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  1. Managed to snag an X from Microsoft store. Was slow but eventually checked out.
  2. Theres no way Martyrs could work as a PG13 unless they change it drastically. The original left me feeling depressed and uneasy for days, probably the only movie to ever have done so.
  3. I got the 'He's Unstoppable' cheevo (finish first level of Halo CE on legendary without taking health damage) on my first go but I DIED shitloads! That achievement took me ages to get on 360.
  4. 'Under the Skin' (Jonathan Glazer's nekkid ScarJo sci-fi flick) is up in Canada, gonna watch it tonight.
  5. Is Re-Animator still cut to ribbons in the UK? Great flick, I remember importing the lime green US DVD years ago!
  6. Thought this was pretty shite. Dude had obviously read Rawhead Rex, Rats in the Walls and watched the aforementioned Ken Russell film. Boring first hour, appalling acting aside from Gordon Kennedy (did his subplot have anything to do the main story?). Final sequence was too drawn out as well and the ending was just plain daft.
  7. Why do people keep saying this? Didn't they show Carol murdering those peeps and burning their bodies? Or am I misremembering?
  8. Wasn't Rab Florence going to be one of the writers for the aborted final series? And didn't he also have a web series about board games? Hmmm...
  9. Just had mine delivered from Simply. Have you folks looked at the reverse of the cover? Much better!
  10. Sepulchre and The Spear were the shit!
  11. It kinda reminded me of 'Human Remains' by Clive Barker. The living statue in that story adopts the characteristics and appearance of its victim by discrete observation. The rent boy character also finds the statue in a bath.
  12. Holy shit just a had thought (pure speculation)
  13. So it's not a mastermind after all? Idris Elba am disappoint.
  14. Anyway, I absolutely loved it. Best horror film I've seen in a loooong time and you can't beat a good horror film.
  15. What I didn't get was the whole . I don't really think the film's as smart as the hype is making out.
  16. You've probably already seen it but King of Kong is on UK (but not USA) Netflix atm. Ace docu.
  17. Could some please PM me with the file location? Wanna check if I'm on there (no email yet). Ta.
  18. Secret of Mana on the SNES had no way of erasing any the 3 slots either, remember it bugging me before I sold it on.
  19. Sounds like Goodnight Sweetheart.
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