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  1. Sounds like Netflix are interested in picking this up for S3.
  2. To catch them though, is your real test - to train them? Well, that's your cause.
  3. ah ha!! found it!! Thanks! For reference - it's another product in your library.
  4. How do I get on then? Can't see anything that lets me do it... (obviously I own the game)
  5. Hi all! Don't suppose anyone has an experimental server key I may have, have they? Thanks in advance.
  6. If you like that aspect, then you may also like my game
  7. Don't get me wrong - game looks amazing. I'm just talking about the article in question here
  8. Any online game? I don't see any examples that he cites that aren't already being done. "the whole game is only possible thanks to the fabled Cloud." - Complete gibberish. Yes, ok it's true, but hardly revolutionary. Maybe that's my issue with the article - the tone seems to be (imo) that what's happening here is brand new. Example - Waves. Because of the nature of the game, these waves have to be sync'd between players - Conceptually, this is no different than anything else that has to be managed by a dedicated server. It's "just" another bit of game state that is simulated on a Server somewhere - This kind of stuff is already done on other multiplayer titles. Not sure what he is talking about with regards to "player encounters being made possible by the cloud". Ageing? Simplified down, it's a bit of persistent data in a data centre somewhere that is retrieved on user log-in. Sure, only possible with the cloud - hardly revolutionary. Scaling - Already done on various other titles and handled automatically by the cloud service of their choosing - e.g. any game running on AWS will likely use this feature. CoD, Battlefield, WoW, PUBG, DoTA, <insert online game>
  9. Not entirely sure why he's so amazed by the "power of the cloud" - other games have been working this way for a long while now.
  10. Added gungeon and celeste to the short list. Don't think I could handle celeste, it looks amaze though.
  11. Got a 4 hour, each way, road trip to Cornwall coming up. I'll be a passenger. Need some recommendations for eshop purchase (cheaper the better). I've already got stardew and Mario kart. Thanks in advance! Shortlist currently is: Golf story Mummy Axiom verge
  12. My game, DRG Initiative is free to play for the weekend if anyone is interested ;-) http://store.steampowered.com/app/613580/The_DRG_Initiative/
  13. @Tomox, not sure if this is of interest, but my game has a broadcast mode and Twitch integration allowing viewers to affect the outcome of the game. If 3rd person shooters are of interest, you should check it out. Apologies for the plug :-) It's also free to play this weekend :-) http://store.steampowered.com/app/613580/The_DRG_Initiative/
  14. You can upgrade your room?? When do you get told that?
  15. @Yiggy - I am playing purely solo (I don't even have PSN sub). I'm finding it pretty awesome. Anyone know if the social area available to non-PSN folks?? i.e. Can other players join?
  16. Ah, fuck me - it's materials isn't it?
  17. Ta! What is the "mats" part in reference to?
  18. Righty-o - off to do that then :-) What is farming the mats?
  19. Thanks. Yeah, I get the "learning the attacks" etc... I was more looking for other methods to "buff" - which, as you say, comes down to different armour. I'm currently running a bone set. Re. SOS - alas, I can't afford a PSN+ subscription right now, so that's out the window, LOL!!
  20. Getting my arse handed to me by the electric wyvern - any tips on generally becoming stronger? (not specifically against that - for example, how much do potions affect the outcome etc...)
  21. How do you increase your Hunter Rank? Is it only possible via the story quests? Level 4 after the Jyu quest... wanna get to 6 in order to attempt the Horizon event...
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