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  1. Didnt watch the game but why so much additional time in the Arsenal match?
  2. I'm hoping he just combines the two names and we get Captain Falcon
  3. I thought the same, I guess the first scene they're just casually throwing it slowly or something? Then in the montage (two montages in one episode btw!!) he's properly throwing it and incorporating his flips etc. I still don't get how the shield works by the way, does it have Stark/Wakanda tech built in? Magic stuff like Thor's hammer? Or is that just how physics works?
  4. That was our chance and will sum us up for the rest of this game
  5. James Hong. Not enough time left to pick an actress as will take a while to get through his films
  6. VAR official trying to spot a foul or offside in the build up
  7. Fuck it, just refuse to come out for the 2nd half and forfeit the match
  8. Oh my god just fuck off with this shite already
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