. Doesn't appear to be too popular on here yet. I'm hovering over the buy button...
  6. That's what I'm currently doing too.
  7. Just completed the bloody Baron quest line.
  8. What the??! I did NOT know either of those - very useful, thanks!
  9. Reckon I can do that between 40-60 hours
  10. Just hit level 10 at around 20hrs. I mention it because there was talk earlier about level 11 at 35hrs+. So thought it'd be useful as a point of comparison. Friendly request - some of the talk here is a bit spoilery. I know we're talking about a game several years, but some of us have just started; spoiler tags please
  11. WitcherSleep == Meditation. I've not heard of Witcher Sleep before. For the alchohol - where does this come from? I don't recall having to buy this.
  12. Soz, I wasn't exactly clear - I've only just started - I guess I was expecting the levelling curve to generate far more XP - although saying that, it appears to be slow levelling for me atm. The DLC, from what I've read, have suggested levels of 30+ (which I believe is once you've completed the main quest). So it appears this is quite a larger game than I was expecting. In my head, 40-60 hours would've been main story complete. Sounds more like 100 hours though.
  13. 35 hours + and you're at level 11?? (as in, I'd expect you higher?) I've only just started this, am at level 5 (not sure how long I've been playing; where do you find this info on PS4?)..
  14. Entered HR a few months ago, then stopped playing. I'd like to pick it up again over Xmas. Any initial tips for starting out HR? I presume that you need to complete the base game before you can enter Iceborne??
  15. Ta. On PS4, so bugger all I can do.
  16. Ha. Literally didn't read @Hodge comment.
  17. FWIW, my current thought is around temporal anti aliasing. Ghosting in other places when moving around, can be seen around the gun.
  18. mmmmm, doesn't look like that is the issue to me. Does the following when scrolling, then gradually fades to a sharp version if you leave it still.
  19. Could someone check something for me please. Go to any terminal and get a message on screen - scroll that message up and down - does the text blur and then slowly correct itself? Trying to verify if it's my TV or not.
  20. Simply games just delivered. Getting on this tonight!
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