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  1. It's more smoke and mirrors innit. Remember the previous 'Orientation' films turned out to be BS, what with Marvin Candle / Mark Wickmund and the Swan hatch being a psychological test and all. I'd be surprised if beardy bloke is actually Alvar Hanso, or even if Hanso / Dharma is real at all.
  2. MAHOOSIVE SPOILERS!!!! Is season three the one where the producers / writers just did a massive u-turn after realising nobody was liking the Mexican stuff? "Oh yeah, so the Mexicans were just set up as buyers of the virus to flush out the real crims!". Oh yeah? So what was with the MASSIVE pile of bodies being dumped in a landfill then? Never mentioned again, that's what! Also, wtf happened to the Pres from S4? Did he snuff it or wot? Don't think they ever told us.
  3. The complete first season of this is out on the 26th September on Region 1: Clicky for Amazon.com Cheap as chips!
  4. Gah, I'm stuck! For peeps who have finished the demo: EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out and finished the demo! Whoo! That was pretty good, couple of criticisms though. George used to have a witty remark for pretty much every combination of items / objects, now you just get "I can't do that" or somesuch. Also while the facial animations were pretty good, the characters just stand stock still during conversations, with no hand or body movement at all. Looks very unnatural and unexpressive. Doubt they'll be fixing much either with the full game so near release. Another thing that bugged me was not being able to double-click to run. Sure, flicking the mouse wheel up works but this resets every time you interact with something (not too keen on holding left ctrl either)
  5. Discovering that the fire button of a joystick plugged into port 1 of the C64 was the same as hitting 'space', I plugged in my Atari VCS joystick (the slimline version with the two fire buttons each side) and plonked it on the floor. Made Spyhunter much better, just squeeze the buttons (with both feet natch) to unleash the oil slicks! Proper authentic like. Also me and my mate discovered that you could use either stick on c64 Daley Thompson. Cue both of us furiously waggling away at the same time and breaking every record in the game. The speed indicator just hit the end of the bar and kept on going!
  6. All I have are the first 2 UK singles: 'Hammering the Cramps' / 'Spirit Ditch' / 'Dead Opera Star' / 'Midget in a Junkyard' 'Rainmaker' / 'I Almost Lost my Mind' / 'Intermission' / 'Homecoming Queen (Live on KCRW)' / 'Gasoline Horseys (Live on KCRW)' If anyone wants me to upload any of these tracks, just give us shout.
  7. Phwoaarrrr! All right luv! Plus extra bonus points for the 'Goldeneye' sound effect!
  8. Fave gag has got to be from 'Brother from the Same Planet' (S4). Homer and his adopted 'little brother' Pepi have just had a nice bit of father / son style bonding: Pepi: I love you, Papa Homer. Homer: I love you too, Pepsi. Pepi: Pepi. Homer: Pepi. Lollercakes!
  9. Just had a go on G'n'G. It's fucking gorgeous and totally smooth, didn't notice any framerate dips. Arthur looks a bit too '3D' compared to the enemies and scenery though, bit jarring that. It's also ROCK HARD and had me selecting beginner mode like a pussy after my first game. Pretty packed demo with two bosses and loads of power ups and weapons (maybe too many but I suppose they squeezed loads in for the demo).
  10. Alundra (first one) on PS1. Aces, but a bit tough later on.
  11. "That's the guy"! Loved ICFTD. Managed to finish it as well (the RTS bit at the end was well tough). Also the foxy nurse used to cause mucho pre-teen tent pitching! I had the expansion, 'Antheads', as well but I could never get it working properly, the graphics were all corrupted.
  12. I've uploaded the tardisode to rapidshare for peeps having problems / want to keep it / don't have proper (shite) realplayer: Clicky (rm format vid)
  13. Badger, it's your lucky night! Clicky for vid
  14. Bad idea this. The book is utter gash. Great premise, rollocking first couple of chapters, and then goes tits up and never recovers till the (non) end. Was really looking forward to this as well, as a huge fan of both King and the zombie genre. Hostel was pretty dumb but quite entertaining I suppose (haven't seen Cabin Fever).
  15. I fired up Mame tonight and had another crack at it. Got all the way to the end of the penultimate level (save states are a wonderful invention), and beat the two (!) larger red demons (the ones that kidnap your bird at the start). Only to find that you can only face the final boss if you have the shitty shield weapon. I was using daggers (natch). Fuck. So now I'm pissing about at the start of the level trying to get the ghostly dudes to drop a shield. Also I'm pretty sure that to get the true ending, you have to complete the whole game twice!
  16. The NES Ghosts'N'Goblins was rubbish though, the scrolling was jerkalicious and gave me a headache! Think MD Ghouls'N'Ghosts was pretty much identical to the arcade.
  17. Try launching the demo through XMBC, worked 1st time for me. Now it always crashes though. And btw, it IS time limited - at the bit where the guys keep vaulting over the wall, I just stayed put and kept killing 'em. Eventually the message 'Demo time over' flashed up.
  18. Right. I've now had a go at the (time-limited) Xbox demo. This game is mince. Movement is far too slow, as is the turning circle (I'm sure this will be adjustable in the final game however). Taking cover and blasting a bad guy clearly in line of sight will result in a miss, and a bullet hole overlapping the edge of objects, hanging in thin air. Rubbish. Also pumped at least ten rifle rounds into a baddie who, whilst giving a nice spray of blood, didn't even flinch, just kept shooting at my teammates. The bullets must also be the slowest ever. Firing a pistol round into a terrorist's heid not twenty feet away resulted in at least a second of lag between pulling the trigger and the dude dropping dead. Crap!
  19. Well, great. The 360 premium and Condemned pack I ordered from Game.net has been nicked by those utter ned cunts at my local Parcelforce depot. Just disappeared off the online tracking system. At least Game have been pretty good about it, gonna give me a full refund. Phewness!
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