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  1. I really hope they don't go down the whole 'will / won't the bomb go off' route, especially not as the season cliffhanger. Cause that would be fucking boring.
  2. Don't think so, looked liked Dan being jumped by the yellow hazmat suit guy from the (original?) hatch. Could be more time travelling involved, maybe the whole island jumped back through time and yellow suit guy is Kelvin / Radzinski? Would also explain how the drug plane is able to fall again.
  3. 'Surfer Rosa', the whole thing pleez. Oh and some Scarce would be nice.
  4. Just rewatched 'Planet of the Ood" again. At the end the Ood tells the Doctor "I think your song must end soon". Do you think he was referring to River Song?
  5. I'll wait for the US rips. Don't fancy listening to all the chipmunkesque speeded up dialogue ta very much.
  6. "Ugh!! Soggy bread epaulettes! I've never been so insulted in my life!" By the way if anyone has the 'Theiving Gypsy Bastards' strip, could they scan and post it? I chucked my collection aeons ago. "The McO'Dougles are coming!"
  7. Shite film. Cool cameos by Clive Barker, Tobe Hooper, Joe Dante and King though!
  8. Gah can't watch shitty flash movie and there doesn't appear to be any wmv or rm versions when you click 'alternative version'. How about a decent res downloadable version beeb / vg?
  9. They've already covered the origin story in X1 and X2 though, haven't they? (Well at least the Weapon X stuff). They might go further back to the 'James Howlett' story but this might be deemed too unexciting for a superhero flick.
  10. Thought it had been common knowledge that all 360's would eventually have HDMI for a while now. Anyways I'm waiting for the Halo 3 edition. Don't care if it looks poo, at least you're guaranteed HDMI (and 65nm prolly).
  11. 'Gor' (the first born monkey-kid) was born hairy iirc. Then all his hair fell off and some dozy bint took him to a normal hospital for a check-up.
  12. I had no problems at all with the ending, it was the absolute shittiness of the Crimson King that was the real kick in the nuts. Especially after all those years of build up in the DT series and the other connected books. Oh and the whole R.F. thing as well.
  13. Uh, Jack was kidding about the Boe thing, right? I could buy him living for millions of years but wtf would cause his heid to be fifty times bigger (and also become black!)?
  14. Think the male spiders were a manifestation of the "monster". Just before they appear you can hear the 'ch-ch-ch-ch' of its seeking mode.
  15. Wonder who was on the plane with the Vice Prez? Lots of shifty sideways glances! I'm betting Mike Novic, Logan (what happened to him anyways) or possibly:
  16. Even NTSC SOTN had small borders, so it should look okay zoomed up to 16:9 with wee borders at the sides (or stretched slightly to fill the screen).
  17. Nope, NTSC original. Will try re-ripping after Brave Fencer Musashi!
  18. Just tried ripping Lunar:Silver Star Story & Alundra (both NTSC-U). Both run perfect, FMVs and all! Does anyone else have a glitch in FFVII, when I select a bad guy to attack, a little corrupted graphic appears on the menu bar?
  19. eargergergergqe!!! Castlevania: SOTN is running on me PSP!!! Perfectly!!! Thank you Baby Jesus! (aka Dark_Alex). Can't get Tomb Raider original (NTSC Greatest Hits versh) to run though. Bum.
  20. A pre-air version of episode 3 is now 'out there'! Decent quality, not as good as the HD rips natch. Gonna do a double bill of 2 & 3 tonight, cannae wait!
  21. It's not that great tbh, nowhere near as gritty as the earlier series. Plus it's been kinda hamstrung by newer police rules limiting access to suspects.
  22. The HR files aren't high def, the res is only 960 x 528. But they still look good! Some Xvid encoded 720p files play OK on the xbox, think it depends on the bitrate.
  23. So does this mean that Halo 3 will use the full res of my LCD (1366 x 768) and I'll get a bit of extra resolution (downscaled from 1080p) through VGA? Surely if its 1080p native it'll kill the frame rate?
  24. When I read the Edge feature on Bioshock, I was a bit sceptical about the setting thinking "What the hell are these guys smoking?". That demo sealed it for me though, and I totally 'get' it now. Just the way the Little Sister gleefully calls that... thing "Mr Bubbles".... brrrrrr. Chilling! Gotta be a nod to the Stephen King short "Little Sisters of Eluria" with the vampiric nuns. Wonder where all the genetic material is going, obviously not to the general 'populace". Can't wait to see where the story for this one is headed!
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