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  1. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-05-11-monster-hunter-world-gets-a-free-trial-on-ps4
  2. Anyone played the latest DLCs? Another one out today https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/05/10/titan-quest-atlantis-expansion-released/
  3. Why not? Everyone else is starting to do it.
  4. No cross-platform play from what I can tell
  5. Not seen this being talked about yet. Bit of Indiana Jones, bit of XCom, bit of FTL. Sounds like a good combo. Out tomorrow.
  6. Hi folks, Looking at picking up one of the following: Wargroove Moonlighter Battle Chasers Mana Spark Don't want any massive epics. Which would you recommend or have any other recommendations?
  7. Hey folks - how far through this game am I?
  8. Saying that - someone here mentioned Ground Zeroes, which sounded interesting. £2.49 on PSN ATM.
  9. Thank you for all the opinions/comments on this folks. FWIW - I enjoyed the 30 or so hours (over 2.5years - well, most of it was front-loaded, with chapter 31 being finished at the end of that period), but ultimately I don't think I can be arsed to go any farther.
  10. Hey folks. Just finished this (or at least, I've just completed 31). Sure this is probably answered in these pages, but, is continuing at this point into Chapter 2 worth it?
  11. I'm interested in hearing about this rich idiot, please :-)
  12. Sounds interesting. Can you explain further? (noob here)
  13. Videogames absolutely have to deal with legacy code bases (hateful or otherwise) . A new platform does not mean everything is thrown away and started "fresh". Quite the opposite, especially if it's a long running series.
  14. That's cool. There is nothing that you've talked about there that, IMO, makes Netflix a significantly larger engineering problem than a suitably complex game - which was my point. I'm not saying that Netflix (or "Web scale") is trivial. Far from it.
  15. Just on the point above, all of that is absolutely used in the games industry. @The Bag makes valid points. In terms of complexity, not sure that the Netflix example "blows any game out of the water". Off the top of my head, take a look at Guitar Hero Live, specifically GHTV. It is literally Netflix with an entire game layer added on top, released across X number of different platforms. (I'm not defending any bullying of overtime here)
  16. Out of interest, what's the split of folks on XboxOneX playing Performance vs Quality? (I know I asked this previously when the demo came out).
  17. I reckon Nintendo should utilise blockchain
  18. Is it possible he outsourced to a third party?
  19. Ah no, I meant - is it the auto save kicking in that is triggering the stutters?
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