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  1. Could someone check something for me please. Go to any terminal and get a message on screen - scroll that message up and down - does the text blur and then slowly correct itself? Trying to verify if it's my TV or not.
  2. Simply games just delivered. Getting on this tonight!
  3. Black out now. "Your SimplyGames order for The Outer Worlds has now been despatched via Royal Mail 1st Class post. Many thanks"
  4. Excellent. Thanks - done the same.
  5. Where are folks pre-ordering this from at this point? (and more importantly, where is likely to deliver a day early?)
  6. Eurogamer's issue is that they reviewed it on the PS$
  7. Any early word on how this performs on a base PS4?
  8. Not sure I'm afraid. We've never used them and probably never will. The leaves have been put away in the stock room somewhere. Email Natural 20s and ask them. I had a long back and forth with them whilst ordering.
  9. Ah yes, they also offer personal finance to help lighten the load. Seriously, they're a great little company. Workmanship is brilliant and everyone is loving the table. It's dead comfy too, exactly the right dimensions to lean your arms on and be able to play. That one in the picture is 5ft x 3.5ft, solid pine with cherry red surface. They also offer a faux leather surface, which looks amaze. You can get the leaves too, so that it converts to a regular table. Ours are just permanently off though.
  10. FWIW - if you wanted to buy one, I can deffo recommend these guys. http://naturaltwentytables.co.uk/ I had one built for the lounge area at my company. Several options available and the website allows you to put it together with costings. They deliver and install too.
  11. Got it yesterday - about 34 mins in so far (just gotten access to the monestary)... Seems interesting so far - looking forward to playing some more this evening.
  12. I'm deffo interested in this. I tried Disgaea 5 on Switch and didn't get on with a couple of things - mainly the characters and audio - but I do like a good tactical RPG (don't mind the complexity). If it is too similar to advance wars (and therefore Wargroove; both of which are admiteddly not as heavy weight), then I'll likely give it a miss.
  13. Context. I have Wargroove. This sounds amazing, but why do I need it in my life?
  14. Can anyone describe similarities between this and Wargroove?
  15. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-26-super-mario-maker-2-review-whether-youre-building-or-not-this-is-a-joy
  16. https://howlongtobeat.com/game.php?id=38019 Main story average - 48 hours.
  17. ugh - not sure how to delete a post. reposted below
  18. Indeed - I saw it's now at full price, up from the sale of around £3 - I'll have to wait now for the next sale :-(
  19. This was what I was afraid of. Looks like the average time to completion for Cadence is 5 hours. For £19 - I expect a bit more. COTND is approx. 15 hours for the same $$$.
  20. Debating between this and cadence. Thoughts?
  21. Is that 60 hours and you're now in HR? (i.e. you've just seen off ZM?)
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