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  1. Good save by the keeper and then follow up block by Gomez
  2. So pleased for him, a few more now would be nice.
  3. Was going to do Jota to Sarr while on wildcard but thought I'd give the former one more week. Thinking Jota and Shaw out Sarr and Alonso in. A week too late though so maybe not
  4. Bet Minamino still doesn't get into the starting 11 tonight.
  5. Need a gif of Naby's goal celebration, the smugness was off the scale brilliant
  6. Better get Hwang on to turn this game around
  7. Took a punt on Hwang over Jimenez while using my wildcard. Looking like that won't pay off.
  8. Even funnier when you see who is in goal for Bruges.
  9. Bit of a nervy end but good game
  10. Horrible feeling we're going to regret not scoring the penalty or other great chances we've had
  11. Would have preferred Minamino
  12. Balotelli perhaps? He certainly never really seemed to look like he was enjoying playing football.
  13. I think all the talk about red cards and broken legs is overshadowing the most important thing here; Leeds getting beaten. Surely that's something we can all enjoy
  14. Yay Mane, finally I've always like Oxlade-Chamberlain but really struggle to see what purpose he has. He's such a filler these days.
  15. Mane will never get to 100 PL goals.
  16. If it results in a nasty injury then surely it was a dangerous challenge.
  17. Nice to see the injury hasn't stopped the Leeds players from continuing with their snidey dangerous challenges.
  18. Not overly sold yet, looked more like a John Wick's Relaxation Holiday than a Matrix film. But still looking forward to it.
  19. Saw this tonight, really liked it, general thoughts spoilered:
  20. Some of them "true elite" teams still be playing football to an 1888 standard.
  21. Looks like Allison, Fabinho and Firmino all banned for next game, ffs.
  22. Don't think Southgate is too concerned about where a player plays, I mean he can't be as he gives Saka games and he basically plays for a Championship team.
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