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  1. Also why did Beast take his specs off to fly the plane?
  2. Why didn't they explain why the armour in these episodes was so similar to the Sontaran armour? I kept thinking it was gonna be a sneaky 'Genesis of the Sontarans' story.
  3. I mapped out the whole of Bard's Tale (1) on the C64 on graph paper (only the later Amiga / ST versions had automapping). Each and every level of every dungeon plus the whole town of Skara Brae. Each square had its own notes (eg traps, darkness, one-off monster encounters). Wish I still had those maps. I bought the official guidebook but their maps were rubbish with no notes or legend.
  4. 'There's a classic cameo'. Hmm wonder who that could be...
  5. I still don't get a couple of things. How exactly did House patch Auntie and Uncle together? Who was Idris before she absorbed the Tardis? If they did this with the previous Tardises, surely she would have worked against House every time just as the Doctor's Tardis did?
  6. Is the thing that David Tennant and Jason Isaacs were originally gonna be in?
  7. He deserved a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Natalie Portman's mum in Black Swan.
  8. The battery life and inevitable 3DS Lite, 3DSi, 3DSi XL are putting me off.
  9. Why would Sardick's dad have accepted Katherine Jenkins as insurance if she was about to cark it anyway? Surely her family got the better deal by prolonging her life? IDGI.
  10. Ridley should get Giger back on board for the space jockey design.
  11. To be honest the dotted line thing might be Gorf. I could be getting that mixed up with the game I'm after. It definitely had a little animated stick man who appeared at the bottom of the screen and did a yellow arc of wee!
  12. Been desperatelty trying to find an old arcade shooter in the Galaxian / Moon Cresta style. The bizarre thing about this one is the attract sequence featured a little green (?) stick man pissing yellow wee at the bottom of the screen! I swear I'm not making this up! I used to play it in a local cafe as a kid. The only other thing I remember is that a dotted line (shield?) separated your ship from the playfield. Been trying to find the name of this game for years (woulda been late seventies / early eighties). Help me rllmukers!
  13. Oscar the Rabbit. Have never met anyone else who remembers this. I don't even really remember the rabbit tbh, just the bad guy ('Gnashers' apparently) who was a green pterodactyl with big teeth and shit me right up as a wee nipper. No pics or video seem to exist online. Recently an episode list appeared on the BFI website so I know I didn't dream the whole thing!
  14. Triple Holy Water. Makes mincemeat out of his demon form!
  15. Did anyone else think that at the end of the latest ep . Woulda been a mindfuck but alas.
  16. I reckon River'll turn out to be a major baddie. What was up with the injection she gave Amy, didn't see anyone else getting that. Also someone slammed the door and locked Amy in there with the Angel on the video.
  17. Tsunami waves about to hit Hawaii! Carlton Cuse's twitter advising Lost crew to take shelter in studio.
  18. I reckon the island probably submeged itself underwater in order to heal itself. The reason otherville etc looks intact after jughead is because the island has been down there for 30 years recovering / rebuilding itself.
  19. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was very similar to Final Fight but with guns. There was no Asian character but one guy was an Arab named Mustapha Cairo (lol).
  20. For folks that have seen the movie / read the book, does the movie have ? This will determine whether or not I can actually take my girlfriend to see the film y'see.
  21. Ok fair enough Young Ben might not remember Sayid shooting him. But surely he'll still remember Sawyer, Juliet, Jin & Miles (Faraday MIA) having lived with them in Dharmaville for 3 years?
  22. Official Podcast (went up after airing) says next ep airs Wednesday March 4th' at the end.
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