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  1. Thought this was pretty shite. Dude had obviously read Rawhead Rex, Rats in the Walls and watched the aforementioned Ken Russell film. Boring first hour, appalling acting aside from Gordon Kennedy (did his subplot have anything to do the main story?). Final sequence was too drawn out as well and the ending was just plain daft.

  2. Reckon Carol could've been covering up for psycho kid? She could've killed the two sick ones, Carol dragged 'em out and burned the bodies and took the rap for her...

    Why do people keep saying this? Didn't they show Carol murdering those peeps and burning their bodies? Or am I misremembering?

  3. It kinda reminded me of 'Human Remains' by Clive Barker. The living statue in that story adopts the characteristics and appearance of its victim by discrete observation. The rent boy character also finds the statue in a bath.

  4. Another thing

    was the blood being drained into the lower levels the actual blood of the victims or more of a symbolic thing? The survival of Shaggy would seem to suggest the latter but surely the ancient ones wanted the blood of the five different personality types?

  5. Yes, that's the point. It's not each country trying to stop a local apocalypse. Each one is trying to complete the sacrifice. They aren't really competing in a meaningful way. Just a sort of friendly rivalry, I suppose. Like making bets in the office. If any one of them succeeds, the world is saved. It doesn't matter if all but one fail, as long as one doesn't. If they all fail, goodbye world. At the start, everyone apart from Japan and the US had failed. Then Japan failed, leaving the US as the last hope.

    So although each country has their own elder god below, the ritual must fail in in all locations then all gods will rise? Are they linked somehow so that one successful ritual will satiate all the other gods worldwide?

  6. That's all covered neatly.

    The other countries just have a rivalry and race to see who can complete the sacrifice. During the course of the film every other country failed.

    Anyway, I absolutely loved it. Best horror film I've seen in a loooong time and you can't beat a good horror film.

    Um, wasn't it the fact that they didn't complete the sacrifice that caused the apocalypse?

  7. What I didn't get was the whole

    competing with other countries thing. Was there an ancient one underground in each country? Why did the other failures not result in end-of-world god waker-uppening? Also in Japan were there like 30 identical tablets for the schoolkids? etc

    . I don't really think the film's as smart as the hype is making out.

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