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  1. Lol'd at DK beating the shit out of Mario. And at Charlie Day
  2. Looks like Darwin will likely be home pretty early from the World Cup which will be good.
  3. There's still a lot of stuff I need to listen too (and listen to more) but for my first stab at a list from the top of my head would be; 01 - Taylor Swift - Midnights 02 - Bob Vylan - Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life 03 - Blood Red Shoes - Ghosts on Tape 04 - Alestorm - Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum
  4. Saw that was up but can't watch it until December as per the Christmas rules....
  5. Is Lukaku still shit? Thought might have got better again after leaving the PL.
  6. Fame is ancient - sorry but it is, I have to remind myself constantly that the 80s wasn't just 20 years ago - she must have been pretty young when she did that if only 63.
  7. 81. Devs Original Release Year - 2020 "Devs is an American science fiction thriller television miniseries" according to Wikipedia. Which was news to me, I'd never seen it and for some reason assumed it was a comedy along the same lines as that Silicon Valley one we had earlier.Again I don't really want to read up too much about it because of potential spoilers. Luckily a couple of people left some comments about it; "I loved the chin-stroking of Devs, regardless how much sense it made. Another beautiful looking and sounding show" - Sabreman "What if Determinism, the show. It’s honestly much more interesting than that, but it’s something that is very easy to spoil if you’ve not seen it. But suffice to say, for me it is a story about Purgatory. Both real and that which we create for ourselves." - Benny 80. Mindhunter Original Release Year - 2017 Created by Joe Penhall with the help of Charlize Theron and David Fincher this Netflix crime thriller set in the late 70s takes a look at the start of criminal profiling and the use of it by the FBI. Despite starting off with some subpar acting and bad writing in episode one it proved to be hugely popular with audiences and enjoyed 2 good seasons before Fincher decided to do something else resulting in a potential third season getting put on hold. "Alright, finished season one. The show is good, and I cant wait for season two. I almost wish I didn't binge it because I want more." - Stevie "I decided to stay up all night binging this and thought it was absolutely superb throughout. The performances of the various subjects in particular were mesmerising" - Sabreman "I had initially given up on this but did just finish it recently. The whole thing is a weird paradox. At once the characters are straight from central casting and also compelling to watch. The idea of a maverick genius being misunderstood by the system has been done to death, but was actually done really well. A profiler seeing themselves in the killer and parallels with their own lives is one of the most hackneyed themes in film and television. And yet, and yet it was still really good. It feels like the force of will to get the atmosphere and the actors and direction and scene setting to be exceptional manages to drag along about 50 dreadfully realised plot threads. It feels like incredibly expensive television and they didn't have enough episodes to let anything breathe as a result. Would definitely watch more though." - Art Vandelay 79. 30 Rock Original Release Year - 2006 Created by and starring Tina Fey this satircal sitcom was describe as "a live-action cartoon" and with its surreal humour, cast of eccentric characters and heavy use of comedic cutaways it's easy to see why. To be honest though this wasn't a show I ever properly watched, was one I'd see random episodes of from time to time but never set out to watch it all. I might one day as I always liked what I did see, then again I only just got around to properly watching all of Seinfeld in order during lockdown so might need to wait for another global pandemic. "Can't believe this passed me by originally, excellent TV." - bradigor 78. What We Do In the Shadows Original Release Year - 2019 Note; At the time of writing I've not yet seen Season 4. The 2014 film of the same name was great and one of my favourite comedies so when it was announced we were getting a TV series set in the United States I feared the worst. But, for me, the TV series stepped it up a few notches and is even better. The ensemble of vampires - and friends - is just superb, it's difficult to pick a favourite as literally all of them are fantastic, largely thanks to the brilliant cast involved. Outside of the core characters there's a slew of brilliant recurring and guest characters throughout that gel so well. I can't really think of a bad episode and only ever remember laughing a lot at most episodes. I genuinely believe it's one of the funniest shows I've seen and just hope Season 4 continues to be as good. "Been excellent all around in my opinion. Latest episode was a belter! I was creased from beginning to end." - Zero9X "I love this thing! It's amazing how much they were allowed to just go to town with all the horror special effects stuff, and I love how little throwaway gags in some episodes turn up/are referenced again to provide a sense of continuity, like the possessed doll. It doesn't hurt that the entire cast are just perfect." - Professor Puzzles "Excellent. Each episode had me cackling like a loon. Matt Berry on top form, especially." - Jamie John
  8. I watched the first season of BCS when it was first released and really enjoyed it. Then didn't have Netflix for a while, next thing I know there's been 6 seasons. Been off work this week with the Covids so thought I'd jump back in. Thats me just finished it all. Absolutely brilliant.
  9. Just heard about Jason David Frank dying so visited this thread to see if it was mentioned. Only to discover Kevin Conroy is dead. Fuckin hell, Batman and the White Ranger, my childhood heroes!
  10. 7/1 on Paddy Power before k/o. Only put £2 on it but made back what I'd lost on my previous bets
  11. Thank you Japan, won my first WC bet
  12. Ffs Argentina, coupon busting bastas
  13. FFS nearly got such a goal if it wasn't for that foul from Acosta, dick.
  14. Totally non-suspicious betting activity i reckon
  15. Was a good penalty but I mean calm down commentary lads, it was just a penalty and not some stupendous wonder goal from the halfway line
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