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  1. Suarez Great result... don't want to get too confident though. We have some tough games coming up.
  2. The business and property buying in Vice City was great and something I, like many others, wish would make a return and be expanded on. Would love to be able to buy property and then turn it into a drug production facility. Then set up a drug dealing ring - taking out other gangs for turf etc. Or buy a garage and be able to modify cars or fix up stolen cars and then sell them in a car showroom. And with the increased revenue streams you'd be able to buy larger and swankier houses. That you could customise and decorate. Probably asking for too much, and to be honest I'll likely be pleased wit
  3. I had managed to forget about him... Now I'm just depressed again about losing two promising youngsters in Kacaniklic and Dalla Valle for Paul fucking Konchesky...
  4. I never know if I like these shows or not. I think Charlie Brooker is a bit of a bellend, but then still agree with and like most of the points he makes. Likewise I thought those other people (the woman and that Shitpeas guy) were shit... but I liked some of what they said - the description of the Grand National for example. The Jimmy Savile footage was very unnerving.
  5. Pleased that we've got another striker on the books. Wouldn't say Sturridge was that high up on my wishlist but it's good to have other striking options and I hope he'll do well for us. Now lets shift Cole (and Downing) and get in a couple other players. Even better with left backs; Riise, Aurelio, Dossena ( 8) ), Insua, Enrique....
  6. Well I was watching Along Came Polly last night which didn't finish until after Midnight - sure know how to celebrate the New Year in this household - but I'm not letting that count. That'll go down as last film I watched in 2012. First film of 2013 is still up for grabs. I got 21 Jump Street for Christmas so may watch that later and give it the honour of first film watched of the new year.
  7. Love it when he brings out the pistols. Bit disappointed we only scored the 3 against QPR. Bet we'd have scored more goals had Rob Green been in goal for them.
  8. I was the same. I quite liked it though.
  9. The hell has happened to the Stoke Fortress? Everything going in today. Guess Shawcross is the actual key to their defence, not Begovic.
  10. A bit like the Films of 2012 thread, what has been your TV highlights from this year. Have been thinking about it over the last few days and have come up with quite a few highlights from the year. So here are some of them: UK TV Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life & Alan Partridge on Open Books with Martin Bryce Two great (the former the better of the two) one-off specials shown earlier this year. Just classic Alan Partridge humour and a welcome return of the character. Good Cop Rather brutal police show based in Liverpool. Very enjoyable but not enough episodes (4 60 mi
  11. The Stoke result was sadly typical of us at the moment. Seems to be everytime I get some confidence in the team something horribly goes wrong. Late victory against West Ham followed by the defeat at Aston Villa. Great performance and result against Fulham, followed by the Stoke result. Hopefully we can thrash QPR on Sunday, but I wouldn't be surprised if they recorded their second win of the season against us. Frustrating but somewhat expected from a "season of change". Really hope our plans for the January transfer market are more than just Sturridge.
  12. I bought it in store at HMV for £2. However since you could have bought it online for 89p does that mean HMV keep £1.11 or does all of the £2 go to the cause?
  13. Villa receiving one hell of a raping. I'd like to think this is Rafa's way of avenging the Liverpool Villa game from last week.
  14. Well done Swansea. Some great defending from them to keep out the United bombardment. Shame they couldn't nick a winner at the end. Michu
  15. Williams booting the ball into RVP's head.
  16. What a result yesterday. Exactly what we needed after the Aston Villa game. Really good performance from Downing (though I can't tell if the pass for Stevie's goal was intentional or a scuffed shot/pass to where Gerrard was before having to run for it). A shame Suso failed to score his first goal. Came close though so if he gets more games I can see it coming soon.
  17. It's missing the likes of "Homeless Dad", "Junk", "Love Indubitably" and "The Ocean Walker"". And probably a lot more actually.
  18. Same here (and probably most people?) only it worked out that I'd be watching BBC more due to them generally having the better shows.
  19. I was more of a CBBC kind of guy back in the day. Though saying that there were CITV shows I made sure I watched. From the ones mentioned I did watch the likes of Mike & Angelo, The Raggy Dolls, Sooty, Art Attack Finders Keepers, Fun House, Knightmare, Rainbow, Button Moon, Rosie & Jim, How 2, Jungle Run and My Parents are Aliens Dangermouse and Duckular too, though only on VHS and reruns. Remember thinking Children's Ward was shit anytime I turned over and it was on. Never actually watched much of it though. Weekend needs more ZZZap! and Bernard's Watch.
  20. Cockneys vs Zombies - I don't know what to think about this film really. It was bad. Badly written, badly acted and badly made in places in regards to blatant mistakes and continuity errors. Yet at the same time I found it really funny and it had me laughing a lot. Not in a funny because it's bad way. More like funny despite it being bad. Idon'tknowhowtorateit/10 Only heard bad things about number 4. Home Alone 3 was decent enough because other than the name it was a separate film from the first two; since it was about new characters unrelated to the old cast. But from what I heard Hom
  21. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Ridiculous but very enjoyable. ***
  22. Well that's my weekend ruined already then. Not to take anything away from Villa, that Benteke is some player - why can't we find awesome players on the cheap, but we were just shockingly awful. Really embarrassing stuff. Suarez seemed like the only one trying for the most part. Questionable tactics from Rodgers too. Downing left back just doesn't work. It worked for maybe half a match one time. Stop trying to make it happen. Is Wisdom injured? I liked the Glen at LB, Wisdom at RB system we had earlier in the season. Hell I'd rather see Robinson get the nod over Downing. And Cole coming on
  23. Recently introduced a mate to the show so have been getting regular texts from him full of quotes. Just makes me want to dig the DVDs out for another rewatch. Still end up watching two episodes that FX show each night at about 1am. Don't think I'll ever stop finding this show hilarious.
  24. I still love them both. First one more than the second. I also quite like Home Alone 3. It's not a patch on the first two but I always enjoyed it. Was when my crush on Scarlett Johansson first started all those years ago. I obviously have an eye for babes in the making.
  25. I watched it. Overall I thought it was a bit pish. Glad Peter Capaldi and TV Burp won awards. Vic and Bob too. Ali G accepting his award was definitely the highlight of the show.. The rest of the results were either to stuff I've not seen or stuff I have seen but wish I hadn't seen (i.e Very Important People). Jack Whitehall winning King of Comedy is a crime. Then again the other nominees (with the exception of David Mitchell) were just as bad. Steve Coogan and that Alan Partridge show missing out on awards annoyed me too. As did Lee Mack winning Best Male Television Comic. The production w
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