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  1. dunno how you guys feel.....but owning a 360, I'm tending not to want to buy last gen ( PS2 etc.. ) games...however, I will be buying a wii, and I've got no problem buying cube games cos the wii wii'll play'em. nice one!
  2. http://www.mcvuk.com/newsitem.php?id=1009 smart!
  3. trying to skim through without reading too many spoilers......is this game worth buying...I bought / completed / loved ( not bent ) Tale of Symphonia (GC ) that was amazing....30odd hours and a wicked experience....how does this one compare?
  4. Man I want this game.......killer that they haven't announced a western release yet.
  5. this game looks shit.......hot, that is!
  6. so if the code runs out on the 26th Febuary....does that mean when assholes.net I mean Game.net, come to bill you on dispatch...they can turn around and say....."well the code ran out on the 26th febuary, so were charging you full whack"
  7. sithlordx you really like the game huh? lol. right, sod it, just going to setup the snes now and find out just how many it does take...I've read gamerfaq, and their saying 11, but I cant seem to think straight. it seems bollox....but we shall see. :-) if I'm not back in 20minutes........just wait longer......will keep you guys posted :-)
  8. hey Liquid Myth, bizarre ones are the best and most interesting dude :-) cheers guys....will check it out... anyone else fancy adding to this, feel free......should have called the topic Super Mario World Uncovered.....or something...
  9. anyone wana expand the answer? can't work out from the first boss where to get to star??
  10. one of my mates just mentioned that it is possible to complete super mario world in 13 levels, because there are short-cuts. I dont remember this being the case....anyone of you guys know the score??.... ....hardcore....rhymes so good I deserve an encore!
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