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  1. Graphics may not be the limiting factor.
  2. When does the tutorial end? Just been asked essentially, if I want to "look for answers" or "explore on my own terms". Went with look for answers. Not sure what diff it's make.
  3. Cool. In that case, I've just not ran across any yet. Thanks
  4. How do I find the buried shizzle? Visor doesn't show anything about things being buried. What classifies as "buried"?
  5. Anyway of making the HUD better in 3440x1440? Seems stretched.
  6. How do I make Di hydrogen jelly? I've got DH in the refinery but it's not producing any of the jelly?
  7. I am also interested in this - not seen much about it.
  8. Isn't the solution block chain?
  9. Lol. Wrong forum for me to post this on then. Ha ha.
  10. Out of interest and related to the cyber punk announcement. Who knows what a DOS prompt is? #imabouttofeelold
  11. Nope. Lots of work into an "intellectual property"
  12. ravnaz

    Dying Light

  13. ravnaz

    Dying Light

    What do I have to buy to convert from a standard edition to enhanced?
  14. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2018-super-mario-galaxy-hands-on-with-tegra-x1s-wii-emulator Coming to Switch, perhaps?
  15. Playing with the boys trumps all
  16. Cool - so I bought the base game + Leviathan DLC. Reading around, seems the DLC to buy, in order, is - Base Game, Utopia, Apocalypse, Leviathon. I had like 14 odd quid in credit on Steam, so base game it was and then I read the comment that Leviathon was basically 'Babylon 5' - which pushed me over the edge - as it happens that DLC was only 3quid-ish. This game is tongue out to the side good. Been playing my first game for a few hours tow. STarted as Human UN - still getting to grips though.
  17. I've never ever played it - I do however, like these types of games. The question is, are any expansions worth getting by default because they fix x, y and z?
  18. Hi folks, seen this is available for cheap on Steam until 25th. Is the base game decent enough, or do you need some expansions??
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