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  1. This should be out soon shouldnt it? In fact, released today in the states if I'm not mistaken. Might have to grab me that from VGP. Anyone up for it?
  2. u dont need to be gold to download demos....do you?? my gold has run out and I was relying on my 48hour/1month trial(s) I've built up to last until c&c3 comes out.
  3. holy shit! Get that shit downloaded when I get home!
  4. Alright guys, read that the demo for c&c3 on 360 was released yesterday on marketplace, forgot to check myself. Havent read anywhere thats saying whether its any good though. anyone confirm?
  5. ravnaz

    Guitar Hero II

    alright guys, having a bit of a problem with "pulling off". If I have to "pull-off" blue->Yellow->Red, do all three have to initially be held down, and then I release one finger at a time?? For some reason, its in-built into me to slide from blue up to red, which doesnt have a 100% accuracy.
  6. funny you should mention that, as I was looking for minish last week and came across budget-game as well. previously I was looking on ebay and tiki warned me against it, so budget game seemed to be the only place stocking it. luckily I didnt buy it.
  7. noooooooooooooo! it's been put back to april??????!!!!!!!
  8. what do you mean edge have gone sour grapes? over what?
  9. like the others, I managed to get 4 from game in oxford ( for me and some mates ). Banbury were getting 6 in too. I would get the rgb over component until nintendo release a firmware ( if they do ) that allows pal60 trough component.
  10. yeah, I'd come to that conclusion, does that not imply that maybe their no where in the world currently....normally you'd get US and Jap imports by now.
  11. it says on the game.net website that the rgb scart leads are out 2morrow...is that actually the case?
  12. more news: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=20581
  13. According to the artice the games would only be rudimentry. Presumably this is some kind of "Make your own game" type program where the majority of stuff is done for you. As long as we dont get a flood of crappy games coming onto XBLA then I dont really see it being a problem. Would be interesting to see what people can come up with though.
  14. has anyone mentioned that it could be a way of making people buy more games?? I know people who obviously buy every game just for the acheivement points...MS's sly way of making people spend an f'ing shit load of cash on there products, that people otherwise mightn't buy. Although...I quite like the acheivement, but I certainly dont buy games for the acheivements, and I dont just buy any game.
  15. anyone mentioned Mario and Luigi Partners in time ( DS )?
  16. A couple of my mates are banging on about these two things, but I cant find any ifo on em.....anyone got an links?
  17. uughhh brilliant!.....why?
  18. mines shipped 2day...parcel force....nice one!
  19. b*stard! :-) My Play order is still "pre-ordered"...thats annoying!
  20. Anyone pre-ordered from play and had there status updated? Mine's still on Pre-ordered...when someones changes you fancy posting??
  21. I am gutted! Just did a bit of research and theres an extra clip at the end of the credits that sorts out part of the "culling" of the xmen. Bollox, might have to watch it again.
  22. yeah they come with the goggles thing. biy weird, you attach the thing to the psp....mmmmm....
  23. hi guys, anyone bought this game? Saw it in gamestation, and nearly bought it, but thought I'd find out if anyone on here had it. Is it any good? I didnt complete the 1st one, but thought it was pretty smart. Is it a continuation of the 1st? [edit] I did do a search for this, but could only find pre-release chatter.....
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