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  1. Strongest team out tonight.... ... for Arsenal. Tbh with who we're missing probably our strongest team too, well goalkeeper aside.
  2. Read the start of it and seems like a whole load of nothing. LFC concerned about Covid and possible outbreak, not happy with LFTs which is understandable due to how inaccurate they can be, so decided to get PCR tests and act responsible. But as its Liverpool thats shocking and how dare they postpone the game to get the advantage of *checks notes* err playing the 2nd leg away from home...
  3. What's the loophole? I've never bothered with Gamepass previously as never feel have enough time to get most out of it
  4. Everyone is looking through the back catalogue and IPs owned by Activision/Blizzard and foaming at the mouth at the prospects of these being resurrected by Microsoft when in all reality this deal probably just means just lots more CoD, Candy Crush and Overwatch. If Sony do struggle because of this Nintendo will just buy them. Nintendo Switchstation will sell billions. And with the profits they will buy Sega, Capcom, Bandai-Namco, Square Enix and Konami to create the ultimate Japanese Games company to take on Microsoft in a modern day Godzilla vs Kong battle.
  5. Looks good, is the museum he works in the same one Sersi and/or Jon Snow work at in the Eternals?
  6. This has Arsenal win written all over it
  7. Hyped for a Kirby game, think that's a first for me. Switch could end up with the definitive/best installments of all their franchises. Mario platforming ✔ Zelda ✔ Animal Crossing ✔ Smash Bros ✔ Mario Kart ✔ Splatoon ✔ Kirby Metroid Prime F-Zero Although Mario Tennis/Golf probably already ruined that theory.
  8. Played a lot of New Pokemon Snap last week during covid isolation, really enjoyable and looked lovely. Shame this doesn't look as good from a graphical point but I'll likely still get it and enjoy it.
  9. I always quite enjoyed the Mario Soccer games, whatever they were called.
  10. Only way to make this worthwhile then is to have the characters of Its Always Sunny starring in this
  11. Nintendo Racing. Just combine Mario Kart with F-Zero, Wave Race, 1080 Snowboarding, Pilotwings and Excitebike/truck/bots. With all the Nintendo characters and franchises.
  12. WTF, Insigne is going to join Toronto FC, no disrespect meant but he's better than that. Plus I doubt they need him with big boss man Altidore there.
  13. With Mane at AFCON and generally being a bit out of form he'd have gotten into the team and also pushed Mane to get better for his spot again.
  14. FFS would have liked him back at Liverpool
  15. No regrets. Some of the best courses still, the definitive battle mode (block fort), the least broken blue shell, and to this day people still discovering short cut glitches. Love me some Mazza Kazza 64.
  16. McCoist is only good option. Studio pundit wise I do like Peter Crouch, sure I'm bias but just think he's a top guy. I remember during a World Cup BBC offered alt commentary on some games from Scott Mills and his Radio co-host. Much better than regular comms.
  17. Thought it was relatively easy until reading all the replies here and remembering lots of games. 1. Breath of the Wild 2. A Mario game (SMW, SM64 or Odyssey) 3. A Halo game (CE, 3, Reach or ODST) 4. Mario Kart 64 5. Resident Evil 4
  18. Just re-sign Lucas in January and all trophies are ours
  19. Just need to with the CL and FA Cup instead. Fuck it, League Cup too, why not.
  20. We suffered 90 minutes of Martin Tyler for that shite. 2022 another shiter of a year
  21. Neville and Tyler both need to fuck off. The simultaneous jizzing of their pants is embarrassing
  22. That cunt Tyler still going on about how Mane could have been sent off while disregarding the Pulisic and Mount incidents
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