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  1. Dropped Son and Ings this week... think I'm done with FL now
  2. I thought Butcher's wee dog was going to be revealed as some super dog and save them all from that ninja cunt.
  3. Apparently I did pre-order this at some point as got a message from my mum to say a delivery has arrived for me at her house. Now going to have to go see her if I want my fix of Mario...
  4. Bargain for Thiago. Would happily welcome Jota to the club too. Bit sad if Brewster has gone.
  5. Even if I had the money I'd still not purchase either at launch. Just not interested at the moment
  6. Watched the entirety of S2 tonight, it was great. Can't decide who my favourite character is as they're all so good... maybe Nadja. Her response to Colin being called the wildcard had me it stitches.
  7. Another thing I never realised until after watching the full season (and start of s2) then reading this thread was Homelander being Hood from Banshee, never recognised his because of his hair. Also reminded me I never got around to watching S4 of Banshee so have just found that on Sky's catchup service
  8. Oh forgot to say I also thought Butcher was supposed to be Australian based on that accent (and liberal use of the c word) so was very confused several episodes in when he was being described as British by other characters.
  9. Watched all of S1 and the 4 episodes of S2 last night/today. It's great, didn't realise S2 was being released weekly though
  10. Reason goal wasn't given is because I had money on VvD getting a brace
  11. I've got Minamino (And Salah as captain)
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