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  1. It's all a bit doom and gloom at the moment but look at it this way; we've been dogshit for the last month and are still only 6 points off the top spot. This season is so unpredictable anything could happen. Surely we'll score again at some point
  2. I've forgotten what a Liverpool goal is like...
  3. Would have preferred Shaq-Mina-Mane but hopefully Origi can actually try to at least look interested. Salah to come off the bench for a 2nd half hattrick. So we only lose 4-3.
  4. Its true that defensively we've not been too bad but as mentioned it has come at the expense of our midfield and what they provide the front 3 with. I'd be happy enough giving Williams or Phillips a run alongside Fabinho if it means Hendo can return to the midfield 3. Though I do believe Skrtel is currently a free agent. Could double up as an impact striker too when Firmino isn't performing
  5. Aye for once Origi looked a little interested. I wouldn't oppose to Salah being dropped for the next game and starting Shaqiri in his place. Can totally see it being Burnley to end our home unbeaten run.
  6. Nah, we're never going to score another goal all season
  7. Firmino making some poor decisions so far
  8. Jordan Defenderson Goodbye unbeaten at home streak.
  9. This is more like it. We've clearly just gone for the Homer boxing tactics. Wait until the opponent has knackered themselves and get a late knockout
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