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  1. Anyone else not getting Bottle message/recipes washing up on the beach anymore? 2 days in a row where I've not had one... Edit - Nope I'm an idiot. Was hidden behind a coconut tree.
  2. What's this talk about extending Lovren's contract? This better just be a ploy to force Zenit into buying him this summer.
  3. Someone finally moved into Goose's vacated lot. Coach. He needs to go.
  4. Should have points deductions based on money spent. Like the 3 points off for every £50m spent on players. Want to spend £200m on players? You start the season on -12 points etc
  5. Watch Dogs: Landan looks ok I guess, sounds awful though. Not too interested in anything else shown.
  6. I've no idea what my total score is, didn't do much last time that's for sure. Anyone got any bait for sale
  7. Azrael

    Nintendo Switch

    Looking forward to Hatchimal Crossing.
  8. Will see if anything happens tomorrow, can't be bothered with Nook Islands tonight Maybe Tom Nook is angry with me, still owe him over 2 million bells and he sees be splashing cash on bridges and inclines. Then showing up in my 1.2m bell crown was the final straw.
  9. Goose's empty plot still not been sold. Like 3 days now, this a glitch?
  10. Azrael

    Nintendo Switch

    Some Pokemon rip off thing by the looks of it...
  11. Leif and Kicks need their own permanent shops so they stop getting in the way of decent visitors. Well, tbh I just want more buildings to place on my island.
  12. Strange, Goose's vacated plot hasn't been sold yet. So went to a Nook Island to look for a new villager. Guess who's there? Goose! Memory-wiped Goose but still the same smug cock that I kicked out.
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